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xX1. 5.


But if thou do

νομίῳ καὶ Οὐ ποιήσετε Hair of their Beards, and un- **. Pag. ὑμῖν παίζω, ἐδὲ ἀνα- naturally change the Form of ξυρίδας. Χρὴ ἢ ἐδὲ a Man. For the Law fays, ηλικία τρίχα διαφθείρον, Ye hall not marr your Beards.Levit. ¢* μορφι 3 εὐθρώ. For God has made this de xix. 27. πε ὰ φύσιν ἐξαλλά cent for Women, but has deΟὐκ Σπομαδα- termined that 'tis unfuitable ρώσετε γάρ, φησιν ὁ νό· for Men. μῶν, τὰς πώγωνας i- thefe things to pleafe Men, μῶν. Τῦτο γδ γυναι- in Contradiction to the Law, ξὶν ἐὐπρεπὲς ὁ κτίζας thou wilt be abominable with ἐποίησε Θεός· ἀνδράπ God, who created thee after ὃ διάρμοσον ἐδικαίωσε. his own Image. If there Σὺ ἢ ταῦτα ποιῶν δὲ fore thou wilt be acceptaἀρέσκειαν, ὀνδυμέμμος ble to God, abtain from τις νόμῳ, βδελυκτός all thole things which he γλυήσῃ άλλα Θεῷ τῷ hates; aud donone of thofe κτίσαντί σε κατ ̓ εἰκόνα č. things that are unpleafing to αὐτῇ. Ἐὰν ἦν θέλῃς him. 5. 2 Θεῷ αρέσκειν, ἀπόχει πάντων ὧν μισεῖ αὐτὸς, ὲ μηδὲν πράως * αὐ τις απαρεσκόντων.



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Οὐκ ἔσῃ ὡς ἐπετό


ΤHOU malt not be as ΤΗ μυθ έμπει a Wanderer and Gadπατῶν καὶ ἁλώμου & der Abroad, rambling about Τῥύμαις, ἀκαιρὸεπόπε κακῶς ζώντων ἀλλὰ τῇ τέχνῃ σε ¢ τῳ ἔρδῳ σε προσέχων,



the Streets, without juft
Caufe, to fpy out fuch as five
wickedly. But by minding
thy own Trade and Employ

ἰ πωτώμεν Θ. ν. : ἀμεροεπόπτης. V.




ment, endeavour to do what is acceptable to God. And keeping in mind the Oracles of Chrift, meditate in the Jof. i. 8. fame continually. For fo the Deut. vi. Scripture fays to thee, Thou falt meditate in his Lamp Day and Night; when thou walkeft in the Field, and when thou fitteft in thine House, and when thou lyeft down, and when thou rifeft up, that thou mayst have Understanding in all things. Nay, altho' thou beeft rich, and so doft not want a Trade * Pag. for thy Maintenance, be not 204. one that gads about, and walks abroad at random. But either go to fome that are Believers, and of the fame Religion, and confer and difcourfe with them about the lively Oracles of God:

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give diαTHE WORLD, TO Xerçỡ nógra divaQ SINDEsea. Ag¢ 28 reach ou, ok v Tus νόμῳ αυτές μελετήσεις ἡμέρας δ νυκτὸς, τις Tawv čv azw, È čv oïny na dúμfsO, Ĉ cous, & LavicaQira ourens on maow. Am' ei è méa as, xperia xung weys o * τρέφεις con now, μù peμboş yi18, unde anacofeina" Xn' an eείτε σέρχῃ τοῖς πιςοῖς τε & ομοδόξοις, συμβάλλων worrold we gooμing



Or if thou stayeft at home, read the Books of theLaw, of the Kings, with the Prophets, fing the Hymns of David, and perufe diligently the Gospel, which is the Completion of the other.

και. V. 3 dκαιροπάτος ν.


Εἰ ἢ μὴ, καθε & erdon Juraγίνωσκε – νόμων, τοὺς Banners, as woonsame Tus Üμves. Dabis diépy & Emμeas D d'algéniov☎ réτων συμπλήρωμα


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Abstain from all the Hea VI then Books. For what haft thou to do with fuch foreign Difcourfes, or Laws, or false Prophets, which fubvert the Faith of the Unstable? For what Defed doft thou find in the Law of God, that thou fhouldeft have Recourfe to thofe Heathenish Fables? For


μυθα ὁρμήσῃς ; εἴτε γδ
isoeng Dinas diépe
way, ends Ta's Bacλess
ng, Ends Tis weg is,
* IWC, & maca
σεως σοφίσειας πλά-
ova dyxivoide diphσes,
ök nweis & Hove σo
qo e portai ei.
είτε ἀσματικῶν ὀρέγῃ,
• Te's faλμés a
YveOW** TE VOμi
by Sa√gediwy, tetutes, thou haft the glorious 25.
ο αδελιών,
Joker weis & De vó. Law of the Lord God. Do
μον. Πάντων νἣ Σλλο- thou therefore utterly abftain
τρίων & διαβολικῶν from all ftrange and Diabo-
ἰσχυρῶς ἀπόχε. Πλω lical Books. Nay, when thou

if thou haft a mind to read
Hiftory, thou haft the Books
of the Kings: If Books of
Wisdom or Poetry, thou haft
those of the Prophets, of Job,
and the Proverbs; in which
thou wilt find greater depth of
Sagacity than in all the Hea
then Poets, and Sophifters, be
cause these are the Words of
the Lord, the only Wife God.
If thou defireft fomething to
fing, thou haft the Pfalms;
if the Origin of things, thou
haft Genefis; if Laws and Sta- *** Pag.


