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I have perfum'd my Bed with depe tas ozas jego

δωμι τας έSaffron, and may House with verSY TÉTO Eña gou es Cinnamon, Come let us take Suvarmo i os, medaile,

1088G our fill of Love until the Morn- y con meble mov, prueba ing; come let us folace our me xheias Tétara Thuis elves with Love, &c. Το κλίνην με,αμφίίάπησι which he adds, With much éspw ora. Tois d'Aigúre Discourse she seduced him, with Toe dáppa net y voirlus Snares from her Lips Mhe forced 48 xeoxw, I goinów jest him. He goes after her like a unya Muhi

ναμώμω έλθε και απο

명 Prov.v.3. Filly Bird. And again, Do not na Goufu qiríaséws õp

opo hearken to a wicked Woman; Ops, deses e iy xuala for though the Lips of an Har- δώμα έρφι' πα εξής: lot are like Drops from an oir briqéps, 'Amanda

Honeycomb, which for a while vuos autor more
is smooth, in tby Throat, yet niqa, Beégeis
. ,

Beégets * Tois afterwards thou milt ind her Από χειλέων εξώκειλεν more bitter than Gall, and sharp- qurur o cémnngné Snoer er than any two-edged Spordo autñ xewqw.dris

. Kaj

φωθείς VI 1. 26. And again, But get away quick- mainu nodo Mi megos

ly, and tarry not; fix not thine za prúnn guari'
Eyes upon ker. For the has
For he has και λεπτάζδπο χειλέων

dosos s *** Pag. thrown down many Wounded, *** Jurajnos núpuns,

gea innumerable multitudes have mad's roleen ainaiyeu

been sain by her. If not, says sár pépuza, üstear refs i 11,8.. he, yet thou wilt repent at the mai mxeomear 202 ne

Laft, when thy Flesh and the dipáceis, c hxgungefibor Budy are confirmed, and wilt kõrmer Mezairas do say, How have I hated Inftrue sóue. Kairav. 'An. ction, and my Heart has avoid ac amenn@r, 'e" in ed the Reproofs of the Righa égagorions, pender 67


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sons or cure wegs teous ? I have not hearkened
durtu. Momssys nec. to the Voice of my Instructor,
Cara kabilanne, è nor inclined mine Ear to my
dhaeibuertoi dov, kes Teacher. I have almost beert
πεφόνδυκεν. Ει 3 μή, in al Evil. But we will
φησί", μεταμεληθήση" make no more Quorations,
επ' εχάτων σε, ιδίπα and if we have omitted any,
&v re tambwor Gépres be so prudent as to select the
σώματος (Cae έρες, πώς moft valuable out of the Ho-
ομίση παιδίδυ, δέ- Iy Scriptures, and confirm
λέγχυς δικαίων" εξέκ your felves with them, re-
λινεν η καρδια με 5 σοκ jetting all things that are
ήκοον φωνής παιδεύον- evil, that fo you may be
της με, ε διδάσκοντός found Holy with God in eter-
με, και παρέβαλον 8 nal Life,
δε με παρ' ολίγον έ-
υόμην εν παντί κακώ. "Ινα μή 3 πλειόνων
παρεκτάνωμία ταις μαρτυρίας & Ενα παρήκαμδυ, οι
Coφoί εαυτές του καλα σπιλέρνες, όκ των Γερών γeα-
φών όπερείδε, σαιτέμδυοι που τα τα φαύλα ως 8
οσίας δύρεθών και υμάς & ζωή αιωνίω παρα Θεώ.

Sect. IV.
Η Δε γωή -

LET the Wife be obcdiene vili: : παλέθω ω 4 ε- to her own proper Huf- . αυτής δίδρί ότι κεφαλή band, becaufe the Husband is 1 Cor.it. £ , guwards a stung the Head of the Wife. But 3. Tapad žaidoos & Christ is the Head of that παράνομλύα ν οδό δι- Husband who walks in καιοσύνης, κεφαλή έσιν the way of Righteoufhefs ; å Xersos' & Xeiçõ and the Head of Christ κεφαλή ο Λετος και τα 15 God, even his Father. deeft. ν. : μεταμεληθείς, ν. 3 deeft. V. 1 εδίο, και, επί πάντων. ν.


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Therefore, O Wife, next af. mp outs. Meray
ter the Almighty, our God wartoxectes Jorge
and Father, the Lord of the move rij wa tieg, 8 TE
present. World, and of the cveç To sj rénor-
World to come, the Maker 10.awr.wberov, ac-

every thing that breaths, σης σε πνοής & δωα. and of every rower ; and af- News on peepzór, e o no ter his beloved Son our Lord gamefúor ourê yòv, + Jesus Christ, through whom wecon nuôr ’Inosine it Glory' be to God, do thou Xerson or 'Inašem

