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and having believ'd in God nóv ówcó TE 78 % the 'Father, through Christ, managñucy mohutés this is a Gift of God; and doebéas, MSEŻ OCH the having cast off the Veil Bells matei Va Xer of Judaism, and having be- çě, zaberopea 631 Deši lieved that by the good Plea. zó a avtroppiafoy 'Is. sure of God, his Only-be dæing rainuung, voy gotten Son, who was before mestų vy on Doxig

πισεύσαι ότι δυδοκία all Ages, was in the last time oeü o meg ajoy our rega born of a Virgin, without vorguns, év úsépg xaua the Coʻnpany of a Man, and pção ère nessere gegfenthat He convers'd as a Man, ται δίχα ομιλίας αυ

, yer without Sin, and fulfill'd deos te&Tonitéall that Righteousness which outo was chegamos arou is of ehe Law; and that, by a postias; ahnessoas the Perinision of God, He, odu doiglooulu Thus who was God the Word, vópyè ök our gap

συγχωρήendur'd the Cross, and de og eg sawehr was fpiled the Shame ; and that hevey, agu'ns yetaHe died, and was buried, peovoos cos nooi and rose within Three Days; j ori amesave, & and that after his Resurrecti- taon, rj arén se on, having continued Forty rewr speegov, è la Days with his Apostles, and most draçaoy Tearded compleated his whole Con- norma suregs aggue stirutions, He was taken up ras Tois átsó rois, xj in their Sight to his God ginecoas vãode 445 and Father who fent Him ; ταξιν ανελήφθη επ' he who has believed these year åutāv wed's things, not at Random and drostingvla auror for įrrationally, but with Judge matéza: Tautas ment and full Assurance, has miçdicais, e me amas,

, απλώς, receiy'd the Gift of God. So words angws, Sme xer:


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1 Cor.

of sy mine poeią, ze also has he who is deliver'd elora Gancev in eğ• from every Heresie. Ler not ωσαύτως 3 € και πάσης therefore any one that works αιρέσεως απαλλαγείς. Signs and Wonders judge Men for ns Toy momó- any one of the Faithful, who TWD onuÃa, Técao is not vouchsafed the same: τα, κροκέτω τινα των For the Gifts of God which Trisör på Frontévta are bestow'd by Him, thro' évepgév. Sleipoeg pap Christ, are various; and one BE TO rg @es goes Man receives one Gift, and quota, nesavrš to another another ; for perXerço Srdóufuae ni haps one has the Word of Cu â caucas TÕTO & Wisdom, another the Word xii. 8. révQ Q amo ti ng8 of Knowledge ; another, dir. abgon copias, gran cerning of Spirits; another, σεως,και διακρίσεως πνου- Foreknowledge of things to Mátwy, i wcóguwaly come; another, the Word of pantas menacvtwy, a Teaching; another, Longgov dudaxkrgy, uve- suffering; another, ContiŠixeriav, ģégredre. nence according to the Law: ar év vojgr. 78 . For even Moles, the Man of Mwüoms á rõ oes dé- God, when he wrought FerQu, ev Aigunty Signs in Egypt, did not exale

Condôv toi.onuđa, å himself against his Equals; - καππήρθη των ομοφυ- and when he was called a

awy sj Osos vandris, God, he did not arrogantly σαν αλαζονείσατο εξ' defpife his own Prophet A4Sidis meggáty 'Ac- ron ; nor did Joshua the Son

Jos x. ear. I'v't of Nowñ of Nun, who was the Leader 'Inots, sigmodyfuos uit' of the People after him, áutin có 208, xar my though in the War with the preg's "186soaiss 770- Jelujites he had made the i . V



Ex. sii. 1

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Sun stand still over-against aéuw shows it ñacer en Gibeon, and the Moon over- Tabawy, she of against the Valley of Aja nutus ne soi coegela lon, because the Day was · Airwv, Ale z renow not long enough for their expxay wegs sluit Victory, insult over Phineas, wlw.tw npéean erasor Caleb: Nor did Samuel, on ra Ti Qeveàs, who had done so many fur- 28 Xanel. čt8 {« prizing things, disregard Ds- uesna moodsa Sadovid, the Beloved of God; Ece trosods, pas oder yet they were both Pro- szincato Ô Soçinâ phers, and the one was Aebido no rol alu High Priest, and the other córregi megoña

