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nishment. Wherefore by read- μin vgjávés. ПE-
ing there Books thou wilt be eιπατῶν ἢ ἐν τῇ ἀ
mightily ftrengthend in the γορᾷ, ¢ λέσασαι βγά
Faith, and edify'd in Chrift, YQ, Xenon Bang-
whofe Body and Member νίῳ δύδρείῳ, ἵνα μὴ διὰ
thou art. Moreover, when saxvuva Ce G-
thou walkest abroad in μα ὖν ἀχήμῳ Σποκα
Publick, and haft a mind auffgurativ, Dea-
to bath, make ufe of chat σας θέσω έχ ἁρμόζε
Bath which is appropria- od decor, in où wa-
δὐδράσιν, πα
red to Men, left by difco- boys, don
vering thy Body in an un- Caurul Ta's TWS
feemly manner to Women, dantys Juaïnas.
or by feeing a Sight not feem- Φυλάσσε ἦν τὰ Τοιαῦται,
ly for Men, either thou beeft van zons Beigus
enfnar'd, or thou enfnarest rate tuxy.
and inticest to thy felf those
Women who easily yield to
fuch temptations. Take care
therefore, and avoid fuch
things, left thou admit a
Snare upon thy own Soul.



For let us learn what the

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Prov. vit.

Sacred Word fays in the Book of Wisdom, My Son, keep my 1, &t. Words, and hide my Commandments with thee: Say unto Wisdom, Thou art my Sifter, and make Understanding familiar with thee that she may keep thee from the ftrange and

defunt. v.

Μάθωμλμ γδ, ἐν τῇ Coφίᾳ τί λέγε ὁ no 207 Q. “Tiè qúE Eμes yes, TOUS eugis errorg's xpurjor as CEAUTY ETTOY Copidu Car asonpluray, Thi 3 Peórnσιν γνώριμον εποίη





dar Gεaury, iva σe In- wicked Woman, in case such an phon to juraings &no-one accoft thee with sweet words. reias & morneas, av For from the Window of her Cε 202015 Tois weis Houfe fhe looks into the Street, χάριν ἐμβάληται. Ἀπὸ to fee if Ihe can efpy fome young veis & oins au- Man among the foolish Children, Ths es Tas Tanias without Understanding, walkDanimroa, öv åv is ing in the Market-place, in the ἳ ἀφρόνων τέκνων νε Meeting of the Street near her δμίαν ἐνδεν φρενῶν πα- Houle,and talking in the dusk of earоpoopsov iv ap- the Evening, or in the Silence på, čo drodois dinar au- and Darkness of the Night. A ms, adatra Ev ong Woman meets him in the Appea& TEL Enrera, ling av rance of an Harlot, who steals 1yňouxia ruxtrein away the Hearts of young Perἡσυχία νυκτερινὴ Growing iyun fons. She rambles about, and Cuuduta a tus ad is diffolute: Her Feet abide not χεσα πορνικὸν, ἣ ποιεῖ in her Houfe. Sometimes fhe véwr etimads rapdía, is without, fometimes in the veneewww'n dé es Streets, and lieth in wait at eveää, &v oinery Corner. Then he catches Hound Crow of modes au- him, and kiffes bim, and with ms. xeórov jap leva an impudent Face fays unto him, Ew péμbera, xevov I have Peace-Offerings with me, EN TATE!als who na- this Day do I pay my Vows. συμ γωνίαν 2 ἐνεδρεύς". Therefore came I forth to meet GTA & Coμsun epi- thee, earnestly I have defired Anoev autor, donde thy Face, and I have found λησεν αὐτὸν, Wey GWAY WE DEL TEV au- thee; I have deck'd my Bed Lov. Ovcia ciplunń with Coverings, with Tapestry Malesi, onμrcov amodi- from Egypt have I adorn'd it.






4. V. deeft, V.

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δωμι με


~ C


I have perfum'd my Bed with Swas sixa's μs &Saffron, and my Houfe with veng Téte ¿ñλJov eis Cinnamon. Come let us take ζωάντησίν σε, πυθ our fill of Love until the Morn- ὃ σὸν πρόωπον, εὕρηνά ing; come let us folace our aeneus Trang This felves with Love, &c. Το κλίνην με, ἀμφιάπησε 5 which he adds, With much ἔςμωσα τοῖς ἀπ ̓ Αἰγύπτο Difcourfe fhe feduced him, with To dráppasng ngírius Snares from her Lips foe forced με κρόκῳ, * 5 οἶκον με him. He goes after her like a κινναμώμῳ ἐλθὲ καὶ ἀπο Prov. v.3. filly Bird. And again, Do not as pixías &ws ophearken to a wicked Woman; Ops, deveo xuda for though the Lips of an Har- πώμίυ ἔρωτι· δ τὰ ἑξῆς· lot are like Drops from an οἷς ἐπιφέρη, ̓Αποπλά Honeycomb, which for a while vacs My is smooth in thy Throat, yet iq, Beigers TE Tais, afterwards thou wilt find her από χειλέων ἐξώκειλεν more bitter than Gal, and Sharp- αὐτὸν ὁ ἢ ἐπηκολέθησεν er than any two-edged Sword αὐτῇ κεωφωθείς. Καὶ VII. 26. And again, But get away quickMn egoz ly, and tarry not; fix not thine oxung zuwami μéni Eyes upon her. For she has os?! DO XENÓW. **Pag. thrown down many Wounded, γυναικὸς πόρνης, yea innumerable multitudeshavs πρὸς καιρὸν λιπαίνει been flain by her. If not, says or qœpuja, üstear whú 11,.. he, yet thou wilt repent at the mixeneer goλñe του πικρότερον χολῆς taft, when thy Fleh and thy δρήσεις, c ἠκονημλύον Body are confumed, and wilt on mazaleas do fay, How have I hated Inftru sous. Kalmadır. 'Aλtion, and my Heart has avoid na aromá♪n¦v, 1è" μù ed the Reproofs of the Righ- ingarions, undè 671





2 deft. V.



