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Ĉn verear" avasows, my Death until I come. Ве. of dis viegvés et duós ing mindful therefore of his

8, Ĉ Membons a- Pailion, and Death, and ReÔ s dotézas goias, surrection from the Dead, and vñ épgetry just došns Return into the Heavens, ε drwxjeEwsi" xetray and his future second Apwrtas sj verpes, rj pearing, wherein he is to med avoy inesqu xet come with Glory and Power en lépga sury, weg- to judge the Quick and the péesult Cou so laor. Dead, and to recompence ão , to every one according to ộ Flotativ, äptov bis Works, we offer to Thee, Etov, motherov. our King and our God, @to, digae çevzés Gec according to his Confli

xuté, Q' os xc tucion, this Bread and this nţiwoas ruas ésar Cup; giving Thee Thanks vastuóV 08, Ĉicea- through Him, that thou hart Way oui, ci siêu šis thought us worthy to fand , ows curifica's 67. before Thee, and to facri. hé fins 67ri ro meg. fice to Thee; and we be. εμμα δωρα ταύτα feech Thee that thou wiίς 26wić'y 08, ou ó d'evo mercifully look down upon ens eis, į cudoxnons these Gifts which are here fer w autois eis Tiulu' before Thee, O thou God Xerçi 08,

è who ftandeft in need of vone απέμψης και αμόν σε of our Offerings : And do nolieg 671 de Juoidu thou accept them to the recútav, peéptues Honour of thy Christ, and se Supetar Tē weis send down thine Holy Spi: Inoš, ów ws apluin rit, the Witness of the Lord iptov zðTOV Cãuce & Jesus's Sufferings, that He

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desunt. V. 2 defunc. V.


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may shew this Bread to be Xelső os, o movie the Body of thy Christ, and elov rôto diva i the Cup to be the Blood of Xecê ou, ivó o use thy Christ, that those who Tana bóy mas osti, Brek are Partakers thereof may bouwtão meds cus

: 21.6 be strengthened for Piety, bardo, aqéoews aus may obtain the Remifion of τημάτων τυχωσι, το their Sins, may be deliver'd Labóng & of anám me from the Devil and his De- αυτ8 ρυθώσι, πιού- τα, ceit, may be filled with the relazis tancata Holy Ghost, may be made av, äğion 7 Xeção worthy of thy Christ, and gfwrtey, {cons ainsi may obtain Eternal Life up- tizwar, oši xalaman los on thy Reconciliation to them, fit aurois, décals O Lord Almighty. We far- tumoredtop. Eru dan ther pray unto Thee, O usitos oü, xuere, Lord, for thy Holy Church hasil pávics Cs ir fpread from one End of the sanoias os and are come sia World to another, which των έως περάτων, και το thou hast purchased with the abietoinow the route precious Blood of thy Christ ; alati & Xeisi C. that chou will preferve it όπως αυτην Αλαφυλά unshaken, and free from Di- &ns doelso, sej arxhudba sturbance until the End of visov äxer of CUTE the World ; for every Epif: deias para cimQ: 12 copate who rightly divides has maiores Concept the Word of Truth. We far- η ορθοτομέσης ή λύ les ther pray to Thee for me, dangéias, fotos em who am nothing, who of sangufu oe vera fer to Thee: For the whole šuñs og ovegopéen py Presbytery, for the Deacons, Coi cödevias, e and all the Clergy, that thou ποντάς το πρεσβυπ 1 wilt make them wise, and eso, reso posso


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και που τις 3 κλήρε, ένα replenifh then with the Hoν navias Copicas rublia ly Spirit. We farther pray usta ayir tanesigys. to Thee, O Lord, for the sTim.i.a k a Szena näpelis oe, King, and all in Authority, were has & Booz for the whole Army; that news, @ Roser Wasa: they may be peaceable toxo, navles & seule- wards us, thar lo leading the πέδε, ίνα ειρίωυων- whole time of our Life in Toy To segs ñpec's, ö- Quietness and Unanimity, πως αν ησυχία & ομο: we may glorific Thec, thro' voiçe Aloizories noevloe Jesus Christ, who is our Hope. rebrov d ( wñ's surp, We farther Offer to Thee So Ea wpejú ce Hd In- also for all those Holy Perrš Xe có pénmid Q. fons who have pleased Thee jusfis ék megopéen from the Beginning of the ufis Couè vaso d' vtwv World, Patriarchs, Prophers, 8 aajw.o. cvaps. Righteous Men, Apostles, srodjo Tv Coc agiwv, Martyrs, Confessors, Bilhops, Tareiap záv, weg.pno Presbyters, Deacons, SubTôv, dixciwv, dito sa deacons, Readers, Sirgers, 2wv, postregv, ovo Virgins, Widows, and Lay. 2031 Tev, Constaw VPerlons, with all whose Names πρεσβυτέρων, διακό- thou knoweft. We farther voiv, sos diarórwv á- Offer to Thee for this People, vaguwär, fan twr, that thou wilt render them Sevwv, zmesov, aci- to the Praise of thy Christ, κων , ς παντων ων Royal Priesthood, and an ho- . fe ,ii.9. autos brisaccep Tai óvó- ly Nation ; for those that are pala. šk wogopéega in Virginity and Purity; for ufs Cou asi tõ 29 8 the Widows of the Church; 76T8, iva dvad GiĚrs for those in honourable Marautor GS & TraLLTOV. Tð riage and Child-bearing; for Xenção Co Bacircoy the Infants of thy People ;



