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KERTY @ Cafñea's más ful, and to please the Lord, oas. Yoldás spécx et ou O Wife, do not superadd Orè uátuor ráno naments to thy Beauty, in govornos paněço 'Cor". order to please ocher Men: gun g8 doebis ding Neither affect to wear fine yatay, qué or ģ weis Broidering, Garments, or αυτή αρνείτω. Δόι Shooes, το entice thofe who aut avto xaptô xe are allur'd by such things. Réwr witãs, e airciat w For although thou doft noc αν πύλαις και ανήρ αυ thefe wicked things with detñs. Kai nani. Town sign of fioning thy felf, but dudpeia sed only for the sake of Orna. aétiei auras. Kui ta ment and Beauty, yet wild λιν Homaj gorcut thou not so escape future nes vredóunoolus Dixov. Punishment; as having comMεμαθήκατε, οποία εξ pelld another to look fo hard κωμια γωή σώφρων και at thee as to luft after thee, , pizgodba Poubard and as not having taken care Sito wets & o£i. Ei both to avoid Sin thy self, wish è d'paçń wein and the affording Scandal to Bóng xoay, as quicy, kun o:hers. But if thou yield thy καλλωπίζε και το αρέ Telf up, and commit the OKEY CE SNoteilsár Crime, thou art both guilty sesia unde tail of tiy own Sin, and the cause εταιριζομδύης εμπλέ. of the Ruin of the others PETO,

y encueta, Soul also. Besides, when Woodhoes plus popar, thou hast committed Lewd67 8 ÚToén Cetes ness with one Man, and bees ti micūzal 727 ginnest to despair, thou wilt Slopesies. Kay gS & again turn away from thy Cu osu 2 euapte Dury, and follow others, and

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grow past feeling; as says ver Tau. TOLAS. Tad Prov. the sacred. Word, Whena uron, 67 ö ugror 2015. 3. wicked Man comes into the samwtičews, this: depth of Evil, he becomes a

Evil, he becomes a πως εκφούξη ή δίκην Scorner, and then Disgrace and els to Me Taŭta, á'Reproach come upon him. For valudoaca É TEVE DINsuch a Woman afterward be- vaj Col rivce, as yra ing wounded; ensnares with- Jueñoon.Co, uséauout Restraint the Souls of the quraçao ni ro the Foolish. Let us learn pente Ce womeo&v . therefore how the Sacred μαρτία, μήτε μίω ε. Word plainly describes and tépus ordudaną condemns fuch Women, fay- 3 αμαρτήσεις ενδεση

, ö ing, I hated a Woman who is šuliv, zs Gu eramus Eccl.vu.

a Snare and Net to the Heart inous, saxelre évozu ef Men, worse than Death; of fugeñas erfo's & Ta á

her Hands are Fetters. And repthcada Q&vi, wa Prov. xi. in another Passage, As a Jewel oprep dirogvšo ciocí moet,

of Gold in a Swine's Snout, so q ftéegis értegańca

is Beauty in a nicked Woman. πάλιν απηλγηκύα" X11. 4. in And again, As a Worm in xandapnore o Sãos 76

W god, so does a wicked Wo 205. "Odušaon dosbus

man destroy her Husband. And e's Bála xarăv, xala*81.9, 19. again, It is better to dwell in pegvét éwépgetoy Ž the Corner of the House-top autų ak pic divados.

. αυτο & . than with a contentious and Η γδ τοιαύτη λοιπον α an angry Woman. You there. perdas as newußún mayo fore who are Christian Wo siguro yuzas a pesor.

αφeόνων men, do not imitate fuch as Málwuifs go ta's ale

και τας there. Bur clion who defigneft αίας πως θριαμβλύς to be faithful to thine own Jei 26, páoxwr' Husband, take care to please 'Euionga na sig i Jocs

Έμίσησα και η θα hini alone. And when thou vatur. Cür ih gurare,

να τον γυναίκα,

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. 4 LXX.

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a siksèçi Inpora è ou art in the Streets, cover thy τη γη. ** καρδίας, δεσ- Head; for by fuch a Co- * * Pag- μoί 3 χώρες αυτής. Και vering thou wilt avoid being 209.

