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Δέσωντα ο Θεός και O Lord God Almighty, XV. adjutoreátop, ö Tatip the Father of thy Christ, thy rê Xerço Cx; og blessed Son, who hearest those Cognos naudos, ó oes who call upon Thee with Uppeel áunt Tntos Brixa- rightness, who also knoweit aorifiwy oe é zrýzou, the Supplications of those ó e opise Coata Toy who are silent; We thank

soufu @ Tas v TEÚ: Thee that thou has thought us Eas' egaerç fpeév obly worthy to partake of thy hoöri ratnţiwoas nuä's ly Mysteries, which thou hast Me tahab av reps ágíwe bestowed upon us, for the σε μαςηρίων, α πα• entire Confirmation of thofe péges suiv, ss mnieg- things we have rightly known, quescer Se redos ég. for the Preservation of Piery, vwo ušiówi, els quals for the Remission of our Ofwitw swobéas, es fences; for the Name of άφεσιν πλημμελημά- thy Chrift is called upon us, TWv ti govora og and we are join'd to Thee. Xerço C& CINÉMAND O thou thar haft separated eq nmãs, xaé Co. wego us from the Communion of σωλειώμεθα. και


the Ungodly, Unite us with ezcas sinais que nos cos those that are consecrated to 6 xowuwvias, frieu Cor Thee in Holiness, confirm spec's part of relworwe us in the Truth, by the Af: ufwv. col, súergov bistance of thy Holy Spirit; μάς εν τη αληθεια τη Reveal to us what things to ay is morala - we are ignorant of, Supply πιφοιτήση, τα αγνοώ- what things we are defective igua *** Storá autor, in, confirm us in what things «* Pag. To heimoila"

wego we already know, preserve “436. odyattańcwdov, ti ég. the Priests blameless' in thy


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Worfhip, keep the Kings in νωσμδύα κρατυνον, της Peace, and the Rulers in ispas ou cópos 'deco Righteousness, the Air in a quračov" ev tñ nao good Temperature, the Fruits oρεία σε τις βασιλεύς in Fertility, the World in an Satpncor és ciplín, All powerful Providence ; pa- 78's äpagulas ir dixcom cific the warring Nations, ivy, Ths aeeds » Cuconvert those that are gone regoią, tgs xapares astray, sanctifie thy People, év cupoeią, , noquor keep those that are in Vir er 2 wavaaxê" nego ginity, preserve those in the soia. Tod & Fun To TO: Fairls that are in Marriage, λεμικα πραϋνον τα strengthen those that are in merhavnufuce rispeo Purity, bring the Infants to for ^ neców 08 ayla compleat Age, confirm the cow. Tùs er ng Jayiq newly admitted, inftruct the διατήρησαν" τες έα για Catechumens, and render uw diecurge tor en ti them worthy of Admission, ç$ Tes év greige era and gather us all together δυναμωσαν" τα νήπια into thy Kingdom of Hea- äd puvor TËS VEOTEAGIS nen, by Jesus Christ our Bebaiwoor Tis er nga Lord, with whom Glory, Ho• rozhogwair door, nour, and Worlhip be το τ μυήσεως αξίες ανά Thee, in the Holy Ghost, sagor' ċ tarlas

Amen. And let μάς διωαγαγε ως the Deacon say, Bow down oppis Beavor Baal to God through his Christ, nezv, ev Xersø’I more and receive the Blessing. And my weiwa siperfasues let the Bishop add this Pray- & Gi doga, er, and say, O God Almigh- kur ý otec As, [(9 ty, the Truc God, to whom '" Tudyiv 'pu'načev. V. ? nayap xã V.


for ever.

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rodipeate, eis res ajo nothing can be compard, who aso dulu. aj o die art every where, and present :01@neyÉTW * Oñ in all things, and are in non Ho & Xeşg ásts thing as one of the Things rivate, è curogate themselves, who are ; not

Conon é bounded by Place, nor grown solzéatw, dégwr e old by Time, who art not Deos ó TartoresTwp, terminated by Ages, nor de

aandivo's sy coulxer ceived by Words, who are Que o Trazo wy, z not subject to Generation, vis tão nowy sj er and wantest no Guardian, odavi oss evórti unapo who art above all Corrupti