that thou wilt not permit isesttuna, č01 Q &

έθνG. any of us to become Cast. grove his roles év 295 aways. We farther beseech Jeriq c ayuelo, basi Thee also for this City, and no se zneão fcnuhy its Inhabitants; for those that cias; as of ev oeula are fick; for those in bitter pois gapgis Ĉ TEXVOZO Servitude ; for those in Baa víais, vais popies on asian nishments ; for those in Fri- 28 04, öw usta son ; for those that travel by Sév ce inpesfis Stóbratu

ημ Water or by Land; that thou, prononc. Eti de Figuelú os the Helper and Afifter of craft? mnews Tau all Men, wilt be their Sup- ms @ papas évoiróstw, porter.

de farther also be- napi tofs év appeçicas, Seech Thee for those that u mep PS év Trixpa doo

πίκρα hare us and perfecute us for λεία, υπέρ τ' &ν οξοthy Name's lake; for those ejais, umĖD AS er ópe that are without, and wan. Motosti u mèg tɛós Ter der out of the Way, that Ĉ odbe TropóvTWY, 679 thou wilt convert them to bringpa gfún féiGoodness, and pacifie their TwV Bourgos toi dyti Anger We farther alfo be- λήτωρ. ele wareto feech Thee for the Carechu- pesó os i UTTEDE mens of the Church, and for ulcévtWrnas ¿ dreva those that are vexed by the ret Twv ripäs Algi Adversary, and for our Bre- crous oy, umepata thren the Penitents, that thou rę w or twv xaj Tewha wilt perfect the first in the orpsfówročews Crispetes Faith, that thou will deliver αυτές ες αγαθών, και the fecond from the Energy. © Juusv av Täv megú. of the Evil One, and that vns. έτι οακαλέμε

agreed thou wilt accept the Repen- de xai Teps xett



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xxufów inuanolas, tance of the last, and foraj vas potes zapaso. give both them and us our ufuw soreis, Offences. We farther Offer to zij het oogst en vélavoice Thee also for the good Temαδελφών ημόπως τες perature of the Air, and α τελειώσης εν τη πί- the Fertility of the Fruits, s!

** tis ö renda thac so partaking perpetually ** esonis én op éveprolas of the good things derived Tð nonps, f ö it from Thee, we may praise jeta voide wogoden, Thee without ceasing, who Pfal.cxxxv tj ou gwpnons cè auroīs givest Food to all Fles. We è incin Tai age are cela farther beseech Thee allo for hugs. ŠTi negopéeg. those who are absent on a ufis Cou ry was so ? cu- just Cause; that thou wilt xearias dép Qu rý of keep us all in Piaty, and gaΑύφορίας Ο καρπων ther us together in the KingÖTUS AVEMETuela- dom of thy Christ, the God har bívormes de aber of all sensible and intelligent Fragatwv, airwielu of Nature, our King; that thou απαύστως, η διδόντα wouldft keep us immoveJoplus a on odpus. štı able, unblameable, and unao öpfc ce è ů reproveable : For to Thee nep ofis di C2020v ai: belongs all Glory, and Tidu åTÓVTWV' őtws - Worship, and Thanksgiving, πουας ημάς 4ατηρή- Honour and Adorision, vos év d'orbeiç, the Father, with the Son, in Crowagayns er ty the Holy Ghost, both now Boornbiç & Xerços and always, and for everG&, & o£8 maonsai- lasting, and endless Ages · θητής & νοητής φύσεως, for ever. And let all the B Barinews ipfis, People say, Amen. And gpéntes, duéuw78s, a- let the Bishop fay, The Peace veluchútes OTI 001 Tão of God be with you all. And



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