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by the Vote and Determina- from aj xetos to de tion of the whole Clergy : po ardutos eis o per svo And do thou replenish him tiecor On DOJEVTO, with the Spirit of Grace, έμπλην αυτον πνεύμα and Counsel, to assist and go zderlo è oupe behias, vern thy People with a pure ng dating me barely le Heart, in the same manner wbeprợr $ nacv.Cx

as thou didst look down up- éş met Japão replica Fx. griji. on thy chosen People, and öv: Teótor Frides om & xxiv. & didst command Moses to recov canggñs ,

e choofe Elders, whom thou προσέταξας Μωϋσει αιdidst fill with thy Spirit. Do peitoy TPEGbutépus

, & thou also now, O Lord, nous avoluata grant this, and preserve in ru, mele, ayg'any us the Spirit of thy Grace, duemines me on és tu. that this person being filled z Tvora of závero with the Gifts of Healing, oyo TWS- TAneteis Cou! and the Word of Teaching εργημάτων Βαλκών, και may in Meekness instruct bys didex tix, thy People, and fincerely πραότη παιδεύη σε serve Thee with a pure Mind À zgor, j doendin and a willing Soul, and may finixeiras év eg Japão fully discharge the holy Mi- dharoig rij tegen nistracions for thy People, aéon, xj rais wa ng through thy Christ, with no z lepopías a persees whom Glory, Honour and extam, Mai Tô Xer Worlhip be to Thee, in the ç ã og uer' Holy Ghost, for ever. Amen. & qol sósa, ! [3]

Τιμής σόδας, ,

έν" των αγίω πνούμαι εις τας αιώνας. αμίαν


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leej ö zel@gruvías Concerning the Ordinati- XVIL Namówv,[legw Dinia on of Deacons ;

O doce maisopisy. ]] pokrovov, ne tashoes, Thou shalt Ordain a Deaή Κισκοπε, 3677X078, brendais con, O Bishop, by laying Wread tais xãiegs, ma- thy Hands upon him in the દ €ção rús ou pouto's Presence of the whole PrefJpeg Eun eis,ng en dic- bytery, and of the Deagwv, ê é meuaufu @ cons, and shalt pray, and

, bes.

say; O steds, ó Ardutos O God Almighty, the XVIIK. eατωρ, ο αληθινός True and Faithful God, who

, à , a todos, ó 728. art rich unto all that call wes ndjóras tés éme upon Thee in. Truth, who αλεμύες σε αν αλη. art fearful in Counfels, and áą, ó qobseos en Bye wise in Understanding, who gis, ó Coo's dicroiq, art powerful and great, hear

regtalės. Ĉuézas our Prayer, O Lord, and lec réxXoay regoogeñs sa thine Ears receive our Sup

is, wese, Beva. plication, and cause the Light coou dinary suster, è of thy Countenance to shine Fipavor 3 megow Tróv upon this thy Servant, who 8 67 dong Co is to be Ordain'd for Thee yde, Ő wegheco- to the Office of a Deacon ; -ysáv oo els dranoviæv, and replenish him with thy Tañoor stov Tvo. Holy Spirit, and with Power, To!":

ayis'', rj dhe as thou didst replenish Ste. A&. vi. & énews, ws &fangas phen, who was thy Martyr, & vii

, τέφανον η μάρτυρα and Follower of the Sufe

Millestriv rain rings of thy Christ. Do thou ATWY Tô Xerçš 08, render him worthy to dif.

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ideest. V.


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charge acceptably the Mini- é xe Te žiavoon ains ftration of a Deacon, steadió eue pécais Natspy.molje ly, unblameably, and with- tai négzeressão out Reproof, that thereby he αυτό διακονίαν άτρέτ

. may attain an ' higher De- Tous, apéu not, arez gree, through the Mediation auto, per oposao of thy Only-begotten Son, Torour Bagui, mai with ,

whom Glory, Ηο- μεσιτείας και μονογίας nour, and Worship be' to Co vša Gu deas Thee, in the Holy Spirit, for irresi combas, ever. Amen.

