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Concerning Gifts, and Ordinations, and the

Ecclesiastical Canons.


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our God and sa-
Mar Ino

viour, deliver'd to Xeiçê go

us the great Mya uéza dice6cas únie stery of Godliness, andi cala a distort @ AUÇÁ- led both Jems and Gentiles to elov, ê we gorenguém the Acknowledgment of the 18 28 'Iedaills to è "Ern- One and Only True God,

Ĉ vos é's CFrigiwory Tf his Father, as Himself someενός Évos e Mor's ann Strg where says, when He was

μόνα @EB

Ta teòs durs", giving Thanks for the Salva

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tion of chole that had be- rabos autos ! ws" on

фяJoko xvii. lieved, I have manifested thy div digaeção Chi Time

Th Name to Men, I have finish'd ow theią ofis mçdoara the Work thou gavest me, and wv, éparées

G od 8 faid concerning us to his Fa- όνομα τοϊς ουθρωποις, και W.11. 25. cher, Holy Father, although těpzov édorecis peor, ,

job the World has not known thee, NÉWO G. È wei get have I known thee ; and these Mão négerra Tu mua have known thee. With good rei, mamp ane, e vý reason did he say to all of ó nou de son égow, us together, when we were byw Ce égwy, ý perfected concerning those Etui Ce égowoduse dinge

Gifts which were given from τως, ως δώ πτελειω• Mar. xvi. him by the Spirit ; Now rejów ñuñv, ono za

these Signs shall follow them that av ärece, wei nofos have believed in my Name, áurš the of mobile they shall cast out Devils, they los dedoulbor za elopeedia Πholl (peak with new Tongues, των : Σημεία και τους They shall take up Serpents; and mstúca OIV, Taūra tu

any deadly thing, it esinghethod is $ cyóhall y no means Eurt them ; μgτί με δαιμόνια και they hall lay their Hands on βαλίσι γλώσσαις και the Sick, and they shall reco- vows 7 anosnv. 796s ver. These Gifts were first apãou' reçus Jovemuór bestow'd on us the Apostles, ni ziwa, un sotes when we were about to Bagé yfi om appeças

: preach the Gospel to every xãegs bmronour, vous Creature and afterwards were reiros e Exor. Tótur of Necessity afforded to those who zaclonátwy mego who had by our means be- neov û spio do JEVTWI

ημίν lieved ; not for the Advan, pois åmosómers, men saa


if they drink

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Ideeft. V.

d'argários metu sgámar tage of those who perforti Taon th xtio SWH TO them, but for the Conviction ö Tois si hveñv arıçd- of the Unbelievers, that those cacy ovagreios gepn- whom the Word did not per-, Soff'weisx és it pois ér« swade, the Power of Signs Epp &Two wpéneav, ám' might put to Shame : For εις ή ασίσων συκατά- Signs are not for us wlio adeor, ? Tree" es con č. believe, but for the UnbeWHOEV ó norv, tso lievers, both for the 'Jerrs T'S Ý rofis onuciwr too and Gentiles. For neither is σωπήση δuυαμις" τα it any Profit to us to cart 98 onpecia š tois misois out Dæmons, but to those ημίν, αλλά τοϊς απί- who are fo cleanfed by the sols, 'ludaw TE x Power of the Lord; as the 'Emluwvo śre gS 3 fas Lord himselt somewhere inMovas cu barev suém structs us, and shews, sayo Egv répdQ, ära tão ing, Rejoyce je not because the Luk 4.16 éveppeią weir xalqı- Spirits are su jeet unto you ; eorfiwy rega's 'autes but rejoyce, because your Names 78 Tardowy speãs ó are written in Heaven. Since we d'eixvuar négave the former is done by his eest zainete õti To Tvá. Power, but this by our good Matce úuiv waxbory, Disposition and Diligence, Erra Faipete őti vas yet ('tis manifest) by his Af. óvónala úpwr gózea to listance. 'Tis not therefore Tuy év med seqvæ šo necessary that

necessary that every one mada û autó sw- of the Faithful should caft ped givetoy, Y ö fiue. our Dämons, or raise the Tipą Groia e medñ, Dead, or fpeak with Tonδήλον ότι βοηθαμύοις gues ; but fuch an one only s'aurð. com érdúzy, who is vouchlaf'd this Gift,