å soca fear thy Husband, and reve- ? Tu Oeço", pobusnti og rence him, pleasing him alone, i aideg, yuvay ay rendring thy self acceprable erresmd, 'WTW Porque to him in the feveral Affairs αρέσκεG, αυταπάρof Life; that fo on thy ac- x86 Cáépeça és count thy Husband may be langviaus aurê, iva called bléssed, according to or Coi Maraelatni

the Wisdom of Solomon, which ανήρ α τ Cοφίας και de Proverbs thus speaks: Who can find a neysons The Eonguava Xx81, 10, virtuous Woman?. For such a Toride. Γνωμικα

one is more precious than costly dúdosiar tis cuphos ; TI' Stones. The Heart of her Hus- ploitées dé ésia rile bund doth safely trust in her, so dunhãy ý tolaum that she shall have no need of Japoá ta' autý s Spoil: For she does good to her xapría 8 d'idees aus Husband all the Days of her της και τοιαύτα σκύλων Life. She buyeth Wool and Flax, Göre dizopnog evepgã 78 arid worketh profitable things tus dudei ázadai xty with her Hands. She is like the trápita à Biowi tumpua Merchants Ships, he bringeth Gufún" česov si aivor, her Food from fari She riseth étroinder Czensee of me?" ġ, V., 1 deeft.V.7 atòr. v. uupavouéva. Vo


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bir aitrise égfúero as also while it is yet Night, and rows èumopolopfón, per giveth Meat to her Houshold, repórter ouvázsoa ou mas and Food to her Maidens. She * Biori è aviso toy en considereth a Field, and buyeth yux Tôv, zj _dwnev Besi it; with the Fruit of her Mua TVS orzewo, wij Hands the planteth a Vineyard.

épze of Seega aivous! She girdette her Loins with
Sewpnocoa zowegsov å Strength, and strengtheneth her
Treato, dite rap Arms. She tafteth that it is

Two Twu" zelewo orns good to labour; her Candle gee

Equtoge kiñec déce eth not out all the whole Night.
(wrapefón por qur" she stretcheth out her Arms for
airās, phoe tes &autas useful Work, and layeth bir

Begráovas ny egoioclo Hands to the Spindle

. She 077

, xe 70' 7 épgailestaan opinth her hands to the Needy, και στα δποσβέννυται yea lhe reacheth forth her hands auger witos o ano to the Poor. Her Husband rux TO Tgs angels www takes no care of the Affairs of της εκτείν εις τα ?xpń. his House, for all that are with qua", tais cãess ow. her are cloathed with dous!le. rñs éped és a tecular Garments. She maketh Coats xãeas Ö. autñs, drń. for her Husband, Cloathing's of νοιξε πένητι, καρπόν 3 Silk and Purple. Her HufEETEVE Ww geço & peorband is eminent in the Gates, TICS Târ ev opreço ó when he fieteth with the Elders dung wrñs, nav. of the Land. She maketh fine*** Pag. Tosogo o nap' arñ Linnen, and selleih it to the 208. ασιν ονδεδυμδύοι διοσεις Phenicians, and Girdles to the sore's ng xreiras ¿ Canaanites. She is cloath'd TOINDE TWS dot ei ava with Glory and Beauty, and she tñsy čre Buare rý Top rejoices in the last Days. She





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deeit. V. : igio. V. ? cujapigorta. V.




openeth ber mouth with Wisdom quegs ording ta'w
and Discretion, and puts her baena zivetoy

ex Words in order. The ways of πύλαις ο ανήρ αυτής, her Houshold are strict į je svisce är red intoy en eateth not the Bread of Idle- Crved eiwit PST PEO ness. She will open her Mouth Curéesor Two 'xa Tolévwith Wisdom and Caution, and TWIT ourdárces étoinos, upon her Tongue are the Laws ag anédoto Tois going, of Mercy. Her Children, arife weilaug Ta tois Xaup, and praise her for her rouarosso do du di Riches, and her Husband joins apémeld ovedroato, vý in her Praises. Many Daagh, dipearsn ev nudegis eters have obtain'd Wealth, and getais sorg autñs fra done worthily, but thou fur. Volge oopeos è megon pallest and excelleft them all. nóstws, tačin ésok. May lying Flatteries, and the age to tým yawan auvain Beauty of a Wife be far rñs 3 gegras ö Marec

For a Religious Caj orrwv autñs. atae Wife is blessed. Let her praise ö óxenes con page the Fear of the Lord: Give her 2 Z" sónce autñs civolgd

the Fruits of her Lips, and Copôs rj evróugos, Dro

let her Husband be praised in pugil ö &nenugomúns": Prov. the Gates. And again, A vir- 6 gacams aurñs. $11.4. tuous Wife is a Crown to her dresuodas Te téxra auXIV. 1. Husband. And again, Many rñs , wy 8thodara

Wives have built an House. žveodu avrà, è ó d-
You have learn'd what great νήρ αυτής επήνεσεν αυ-

. Commendations a prudent thu. Tomai gugati and loving Wife receives from

pes 4 Οκτήσομτο πλύ. the Lord God. If thou de

" εποιήσαν firest to be one of the Faith susauels

' Cu o atore

from thee.

τον, πολλα

Täs ons v.

i defunt. v. 3 qtñ;. v.

4 deelt. V.



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