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πρίατο, STO



~ 11

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πως TWV JELOGY AUTHS 8good to labour; her Candle go-
EQUIRE xong daeth not out all the whole Night.
(woapfón ¿o qur" She stretcheth out her Arms for
ONTHS, APHITE TYS ECUs feful Work, and layeth her
Beanovas y zooalo Hands to the Spindle. She
On nang ☎ Epya Zeway, open:th her hands to the Needy,
καὶ σόκ Σποσβέννυται 8 yea she reacheth forth her hands
aux airs oλnto the Poor. Her Husband
νύκτα τὲς πήχεις aus takes no care of the Affairs of
τῆς ἐκτείν] εἰς τα 3pn his Houfe, for all that are with
ang", Tas xelas au- her are cloathed with double
Tus épaidy as areanlov Garments. She maketh Coats
XEeas 5 auTns din for her Husband, Cloathing's of
voice went, rapor Silk and Purple. Her Huf
νοιξε πένητι, καρπὸν
¿ÉTGIVE Wx & per band is eminent in the Gates,
ἐξέτεινε πωχῷ ἐφρόν
Tild TWY in ding when he fitteth with the Elders
airns, nav of the Land. She maketh fine*** Pag.
αὐτῆς, πάν-
Linnen, and felleth it to the 208.
Phenicians, and Girdles to the
Canaanites. She is cloath'd
with Glory and Beauty, and he
rejoices in the laft Days. She

* *


TES. Wo of Tap' WUT
εἰσιν ἐνδεδυμλύοι διατές
songés zỳ xzairas
χλαΐας ἐ
Toince Tw did ei au-
This, in Búas y Top-




also while it is yet Night, and
giveth Meat to her Houfhold,
and Food to her Maidens. She
confidereth a Field, and buyeth
it; with the Fruit of her
Hands the planteth a Vineyard.
She girdeth her Loins with
Strength, and ftrengtheneth her
Arms. She tafteth that it is

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1 deet. V. iur.

ἐχών. V. 3 συμφέροντα. V.

C 3


openeth ber mouth with Wisdom queas čudinara werand Difcretion, and puts her βλεπω 5 γίνεται ἐν ότι Words in order. The mans of πύλαις ὁ ἀνὴρ αὐτῆς, her Houfhold are ftrict ; The ηνίκα ἂν κάθηται ἐν eateth not the Bread of Idle- Cuve iw μT IS TIPEσ? nefs. She will open her Mouth βυτέρων τῶν κατοικέμmith Wifdom and Caution, and των· σινδόνας ἐποίησε, upon her Tongue are the Lams καὶ ἀπέδοτο τοῖς Φοίνιξε, of Mercy. Her Children, arife wμgтa ̈ Tois Xαup, and praise her for her νομαίοις· δόξαμ & δ Riches, and her Husband joins πpeedN VESUσα TO, in her Praifes. Many Daugh- peren čv nμregis ters have obtained Wealth, and graus soμa aûtîs dindone worthily, but thon fur- vote oopes & wegen. paffeft and excelleft them all. norlws, & túživ esti• May lying Flatteries, and the glory zawon auvain Beauty of a Wife be far rs3 seyra 5 Sareefrom thee. For a Religious βαὶ οἴκων αὐτῆς. απο Wife is bleffed. Let her praise onnea con days the Fear of the Lord: Give her soμa aúтns avoid δ' ςόμα αὐτῆς ἀνοίξε of the Fruits of her Lips, and Copws & Evróμws, DEOlet her Husband be praised in pg" Prov. the Gates. And again, A vir- 6 Iyawons avтîs' *11.4. tuous Wife is a Crown to her






avésnadju & Ténva auXIV. I. Husband. And again, Many Ts, Tho duro Wives have built an House. veod aÚTAY, & o αYou have learn'd what great νὰρ αὐτῆς ἐπήνεσεν αὐτ Commendations a prudent τώ. Πολλοὶ θυγατέ and loving Wife receives from ρες 4 ἐκτήσομτο πλῆ· the Lord God. If thou de- τον, πολλαὶ ἐποιήσαν fireft to be one of the Faith- Suaμir Cu vip

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THE US V. defünt. V. 3 αυτή; τ. + deeft. V. '


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Hey & Vapneas a- ful, and to please the Lord,
O Wife, do not fuperadd Or-
naments to thy Beauty, in
order to please other Men:
Neither affect to wear fine
Broidering, Garments, or
Shrones, το entice thofe whio
are allur'd by fuch things.
For although thou doft not.
thefe wicked things with dee
fign of finning thy felf, but
only for the fake of Orna-
ment and Beauty, yet wilt
thou not fo efcape future
Punishment; as having com-
pelldanother to look fo hard
at thee as to luft after thee,
and as not having taken care
both to avoid Sin thy felf,
and the affording Scandal to
others. But if thou yield thy
felf up, and commit the
Crime, thou art both guilty
of thy own Sin, and the cause
of the Ruin of the others
Soul also. Befides, when
thou haft committed Lewd-
nefs with one Man, and be-
ginneft to defpair. thou wilt
again turn away from thy
Duty, and follow others, and

oas. Foudas apéonear
È μármor nám
Juvaings pin 250 'Cor".
nin 28 Noel'ns 20
Jaroy, qúbor 5 weis
αὐτὴ αἰνετω. Δότε
Néwr autñs, Caire
ἐν πύλαις ὁ ἀνὴρ αὖ
Tñs. Kai Tániv. Tuo
Ανδρεία SETON TW
αὐδρὶ αὐτῆς. Καὶ πά·
λιν 2 Πολλαί γυναῖ·
wing downody oinov.
Μεμαθήκατε, ὁποῖα ἐξ
neμra gown owpew

zaμbard To nejs & OE. Ei wish è aperin weip βόλο είναι, ὦ γνώση, μή καλλωπίζει Ἐπὶ τῷ ἀρέ σκεν (ε αλλοτρίοις ανJegor undà ta εταιριζομθύης ἐμπλέ). Mata, Endiμala, and nous pipe poper, τὶ δ ὑπάγεθαι ζετές His TO MAŬTA Tay δυμομύες. Και γδ & Cù con Eið ánapra

• sv. v. 2. Copas. v.