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for fome Caufe which may be κες εν πούτα πιςον δαί-
Advantage to the Salvation of μανας οκβάλλειν, ή νε-

, the Unbelievers, who are of- xpés duiçõr, * gde

읽 ten put to Shame, not with azels ze nãy Ena's the 'Demonstration of the a&iondevila zaeiou.de Word, but by the Power of 10771 nui atia zero the Signs ; that is, such as ouņ, sis ow meiar The are worthy of Salvation : απίςων, δυσωπομείων For all the Ungodly are not omáxus Š

τη affected by Wonders; and asgwr 270deid, Soins hereof God himfelf is a τη των σημείων όπερ

Witness, as when He says in gaize", dčí wvörTWY (4 Ilz. xxviii the Law, With other Tongues merces godt og onduri will I speak to this people

, o dabas we off air

gove and with other Lips, and yet restwy és TPÉTOITU

will they by no means believe. TéTY Meptus sumos, Deut xvii For neither did the Egypti- Océs, wes ondu néza és

Θεός, ως λέγη ans believe in God, when to vóre w "Oti én ére: Mofes had done fo many eoγλώοσοις λαλήσω και Signs and Wonders ; nor did Ige mô témy, rj co year

τέτω, και αν χε the Multitude of the Jews Nearu stiegls, yung believe in Christ, as they międowany. Oingo

believ'd Moses, who yet had o Aimumotion Eatic dood Fx.vii. healed every Sickness and the Om, every Discase among them ; vouŪTa Cmuka 24

και τοσαύτα nor were the former ham'd τέρατα πεποιηκότβ' by the Rod which was turn'd ότε τα πλήθη την

logo into a living Serpent, 'nor Jawa Te c's Mein by the Hand which was oei

Xeço, te help made white with Leprosie, vócor rj achodu mangsa nor by the River Nile turn'd riav ev dutais atters

την των λόγων απόδειξιν αλλά την των σημείων ενέργεια». uwosas. V, uwod V.


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πλύσιμτι· και ότε into Blood ; nor the latter *** Pag. εκείνες έδυσώπησε ράς. by the Blind who recover'd do fue fuges pisión" eis their Sight, nor by the Lame Matt.xi s opiv, B xcip adora who walk'd, nor by the polifón, j Nära ai. Dead who were raised. The i Tim.

ματόμου G. ότε τέτες one was refifted by jannes · tupaoi avabÉTOVTES, and Fambres, the other by. - sy gwagi werTEL TÕV TES, Annas and Caiaphas. Thus

@ veregi aviscépefuor". Signs do not shame all in& te avgięduto to Belief, but only those of Plavvns & ? Mau pás" a good Dispofition; for whose TV Ö "Avvas rý Kaid fake also it is that God is pas štws 8 udúteis pleased, as a wise Steward of duowe Ta opsic, an- a Family, to appoint Mirahai Moves tès grango cles to be wrought, not by vas, w ĉ zdern 2- the Power of Men, but by C

. δοκεί ο Θεός όπιπλέος his own Will, o

. Drwcéjees, ws Copos or say these things, that those Horón Q. & tops de who have received such Gifts Best Tovigú, a ză may not exale themselycs aSautó Bonnos, FLÜT gainst those, who have sé paulu, m not receiv'd them. Such επαίρεση ,

taipeats tes 1æ61vas Gifts, we mean, as are for Η za siopate talcéde, the working

of Miracl:s : τη μη λαβόντων S

For otherwile, there is 110 eoHG TO 3 répous, Man who has believed in Ta o sos" papewr God through Christ, that has

Αα σημείων étel oon sin är besoros not received fome Spiricua! Toisas La Xeiços Gift: For this very thing,

' es cor, os con enne, having been deliver'd from bi zagrolige mitigke-the Impiety of Polytheism,


Now we

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