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Pag. from Sickness, has preferv'd 378. us from an evil Tongue. For all which things do we give Thee Thanks through Christ, who haft given us an Articulate Voice to confess withal, and added to it a fuitable Tongue, as an Inftrument to modulate withal, and a proper Taste, and a fuitable Touch, and a Sight for Contemplation, and the hearing of Sounds, and

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ippúσato, *** en μs no απρέψας, ἐκ νόσειασατο, ἐκ γλώσσης που vnes conÉTασe. We πάντων σοι διὰ Χρισ def. & @quvl vapor as coμολόγησιν δωρησάμμος. waar diapμgsor, dinnv wàánæge, wsöfgavo ateis. yevmoi. છે a weirpoeev, è




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the smelling of Vapors, and plurán,
Hands for Work, and Feet egow Deas, 1x a-
for Walking; and all these ng pwrns", y öppn
Members doft thou form σιν ἀτμῶν, & χερας
from a little Drop in the εἰς ἔργον, ἱ πόδας πρὸς
Womb; and after the For- domein. Zum
mation doft thou beftow πάντα ἐκ μικρᾶς κα
on it an Immortal Soul, and
produceft it into the Light,
as a rational Creature. Thou
haft inftructed Man by thy
Laws, improv'd him by thy
Statutes, and when thou
bringeft on a Diffolution
for a while, thou haft pro-
mifed a Refurrection. Where
fore what Life is fufficient?
What Length of Ages will

3 Hanharles" rça, @ fuglu ἀθάνατον μ' τω μέρ qwav zαei no ỳ πegαyus eis qus, dying? (ov, & dübecontor, róμοις ἐπαίδευσας, δι nor said pewas πρὸς ὀλίγον ἐπάγων διάλυσιν, * ἀνάτασιν ἐπιδγείλια ποια του

defunt. V. fed extant in marg, eis V. 3 Dawndwas. V.

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be long enough for Men to be thankful: To do it worthily 'tis impossible, but to do it according to our Ability is juft and right; for thou haft deliver'd us from the Impiety of Polytheifm, and from the Herefie of the éλw, Murderers of Chrift; thou · πεπλανημθύης ἀγνοίας haft deliver'd us from Error and dewo as + Xesor and Ignorance; thou hast εἰς ἀπέτειλας εἰς αὐθρώπ fent Chrift among Men, as Tus ws dolewπor, a Man, being the Only Beövra pavojuñ• * gotten God; thou haft made κλητον ἐνώκισας ἡμῖν· the Comforter to inhabit aalgerus Tesnoas, mong us; thou haft fer Anαλγάλες επέςησας η * διάβολον ᾔσχυνας: son gels over us; thou haft pur ὄντας ἐποίησας, γυομέ- the Devil to Shame; thou Tu quagovers (wlw haft brought us into Being τις φυλάσεις: Commerces, penyis So when we were not; thou olu• Mentoran takest care of us when made; χείλω. πρ απάντων thou meafureft out Life to Cos ǹ dosa y ☎ σébas, us; thou affordest us Food; * dia Inos Xers", thou haft promised Repenvuw, 2è dei", y eis Tes tance. Glory and Worship ἀεὶ αἰῶνας. ἀμλώ. ταῦτοῦ be to Theë for all there μελετᾶτε, ἀδελφοί MERETATE, adeλpoi things, through Jefus Chrift, an ó núi μel' u now and ever, and thro' Meditate πὶ γῆς, ὰ ἀντῇ βασι- all Ages. Amen λείᾳ τῇ πατρός αὐτῇ, Tate's aure, on these things, Brethren, τῇς αὐτὸν ἀποφες and the Lord be with you


2 μarà Xesï »ỳ wyd'μm]& dyis. V. 2 defunt, V.

za cavï au тúpuns Bios, αἰώνων ϋ μῆκε, πόσον •Lapis abs Tes erstar; πρὸς ἀξίδῳ ἀδείατον, 135 Suíapur days. - ἐῤῥύσω γδ ἀσεβείας πολυθέων, καὶ χριsoκτόver appées

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છે ÁÇ


upon Earth, and in the King, as di dom of his Father, who are indeed. Rom. viii. both fent Him, and has de- on & Sundas & pleas liver'd us by Him from the as indiciar & Bondage of Corruption into Mis dons, è (w/u' swatglorious Liberty; and has pro-apjúe bis di autë mired Life to thofe who τις δύσασιν ες τον τῶν through Him have believ’d in ὅλων Θεόν. the God of the whole World.



NOW after what manner
those ought to live that
are Initiated into Chrift, and so on,
what Thank givings they ευχαρισίας διαπέμπαν
ought to fend up to God τῷ Θεῷ διὰ Χρισῖ,
through Chrift, has been faid είρηται λὰ τῶν προλα
in the foregoing Directions: Carav“ Singlov Ï‚μndé
But tis reafonable not to leave τὰς ἀμυήτες κατολι
even thole who are not yet πᾶν ἀβοηθήτες.