τω" τω αγίω wrotirani, es

τις αιώνας. αμία. Concerning a Deaconess : Ileei ö dicemeris

ons , [l Bapgongues

διαταρτομg]] ω ία O Bishop, thou shalt lay thy some, Bistroris aut Hands upon her in the Pre- tas g@eas, inspeças

, θρες fence of the Presbytery, and & #perbuneeis e of of the Deacons, and Dea: Sianórar, company conelles, and shalt say,

κονιών, φέρες. O Erernal God, the Father ** 'O SE os ó als *** !B. of our Lord Jesus Christ, vm, ó wu the Bu

vi πατήρ

§ the Creator of Man, and of eas si PSS’Inox X8* Woman, who didît replenish so, o dudes's @gur

with the Spirit Miriam, and nos ampeespoesi o alt Judg.iv.4 Debhorah, and Anna, and Hulo e oras. .

πνεύμα Luk 11.36. dib; who did not disdain Majercije è A:60 4 King.

thar thy Only begotten Son sole "Auvdu, nah ondan should be borir of a Wo-š un anažicous man, wlio-also in the Ta. Mwogle ñn or rjóngler's

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Ex.XV 20.

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xxii. 14.

! Wyduati, V.



you in guraunos, o @ en bemacle of the Testimony, Tý orlə jostueis and in the Temple, didīt @ ev araç teixe- Ordain Women to be Keeper Gula a's opepàs ers of thy holy Gates; Do agad ayiw og munavthou now also look down altos zij vrü ¢ wide bi upon this thy Servant, who

ve en són lw of rulle, is to be Ordain'd to the Tegeles Soufóle ef's Office of a Deaconess, and dianguidu, j dos autñ grant her thy Holy Spirit,

, mvollug ázov, xe and cleanse her from all Fil-2. Cor. Joesoov ou my dito tay thiness of Flesh and Spirit, vii. 1. Tos pgauoreš ou paros me that she may worthily difτος Trevorg To, weg's charge the Work which is


ETIŠ! Ws" brinner committed to her, to thy oitin g is gereretèr Glory, and the Praise of

6 I a'rə épguu, e's so far thy Christ, with whom Glocar, aj Tayvov Xeiçõ ry and Adoration be to Thee,

έπαινον 5 os MEIE Cor de ça ry in the Holy Spirit for ever. ' ' weox was

Amen. '[[@]] iM" Tagico


πνεύμαίω, ας 78's aiūras. Qulus.

Περί 3 αηδιακό- Concerning the Sub-dea. XXL vwr.{lég a wuas deco cons: Tawongo univ. Toisσκοπος σκυ πεις ] οδιάκονον When thou doft Ordain a gelegtov@va Ciono- Sub-deacon, O Bishop, thou πε, βαθήσεις επ' αυτο halt lay thy Hands upon

, ' Ta's zéiegs, vej épéis him, and say, O Lord God,

, Sicoo Tae Jet, searš rý the Creator of Heaven and gräs Snudepyè, xj zoir- Earth, and of all things that

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are therein, who alfo in the των τ' αν αυτοίς, και και Num. ii.. Tabernacle of the Testimony év Tə oxwin mostu & Chron i.. didit appoint Overfeers and eίε τες νεωκόρες ατα

Keepers of thy holy Veifels. δείξας τ' αγίων σε Do thou now look down up- σκλών φύλακας αυon this thy Servant, who is tos e re 6716aetor to be ordain'da Sub-deacon; Βάι ή δέλόν σε τόνδε, and grant him the Holy q' mesxhiedtérta u

και Spirit, that he may worthi- ποδιάκονον, και δος αυ Hy handle the Verdels of clay τω πνεύμα άγιον, προς Miniftry, and do thy Will 3 επαξίως εφάπτεται always, through thy Chrift, το λατεργικών" σε with whom Glory, Honour σκόυών, € ποιείν 3 -θε and Worhip be to Thec, τη λημά σε διαπλυτος. the Holy Spirit, for ever. Τα τα Χρισσε, μεθ' , .


& Gι δόξα,
τιμή και σέ- [[]
βας, αν καια-
γίω πνεύματι, εις τες

αιώνας. αμώ. XXII. Concerning Readers. : [[me ei céve you are

σων, έγω Ματθαίο, & Λουίς,. ο ποτέ τελωνης, δια ταύομαι]] α- . ναγνωσιν


ex , βιθείς απο ? Ordain a Reader. by laying χεies, και επαυξαthy Hands upon him, and pufu wenst cor, hé pray unto God, and say, do ó Ceos ó ajonegu, O Eternal God, who art å monus év én ég tal plenteous in Mercy and Com- οικισμούς, ο ή το


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* * Pag.


χειροτονη εντα V. Ιερών. V.


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