αν άλοις "Ωσπερ ενώ view'd of idle Perfons. Do τιον χρυσών αν ρινί not paint thy Face, which is υος, έτω γωαικί και God's Workmanthip ; for nipeone rein@. Kai there is no part of shee which παλιν: “Ωσωερ αν ξύ- wants Ornament, inafimuch λω σκώληξ, έτως απόλ- as all things which God has λυσιν ούδρα γυνή κα- made are very good. But ηοποιός. Και παλιν εhe lafcivious additional aΚρεουον οίκειν 1 Και dorning of what is alreaJurias" aí spo, M dy good is an Affront to gewaris yawawfos y the Bounty of the WorkMoziums. Ev us- man. Look downward when μάθε τας τοιαύας γυ- thou walkeft abroad, veiling γαινgς, υμάς α Χeις - thy felf as becomes Women, ευαι φάρχεσαι. Πισά 3 λυσα είναι το ζω δυσei, ορόσεχε κι αράσκειν αυτω μόνω" ν 3 ξ πλατείαις σκέπεσα

κεφα: λήν σε μα δε βρικαλύψεως δοκλέστε ή θέλω τους

ιεροπeρις μή καταζωγράφς σε 3 ω Θεέ πεποιημύον ωρόπον εδέν 8 ον Coί, και κοσμήσεως δεεται, επείπερ παντα όσα εποίησεν ο Θεός, καλα λίαν ασελγής δ' αν καλώ Επηόσμησις, τεχνίτε χάριν ενυβρίζ. κατω βλέπεσα και οδοιπορίου σε ποις, εικαλυπάσα εωσω, καθώς πρέως γωιξίν. Περίας και και αν

Avoid also that disorder. IX. Bangereim rei ardowy ly Practice of bathing in

' έν γωνία. V.

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the fame Place with Men. άτακτον γινομύω λύFor many are the Nets of otvoreys to Syulua the Evil One. And ler not a townps. 'Avdeóqua Chriftian Woman bath with νον γωή πιση μη λεέan Hermaphrodite: For if nto. Eigs weird nupe Ihe is to veil her face and Tetoy x meble tov, conceal it with Modesty from T" Eroreiwr dudoco strange Men, how can fhe outer et aidos sepétera, bear to enter naked into the täs journ Me dosegov Bath together with Men? But ý tolaóm es ax Sové if the Bath be appropriated σελκύσεται και Γυναικεία to Women, let her bath or- Bangoeie, &derly, modestly, and mode. Tox TOS PT aidos péperately. But let her not bath genusóws a ríaw. Ma without Occasion, nor much, merantieren ö išov nor ofren, nor in the middle **

ποιείθω, μηδέ & of the Day, nor, if possible, pron ópépa, Sa'd every Day; and let the renth dwarov, uno è rafina Hour of the Day be the fet uévar. "Szege de cor cime for such seasonable Bai és Teixin i fralegasthing for 'tis convenient cías direétne dão sag of that thou who art a Christian mshy God; in adutos Woman- shouldst ever con TD TO DE Horvopsocho tantly avoid ufelefs Recre- μον ωeιεργίου φεύγειν. . ation, especially when it is in the Eye of the World.

But as to a Spirit of Con- Το 3 μόχμών σε προς tention, be sure to curb it as marcas, režisor ö è to all Men, bur principally wegs taideg og mask as to thine Husband; leit, refov, mai arápx80a

** Pag

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ise od ó crisp écrire un if he be an Unbeliever, or an
migos", ébreros, rent Heachen, he may have an oce
Até Ce marda xide's casion of Scandal, or of blar-
Bagopnunon @sor, roul pheming God, and chou be
Cu & sai xa negróna Partaker of a Wo from God.
dipelas are Dem. Oual For, says he, Wo to him by Isa.£11.5.
gap pno, di & go ovo- whom my name is blasphemed
Maius Bagoonuãtoy év among the Gentiles ; and lest if
Eis é by eory. á ö msos thy Husband be a Christian,
nadpad or o avip, á he be forced from his Know-

yasiadnoetay. ws idé's ledge of the Scriptures to
ma's reapa's, émely 7' say that which is written in
pñue o gobegpustov in the Book of Wisdom, It is Prov, xX1..

The mooią. Kpécor better to dwell in the Wilder. 19
oixây év épíum, per ness, than with a contentious

gewang gawaaduse and an angry Woman. You
Mexiums. Ai év guro Wives therefore demonstrate

vores, Yol of aidós.ce your Pięty by your Mode-
upçcómo Stocéldar sty and Meekness, in order
evdempuate, dis braçen- to their Conversion and Im-
plus è megronie Ti provement in the Faith to all

SEWS, sj Tols irrus ra- without, the Church, whe-
011, čtegicučiv, are ther they be Women or Men.
düdean. Kaj & ^ And since we have warn'd
ολίγων νοθετήστευτες ε-
ónigwr ve adethodNTES & you, and instructed you brief-
muid Moaufu upãs, á ly, whom we do esteem our
dengan @ Sepatépes rj Sisters, Daughters, and Mem-
μέλη ημών ως ζοφαι και bers, as being wife your
atay anodopatou Bix ,

selves, persevere all your lives
Αριμάν απ' εκζητάτε in an unblameable Courte of
Hasriuata Juvmon GV, Life. Seek to know fuch

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ngos, v,

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