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minions, Principalities, Au- dees, svo ma's xe

thorities, and Powers, thine qana's, duo i TETA: Isa. vi. 2. everlatting Armies,adore. The risic, rj négcuta, ära

Cherubin, and the Six-wing’d ženicus quad av apSeraphim, with twain cover- zatoenwr", rj kwesaus ing iheir Feet, with twain mercavaszinwr, atheir Heads, and with twain matataúscus sy dorgia

flying, say, together with tw Boccurs tas Dan, vii. Thousand thousands of Arch. dais auz enoTW e

Angels, and Ten Thousand uQ, ärimu, ára times Ten Thousard of An- werd Eqbabaña gels, incessantly, and with pns ó Begros e H zñe constant and loud Voices, sens aére, anggotas and let all the People fay εις τας αιώνας αμώ. it with them, Holy, Holy

, è ápriepols eens de

ο αρχιερούς εξής λε 16. vi. 3. Holy, Lord of Hofts, Hea- zétwagic y8 e as

g8 Rum i 25 ven and Earth are full of his a'anoms, iducinea,

Glorg : Be thou tlifed for ülira rj Cappuys. ever. Amen. And afterwards pois tos aias, Jer the High-Priest say, For ãgQ. ö radi o pigrome thou art truly Holy, and vás Co ujis, ó xuecosis Moît Holy, the Highest and wish xay cos ’Inoss o most highly exalted for ever. Xessés és els cavta Holy alio is thy Only-be- ne trupatorjevós Cosmed

-ηρετησάμενός(οι gotten Son our Lord and Θεώ αυτο και παει, God, Jesus Christ, who in és Te Simplepgicer 45all things ministred to his poegu, xey megroidu God and Faiher, both in thy namamandov, s weicha various Crcarion, and thy dě 3Q 28 ditess. fuitable Providence, and has Tor Somún quoy, ám. not overlook'd loft Mankind: a legal quorxiv sóuor



6 deeft. V.



us voulxlu absziveau, Bur after the Law of Nag

' i les negotixŚs en égo ture, after the Exhortations 285, je vais 93 asge in the positive Law, after 2.wp 6715acias, ago. the Prophetical Reproofs, and θειόντων σα τω θττω the Government of the Anog

η φυσικών vórov, ĉ gels, when Men had perτη μνήμης οκβαλλόν- verted both the pofitive Law, Tee ğ xatauruopöy, and that of Nature, and had η οκπύρωσιν. τας κατ' caft out of their Mind the Aiquiti wa Tanzas, tais Memory of the Flood, the

Ilancu snu v ope- Burningof Sodom, the Plagues zás, Ĉ Menabu Twy ö- of the Egyptians, and the σον σέδε τω πολυθαι Slaughters of the Inhabitants rrejótwv, Souncer dia of Palestine, and being just της γνώμη και ο δημιερ- ready to periklh univerfally zos Jaleco to, dőbewu Tos after an unparallelld manIfuéws, óvongrémsad ner, He was p'eas’d by thy pours, ó dpzzepous is. Good will to become Man, pæov, o maulii mob6c- who was Man's Creator ; to peor τον, και οξύμμίσατε σε be under the Laws, who η εαυτ8 Θεόν και τα was the Legislator ; to be Tézse, è tu naopewa moto a Sacrifice, who was an sinaga, vg Brixe High Priest ; to be a Sheep, μύης οργής της πούτας who was the Shepherd ; and hadde woe, fuélfos He appeased Thee, his God cu ms 9618, fubus@ and Father, and reconciled & Gopri, ó cos nós@, Thee to the World, and ó aga mris yjos, ó megu freed all Men from the

ága TótorQ mons. XT- Wrath to come, and was Orwsi ve tas wel a made of a Virgin, and was Tô wrê weg pộn- in Flelh, being God the Wor,

a Geiras nog onnias is the Beloved Son, the First wépusta. AqGis born of the whole Creatian, Dabing

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and was, according to the 'Abegaile, qua ñs ' Prophecies which were fore. Byénover év ungere told concerning Him by him was deve Powder self, of the Seed of David own chót ces tos gfureand Abraham, of the Tribe ufórs, rj evocpro.n é! of Judah: And He was made äoxpro,


xerras in the Womb of a Virgin, glurn dels év geouw gówho form'd all Mankind that Xúrntoj TONITE UOLUE are born in'o the World : Greciws, zaudhuisas He took Flesh, who was er béoews. Toodu • without Flesh: He who was σον & πασαν μαλα begotten before Time, was xidu deteco Twy born in Time: He convers'd mencious, onu ca nu holily, and taught according téeg Tu év $ to the Law: He drove away mincas Sopñs x 720 every Sickness, and every Dil rã si umys mélange ease from Mon, and wrought for, ó tpe owo projút 25 Signs and Wonders among tis xpicortes Locas