Initiated without Affistance.

"O" Πως μὲ ἐν ὀφείλεσι

(lu oi xixer


Ὁ μέλλων τοίνω day & néger & oεCeas, aléato παιδο, έπω

He therefore who is to be Catechiz'd in the Word of Piety, let him be inftructed before his Baptifm in the πρὸ & βαπτίσματα Knowledge of the Unbegoti To furt ήτε ten God, in the Understand- wow, & wei ir p ing of his only Begotten Son, os exige war, I in the affured Acknowledge dyis moling. ment of the Holy Ghoft. τος πληροφορίαν μαν Let him learn the Order of θανέτω δημιυργίας δια the feveral Parts of the Crea- φόρε τάξιν, προισίας tion, the Series of Provi- ερμὸν, νομοθεσίας δια


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Singiothera Trade- dence, the different Difpen- Dw YaTi njoμ- fations of thy Laws: Let LOVE, & Sia no him be inftructed why the KITS & DEGUTT - World was made, and why λίτης J Q ng· τάξη. Ἐπιγινωσκέτω * Man was appointed to be a · ἑαυτῷ φύσιν, οἷα TS Citizen therein; let him alwap. warsaw fo know his own Nature, of ὅπως ὁ Θεὸς τὲς πονη- what fort it is; let him be ρὲς ἐκόλασιν ὕδατι καὶ taught how God punihed Tuet, Tus diagíss id- the Wicked with Water, and Eat ng d incise did glorifie the Saints in eveνεάν λέγω δὲ τ Σέθ, ry Generation, I mean Seth, i 'Evas. 'Evax, and Enos, and Enoch, and Nwε, 'Abeau & Noah, and Abraham, and his TÉS EnJoves AUTÊ, Pofterity, and Melchifedeck, Meλorden, 'Ia6, and Fob, and Mofes, and fo Mwora, 'Inoev TE, fhua, and Caleb, and Phineas @ Χαλὲβ, καὶ Φινεές + the Prieft, and thofe that ¡epéa, è Tès ng I ́ing were holy in every Genera sny Quea'r ddies. Os tion; and how God still took To we groups care of, and did not reject ἀπεστράφη eds Mankind, but called them





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ὃ τῶν ἀνθρώπων γένΘ. from their Error and Vanity Ana Somans to the Acknowledgment of Ma Tandon eis Chino -the Truth at various Seasons, σιν αληθείας ἐκάλα και reducing them from BonZa popus naipes, & dage and Impiety unto Lidonéas ỳ dæbeas es berty and Piety, from InEd Diary beetav juftice to Righteousness, from ἐπανάγων", ὑπὸ ἀδι- Death Eternal to Everlafting μίας εἰς δικαιοσύντων, από Life. Let him that offers


deeft. V. vdov. V.

himself to Baptism learn these and the like things in his Catechizing; and let him who lays his Hands upon him adore God, the Lord of the whole World, and thank Him for his Creation, for his fending Chrift, his **Pag only begotten Son, that He might lave Man, by blotting out his Tranfgreffions, and that He might remit Ungodliness, and Sins, and might purifte him from all 2Cor.vii. Filthiness of Flesh and Spirit,





Savate aiwvíx eis (wàr αΐδιον. ταῦτα ὼ τὰ Trois ángreda parDavW ČV Tỷ NATYŃ. of, i wegain. wegexuáтw z ó xadr τῶν αὐτὸν, ὦ Θεὸν son wv deoworny, di** To အင် aquaÏQ· ÖTIππλάσματα· ὅτι κατέ meuse you ours & profun xeisov, ira won av Jewπr, içαλείψας τοὺς ἀνομίας ̇ iva aon tas darbéas and fanctifie Man accordings auprias, & nato the good Pleasure of his ueioTO TOUT μg Kindness, that he might in- avoue ou pres y mdfpire him with the Know-, azidon 5 ledge of his Will, and en- ävero al didoniu lighten the Eyes of bis Heart soulos aura!, 200to confider of his wonder verion 35" Dianua ful Works, and make known durs, & Qurion TH to him the Judgments of ὀφθαλμὸς 8 καρδίας Righteousness, that fo her eis naravóna


might hate every way of gawv čvrš· goo.
Iniquity, and walk in the eion wins ma neing
- Way of Truth, that he might τα δικαιοσμύης, ὅπως
be thought worthy of the ἂν μισήσῃ πᾶσιν ὁδὸ
Laver of Regeneration, το ἀδικίας. πορδύηται
the Adoption of Sons, which odor fann déias as

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