Στο αἱρετικοί μὴ ἀναγίνωσκε. ν. . ἑυνόμυθα. V.

Τῶν ἐθνικῶν βιβ. λίων πάντων ἀπέχε. 1 Tí záp Co. & relois Nogais, in vogs, in fodowegpirais, & ψευδοπροφήτους, SH x Why TÉTT πίσεως τὰς ἐλαφρός ti záp Cor & new τῳ νόμῳ & Θεῦ, ἵνα iw' čreva Tá 20vo


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readeft the Law, think not thy felfbound to obferve the Additional Precepts, though not all of them, yet fome of them. Read thofe barely for the fake of History, in order to the Knowledge of them, and to glorify God that he has delivered theë from fuch great and fo many Bonds. Propofe to thy felf to diftinguifh what Rules were from the Law of Nature, and what were added afterwards, or were fuch Additional Rules as were introdue'd and given to the If raelites after the making of the Calf. For the Law contains thofe Precepts which were fpoken by the Lord God before the people fell into Idolatry, and made a Calf like the Egyptian Apis, that is, the Ten Commandments. But ás to thole Bonds which were farther laid upon them after they had finn'd, do not thou draw them upon thy felf: For our Saviour came for no other Reafon but that He


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dvafir woxwv, CV ANTYS ÉTELOUNTED as a un TOYTOV, ἀπόχε εἰ δ πάντων, a hvwv, & ↑ SUTEρώσεως μόνον ΰ προς iseido durayirwone, as givwoner Ce, C doer & Oεör, ik δοξάζειν Θεόν, ἀπὸ τοιύτων καὶ ποσό των eppurÓ CE DEOMOV. "Es de oor way opranότι πρό όφθαλ μῶν γινώσκειν τί νόμο quoings, & Ti & I δευτερώσεως, τά τε ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ τοῖς μοχοποιή σασί δοθέντα επείσακτα. Nou jap Es, Tiva anσe nó εd's we & + agor eidungλαὸν εἰδωλο phow 2 & μggoroiñoay παρ ̓ Αἰγυπτίοις" Απιν, relés" deng• ἃ ἢ ἁμαρτήσασιν αὐτοῖς TEN Seora, où CEαὐτῷ μὴ δή σπάσῃ. Ο γδ σωτὴρ ἡμῶν ἐ δ ̓ ἕτε evenλader, niva 3 púon Tes andinus TYS naujuns opgñs, @"" πληρώσῃ – νόμον καὶ τὸς wentas, x radiopa







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↑ MISTERWOEWS + - might deliver thofe that
σάκων ἢ παύσῃ ἢ με- were obnoxious thereto from
παθῇ. Διὰ γδ το that Wrath which was rea
weg naλéμ
ferved for them; that he
προσκαλέμλυα ἡμᾶς
λέγω Δόύτε πρός might fulfil the Law and the
pe" náves of ng may- Prophets; and that he might:
Topkopo, abrogate or change thofe fer.
nazw jamai iμs. condary Bonds, which were
Σὺ ἦν αὐαγνὲς “ νόμον . fuperadded to the reft of the
Law. For therefore does He






aiμ qwvor övra ry da goniço żyj rois wegon Tals, dway ivwone yrs Bacness, πws eidéray Engis, omili Singole Morro Barnes, & nu Endnote ad Des, newalzeria & aiwvis Swns aurais diépare was aitu 0001 5Ba σιλεῖς ἐξεπόρνευσαν Σπό Oε8, å ȧmsασia TWY OWN TOMAS AT2gvTO TY & DEE aio nevoia, fairy wns •seph Mody, airi aiaπαύσεως αωνίδυ κόλασιν κληρὼ άμβυοι, ταῦ***Taev djayev won, πολύ mad my wish anDeis, wegroing down on Xers, & own




Ideeft. V.



call to us, and say, Come un- Matt. xiè
to me all ye that labour and 28.
are heavy laden, and I will give
you Reft. When therefore thou)
haft read the Law, which
is agreeable to the Gofpel,>
and to the Prophets, read.
alfo the Books of the Kings!
that thou mayft thereby learnt
which of the Kings wererigh-
teous, and how they were:
profper'd by God; and how
the Promife of Eternal Life
continued with them from
him. But thote Kings which
went a whoring from God
did foon perilli in their Apo-
ftacy by the righteous Judg-
ment of God, and were de
priv'd of his Life, inheriting,
instead of Reft, Eternal Pu-





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