was King. And when there o ús cepuespol's, o 3, bao i King. , were only Seven Thousand anos. Ĉeitice

geriam holy Men in Israel, who had dari kapasowe Ć

ner bow'd the Knee to Baal, Ισραήλ αγίων, των Rom. xi. 4

Elijah , alone among them, un ne pe for twv závu tj and his. Disciple Elisha, were Bean, Mer@ 'Hrias Workers of Miracles : Yet év autoisa Ĉó 76T8

neither did Elijah despise rastas. Encara los favo 4 King.vj. Obadiah the Steward, who. HO TOTTOLO gezér lutay

fear’d God, but wrought d'a' na 'Haias i ciu i 110 Signs, nor did Elisha : rgvópgr’ASSÉEuro

despise his own Disciple, thence, co buefuoriston wlien be trembled at the Ozovi & Trol@vla I

Enemies. Moreover, neither o mecca #'Eniazdos Dan vi & did the wife Daniel, who we are mentio cesto Xi4. & . was. twice deliver'd from the cosa si schemies

, do Mouths of the Lions, nor the mepadev. Sina 78 are Three Children, who were Aaron á Copos, su

XIX. 18.

deeft. V.


Seis Dira egy csc sópecs deliver'd from the Furnace of Q: neovirov, ģme oi Fire, despise the rest of their spais tardes čre requiry Fellow Israelites: For they πυρός, εξεδένωσαν τές knew that they had not e2017's not ó popurwr. scaped these terrible Miseπίσταντο και ότι και τη ries by their own Might, , ικεία διαμς περιε- but by the Power of God λύοντο το δεινών αλ- did they both work MiraRice

' th Tð eğ igúr, j cles, and were deliver'd from ģ. ompeão štETÉNYv, Ċ Miseries. Wherefore let none spise *** dugeeecová ma- of you exalt himself against * * Pag. De morto, Gorgy penda's his Brother, though he be .389 Môr étoupéatw set of a Prophet, or though he be dengã, xav meg cumns a Worker of Miracles: Fór και κάν θαυματοποιός. ifit happens that there be no i gs den sensuele evay longer an Unbeliever, all the 18ámsov, weirti 202 Power of Signs will thenceτον έσαι πάσα σημείων forwards be fuperfluous: For véggeja. Gů 78 &roy to be pious is from any vosla, čx & Š TI one's good Disposition ; but Úvoias 3' Jocuria: to work Wonders, is from omroeio, èn of Terep- the Power of Him that works @vt Q. Dwvanews' cor, them by us ; the first of i û me Tovsinās ów. which respects our felves, rès opçã, g' ñ deumegu but the second respects God Deco évepyğura, di that works them, for the es' mogeittoisu" ajrices. Reasons which we have al

ego UMTE Barnet's ready mention'd. Wherefore Eslevektw tes d’as neither let a King despise his τον σeατηγές: μήτε Officers that are under him, ZpZQYTES Tès úminges. nor the Rulers thole who

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are subject. For where there peń övtwo g5 Tôr appo are none to be ruled over, ifwy, weirloi o lepo Rulers are fuperfluous ; and gotes

' è unor twv çer where there are no Officers, mazăr, ģ ShoeToy Bao the Kirgdom" will not stand. neta. Sorice rend's bete Moreover, let nor a Bishop OxOTQ é aspéstw young be exalced against his Dea- tūv Shanowy, ģt eneste cons and Presbyters, nor πρεσβυτέρων μητε μία the Presbyters against the oi aperCúniegt sy People: For the Subsistance agão nánar záp of the Congregation depends so i guscous 8 awaon cach other ; for the Bi. Begiouston. Tag shops and the Presbyters are brioxo mus', sj oí Tapese the Priests with relation to búttegi, Tywy cicir ie the People ; and the Lairy péis' c o hainsi, 17are the Laity with relation vãy ció naingi to the Clergy. And to be a refe eroy mersiaros, Christian is in our own Pow- ep' spirgä doo er, but, to be an Apostle, or å somov, * 76notur, a Bishop, or in any other äro k, óx éo muir, fuch Office, is not in our Sri Tự dodávk own Power, but at the Dif. Beqo ta zaeiouemu. posal of God, who bestows taūTO û žy 2 CH 1207 the Gifts And thus much tor" cipriate the tas concerning those who are d&wderas zoerouens yoachsafed Gifts and Dig. Twv aZrWuerur. nities.

looms cm exop, V, deelt. V:

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