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Eccl. VII. 27.



grow paft feeling; as fays vev TaŬLY TOLGS TO Prov. the facred Word, When a μvon, 675 ♂ Nýver XVIII. 3. wicked Man comes into the xamwTiCENS, &καλλωπίζεις, depth of Evil, he becomes a πως ἐκφδύξῃ * δίκην Scorner, and then Disgrace and eis TO μT TAŬTA, αReproach come upon him. For ναΓκάσασα ἐπενεχθῆfuch a Woman afterward be- vaj Coi Tiva, eis 367ing wounded; enfnares with- Juñous Co, μn εauout Reftraint the Souls of τω φυλαξασα. Ὀπὶ τὸ the Foolish. Let us learn μήτε (ε ὑποπεσεν α. therefore how the Sacred Μαρτίᾳ, μήτε μίώ ξ. Word plainly defcribes and τέρες σκορδάλῳ condemns fuch Women, fay- ἢ ἁμαρτήσεις ἀνδῦσα ing, I hated a Woman who is authν, Cù èπanμéa Snare and Net to the Heart λησας, κακείνε ἔνοχθ of Men, worse than Death; & uxus &us &Tα aείπα her Hands are Fetters. And Hapтhoασa ip' svi, wμαρτήσασα ἐφ' Prov. XI. in another Paffage, As a Jewel owe my vrou clorina, of Gold in a Swine's Snout, fo eq" Tέes inтewhon is Beauty in a wicked Woman. πάλιν ἀπηλγηκύα XII. 4. in And again, As a Worm in nada qnov & Deos 20Wood, fo does a wicked Wo- 20s. "Or does man destroy her Husband. And eis BalR nanav, naa**1.9, 19. again, It is better to dwell in geover wÉPZETTY 5 ἐπέρχεται the Corner of the Houre-top αυτῳ ἀκμία @ ἴνειδος. than with a contentious and Ἡ γδ' τοιαύτη ' λοιπὸν α an angry Woman. You there- qadas resin mayfore who are Chriftian Wo δούς ψυχὰς ἀφρόνων. men, do not imitate fuch as Μάθωμου ἦν καὶ τοὺς 201 thefe. But thou who defigneft autasus terapboo to be faithful to thine own driQ 2020, qáonwr° Husband, take care to please 'Eμionoa da: him alone. And when thou νατιν Εὺν * γυναῖκα,






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ώ ήκε εεί πήρεμα & σα·
2 hún ***
καρδίας, δεσ-
καὶ ἢ χεῖρες αὐτῆς. Καί
ἐν ἄλλοις· Ὥσπερ ἐνώ
τον χρυσὸν ἐν ῥινὶ
εὸς, ὅτω γυναικὶ και
κόφρονι κάλλΘ. Καὶ
παλιν Ωσπερ ἐν ξύ-
λῳ σκώληξ, ὅπως ἀπόλ-
λυσιν͵ οὔδρα γυνή και
κοποιός. Καὶ πάλιν
Κρείσσον οἰκεν 1 Ἐπὶ
γωνίας υπαίθρο, ἢ με
γυναικές γλωσσώδες καὶ
μαχίμης. Μὴ ἦν μ-
μεῖσθε τοίς τοιαύτας γυ-
ναῖκας, ὑμεῖς αἱ Χeis-
ἐαὶ ὑπάρχεσαι. Πιστ
ἢ θέλεσα εἶναι τῷ ζῷ δώδε, πρόσεχε ἐπὶ δ ̓ ἀρά-
σκειν αὐτῷ μόνῳ ἐν ἢ * πλατείαις σκέπεσα * κεφα
λήν σε 2α γδ τ ἔπικαλύψεως Σποκλείσεις * θέλω τοῖς
αξιεργοτέροις· μὴ καταζωγράφο σε δ' ὑπὸ Θεῷ πεποιη
μλύον πρόσωπον ἐδὲν γδ ἐν Coi, ὃ κοσμήπως δέεται,
ἐπείπερ πάντα ὅσα ἐποίησεν ὁ Θεὸς, καλὰ λίαν· ἀσελγής
δ' ἐν καλῶ Ἐλικόσμησις, τεχνίτε χάριν ὀνυβρίζει κα
το βλέπεσα τ ὁδοιπορίσω σε ποια, περικαλύπτεται ένας
πω, καθὼς πρέπς γυναιξίν.


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art in the Streets, cover thy Head; for by fuch a Co•*x* Pag. vering thou wilt avoid being 209 viewd of idle Perfons Do not paint thy Face, which is God's Workmanthip ; for there is no part of thee whicla wants Ornament, inafmucia as all things which God has made are very good. But the lafcivious additional adorning of what is already good is an Atlront to the Bounty of the Workman. Look downward when thou walkeft abroad, veiling thy felf as becomes Women,

Περιΐσας καὶ * ἐν Avoid alfo that diforder- IX. βαλανείῳ μὴ ἀνδρῶν ly Fratice of bathing in

· ἐν γωνίᾳ. V.

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