é TOTELS Unweise on, free from all Change, apóufu , ó xeóvous and invariable by Nature, ^ Trancé lunga aiw who inhabiteft Light inacces. Tim. vi. hen megtéufu@o, fible, who art by Nature in. 16. Gadis us arba gaufu @i, visible, and yet art known

sfuéos un moxcipe to all reasonable Natures, Que o punge añs who seek Thee with a good bájev@, . pleasa Mind, and art comprehend, wtepa, ó Teorñs a ed by those that seek after Ezidx7G, ó púos a Thee with a good Mind; the wirowa, ó qws o- God of Israel, thy People cov a megato, o Ty which truly see, and which ruos abeslau, o gvw. have believed in Christ. Be os Trácous op net cv- gracious to me, and hear me, voices čr<ntóvals Ce for thy Name's fake, and bless buncis quoeou, ó those that bow down their clanger baróufuúNecks unto Thee, and

grant To pups co cipoice for them the Petitions of their ζητάντων σε ο Θεός Hearts, which are for their Toegna, 8 danserão Good, and do not reject demo, ið ss Xersey any one of them from thy

Kingdom: But fanctify,guard, çdodate 2018 Ft cover, and aslist them; de- cöpfuis afróul Géra liver them from the Adver- κασόν με α δ όνομα

fary, and every Enemy ; keep σε, και αυλόγησον τες Pa!.cxx.8 their Houfes, and guard their σοι κεκλιπόται τις εαν

Cornings-in and their: Goings- των αυχένας, έ δες out. For to Thee belongs - αυτοίς τα αιτήματα της the Glory, Praife, Majetty, καρδιών αυτών τα οπ ! Worship, and Adoration, and oupe pécorti, se sendeira to thy Son Jeftis, thy Chrift; αυτων Απόβλητον τοιιour Lord, and God, and ons čr of Biol.bas or King, in the Holy Ghoft, Χλα αγίασον αυτές, now and always, for ever φρέρησον, σκέ πασον, δεν and ever. Amen. And the έλαβά, ρύσαι και άλ Deacon shall say, Depart in noteis, toutes eaching Peace... Thefe Conftitutions τος οίκος αυτόν φυλα concerning this Mystical Wor: čor, appa's coóf ers during ship, we the Apostles do Or- Tous FEf vs cpépages dain for you the Bishops, 67. Goldb&a, ar Go, usa Priests and Deacons.

γαλοπρέπεια, σέξας, Φe9σκύησις, ε τω Cώ παιδί 'Ιησ% τω Χρισω σε, τω κυρίω ημίΓΘεώ και βασίλεϊ, '' των αγίω πνεύματι, νuώ & αει και εις τας αιώνας Τ' αιώνων αμιώ & ο ακονοι έρε δίπολύεσθε όν εί ρη. ταύτα οι σ μωικής λατρείας Αατασσόμεθα ημάς οι λίποςόλοι υμίν τοίς βάσης τους, και τους πρεσβυηesις, και τους εξακόνοις. - Concerning the Ordinati.

Περί 3 χθerπ on of Presbyters ;

νίας πρεσβυτέρων, (
και φιλέμους και σε
ωρίς, θα ταρσομαι -
μίν τοις βισκόποις




2 .

Jpso bórrego Xuertoo'. When thou Ordainest a Prefwy, w brioxate, lo byrer, O. Bishop, lay thy rzest beau fixe paraño Hand upon his Head, in Sprache antes, & peco the Presence of the PresbySuntem secusis. Caso ters and Deacons, and pray, 9 % do duoi ay 2 có: faying; Q Lotd Almighty, pouf e négger neers our God, who haft created odrome Top eos all things by Christ, and doft usofiso De Xerçê in like manner take care of justes τον πούτα δημιεργήσας, ελhe whole World by Him; e dag op die onwr for "He who had Power to Deprecor. Katarínais, make different Creatures, has

JS Suuns Blogpoesi allo Power to take care of * Adiñozy, T&TW dú. them, according to their dif-*** Pag. 1. pets sj La poeses teor ferent Natures;

on which ac 407. icepairs,

; . roñooy! 20 38 TOTO S count, O God, thou takelt BEOs Beds wegrosa, note care of Immortal Beings by

saramur Quraxn bare Preservation, but of those Gvn, my gratwy, that are Mortal by Succession, 'sce daxñ, fugañs of the Soul, by the Provi. egytich sorgir, & cfion of Laws, of the Body AQ. cia anechod is by the Supply of its Wants. déiasa UTOSSve v Do thou therefore now also

& vü 676 refor: 6 look down upon thy holy égia Cs érra nordi è Church, and encreafe the Encor dutiv, è ada fame, and multiply those thar Twov Tes év áuty preside in it, and grant them

τες , Tegesen cs. vel dos douce Power, that they may labour uiv we's 8 xomar av both in Word and Work for T'as 27. ¿ šporw as the Edification of thy People. bizotoutus rõ ngõ os. Do thou now also look down autós z ruümde bori upon this thy Servant, who δυλών σε τέτον, & is put into the Presbytery


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