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επίσης σὸν ὄμμα πρός teous : I have not hearkened
αὐτώ. Πολλὲς γδ πρώ to the Voice of my Inftructor,
(ασα καταβέβληκε, & nor inclined mine Ear to my
εὐαρίθμητοί εἰσιν, ὣς Teacher. 1 have almoft beert
πεφόνδυκεν. Εἰ καὶ μὴ, in all Evil, But we will
φησί", μεταμεληθήση" make no more Quorations,
ἐπ ̓ ἐσχάτων σε, Κing and if we have omitted any,
ἂν κατατριβῶσι βάρκες be fo prudent as to felect the
σώματος C8, ε ἐρεῖς, πῶς moft valuable out of the Ho-
ἐμίση & παιδείδω, &- ly Scriptures, and confirm
λέγχες 3 δικαίων" ἐξέκ your felves with them, re-
λινεν ἡ καρδία με; σοκ jedting all things that are
ἤκυον φωνῆς παιδεύον evil, that fo you may be
τός μέ, & διδάσκοντός found Holy with God in eter-
με, ὦ παρέβαλλον 3 nal Life,
ἧς με παρ ̓ ὀλίγον ἐ

ἡλυόμην ἐν παντὶ κακῷ. ἵνα μή ; ο πλειόνων
παρεκτείνωμ τὰς μαρτυρίας & εμνα παρήκαμε, οἱ
(αφαί ἑαυτοῖς του καλὰ ἤπιλέγοντες, ἐκ τῶν ἱερῶν γρα
τῶν ολη σερεῦτε, ο αιτέμλυοι πάντα τον φαῦλα εἰς 3
οσίες ευρεθήναι ὑμᾶς ἐν ζωή αιωνίῳ παρὰ Θεῷ.


LET the Wife be obedient VIII.
to her own proper Huf
band, becaufe the Husband is 1 Cor.
the Head of the Wife. But
Chrift is the Head of that



Δέ γενή ήταν
που απέπω το 4-
αὐτῆς οὐδεί· ὅτι κεφαλή
* γυναικὸς ὁ ανήρ ύ.
πάρχει ανδρός &
παραμονεύει ἐν ὁδῷ δι- Husband who
καιοσύνης, κεφαλή ἐςιν the way of Righteoufnefs ;
å Xersos & Xes and the Head of Chrift
κεφαλὴ ὁ θεὸς καὶ πας is God, even his Father.

who walks in


i deeft. v. : μεταμεληθείς V. 3 deeft. V. 1 ἰδίῳ, ν. ἐ ἐπὶ πάντων. ν
C 2


ད ལྕ






Therefore, O Wife, next af- mp UTS. MET & * ter the Almighty, our God warroneάmer Dro'r nand Father, the Lord of the MV, ware, & TE prefent World, and of the veçûT F μémovWorld to come, the Maker Taiwvnerov, waof every thing that breaths, σης τε πνοῆς @ διάand of every rower; and af- pews Injetor, & nter his beloved Son our Lord γα πημδύον αὐτῷ ὑὸν, है Jefus Chrift, through whom we nuo Inouy Glory be to God, do thou Xerson, " No fear thy Husband, and reve-Oew", Q0CńINTI σ& rence him, pleafing him alone, ad ea, wyrway xy rendring thy felf acceptable ἐντράπηθι, αὐτῷ μόνῳ to him in the feveral Affairs apéσx, aut of Life; that fo on thy ac- x Nape & count thy Husband may be Χακονίαις αὐτῷ, ἵνα called bleffed, according to the Wisdom of Solomon, which Proverbs thus fpeaks: Who can find XXXI. 10, virtuous Woman? For fuch a one is more precious than coftly Stones. The Heart of her Hufband doth fafely truft in her, Jo that he shall have no need of Spoil: For he does good to her Husband all the Days of her Life. She buyeth Wool and Flax, and worketh profitable things with her Hands. She is like the Merchants Ships, she bringeth her Food from far. She rifeth

Co Manαeran от avg Za & Copiar & λεγέσης 2α Σολομῶν





ride. Γκρίκα ανδρείαν τίς ουρήσι ; τι· INTée de Esir xil wv πολυτελῶν ἡ τοιαύτη Sapoе ET AUTY & napfia & dude's aus της ή τοιαύτα σκύλων on Sophos Evepya 28 idei ajana j Távra & Bior tumpuGusun" verov z nívov, ἔριον καὶ λίνον, einger Sense & XP

! $. V., 2 decit. V. 2 autor. V. μupevouévα. V.

αὐτόν· 4 μυρεψομένα.


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