, el the People, and He was Par- fu Thor Toy Sãos Cue taker of Mear, and Drink, doxices &Qavéewoé Cs and Sleep, who nourishes all ovome mois agroane

that fand in need of food, anco. E agorda épu Pfal. civ. and fills every" living Creature godstos, e cución sch. xvii. with his Goodness: He mani- dwe CW THEWE, J' Jern

fifted his Name to those that uses Co & Tennesse, knem Him'not: He drave a- épgev Ø dere's autou way Ignorance, He reviv'd éterówor Tocina Piety, and fulfilled thy Will; ve Yg Toplumas, per He finish'd the Work which civ avóucir relayo thou gavest Him to do: and Seis iepéwv @ cpZeeping wher He had fet all thefe ψευδωνύμων , « λα chings right, He was seized gevéres, megdoin by the Hands of the Ungode & traziav voolta

:5. 4.

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TQ, è mond aatwy ly, of the High-Priests and w' awtwv. sy mãode Priests, falsely so called, and akpice wood's Că of the Disobedient People, our geophod, ale dolet's by the Betraying of Him Πιλατο τω ηγεμόνι, who was poleis d with Wick

, @ recheis ó xestas, rj edness as with a confirm'd MG Tarelles • Corp, Disease: He suffer'd many swpcã nogonna en ó things from them, and en á manis, ze dne Javer dured all sorts of Ignominy, óta quos a Jovat, by thy Permission : He was © étalon ó (worroios, deliver'd to Pilate the Golvą modes nuon Ĉ Ba- vernour, and He that was váty Eéantoy rétes he Judge was judged, and To's digs gegfúeto, v He that was the Saviour ρήξη δεσμά αpnEn ta dëguce og Als was condemned ; He that βόλε, ά ρύσηται τις was impatible was nailed dübecomes na átns to the Cross, and He who Purš è aréçon èn ver- was by Nature immortal Soy tn retty suépçe died, and He that is the και ġ terraedixovla spé. Giver of Life was buried, 29s er drareitas" cols that He might loose thofe ugu Sonra is, evennoon for whose fake He came, Bis Tás begrds, © cree from Suffering and Death, Fréation en di&rwv 08 og and might break the Bonds Beã è nate's aurio of the Devil, and deliver μεμνημείοι lueneuncefíor Ev v di Mankind from his Deceit. nicos abuelvey, cuga. He arofe from the Dead erçêufu Goue Jeè nay. the Third Day, and when τoκegίτορ, έχ' όσον He had continued with his οφείλομδυ, ' όσον Difciples Forty Days, He was dwcipe you, ceny Also taken up into the Heavens,



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1 ημερών σωματείας. V.


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and is far down on the ταξιν αυτ8 πληρέμη. Right-Hand of Thee, who é o gS vente med art his God and Father. Β:. δοτο, λαβών άρτον και ing mindful therefore of agicus zij al movie ons du those things that He endur'd tô xepoi, rj diables for our lakes, We give Thee fas wegs Ce Š sredo Thanks, O God Almighty, árs maties, vai not in fuch a manner as κλάσεις, έδωκε οϊς μα: we ought, but as we are Incais, citáV pôro

able, and fulfil his Consti- g' puçnelse fo xurns 1 Cor. xi'cution : For in the same Night Alobúxens nábene i

That He was betrayed, He took duro, cágon tör" Bread in his holy and un- g owned res. g any defiled Hands, and looking πολλών θρυλομψον ε

up to Thee, his God and <peory a js TIWv, co wa Matt.xxvi Facher, H: brake it, and gave tws xj 20 Thelor X Mar. xix. it to his Disciples, saying, eárus Eoing @ adalas

This is the Mystery of the c dziagas,
New Covenant ; Take of it, durev auto, λέγων
and eat: This is my Body miete auto

αυτό παντες' which is broken for many, for zoró 657 3 ajuegos para the Remission of Sins. In like g wei mono Ĉnqw. manner also, He took the ufvor eis äçeny aus Cup, and mixed it of Wine kων τόσο ποιήτε εις ή and Water, and sanctified it, dulu diduvnav. on and deliver'd it to them, res g8 édi estinto saying, Drink ye all of this, aptór ostov, è Tinta

άρτον τέτον, for this is my Blood which is mothelor og mo, shed for many, for the Remif- Savetov ✓ fugo xailal

. hon of Sins: Do this in Re- génete, özess au él: membrance of Me : For as θα μεμνημύοι πίνω often as ye eat this Bread, and námes duri, drink this Cup, ye de her forth of Javéte,

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