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Tan Brexão B16- Abstain from all the Hea- VI diwr mármos cimigo. then Books. For whar haft

Tigaie Cor e no thou to do with such foreign relais nógols, vouges, Discourses, or Laws, or falso i fodowegchmals, à Prophets, which subvert the Sin sy a opétel a Faith of the Unstable ? For TISEWS Tes inappis ; what Defect dost thou find k zág Golencia de in the Law of God, that thou των νόμω ξ Θεύ, ίνα 1houldeft have Recourte to ta' kõva to Oyó- those Heathenish Fables? For juge oprerons ; on y8 if thou hast a mind to read iseerd wees crépze. History, thou haft the Books wscy, égés Ta's Bearers of the Kings: If Books of GTE copisixed è coink- Wisdom or Poetry, thou hast regi, fats tes megprles, those of the Prophets, of Job,

Iw6, na zeluaand the Proverbs; in which slui, ois tons trois. thou wilt find greater depth of GEWS Ĉ copiçtes 6. Sagacity than in all the Heaa ova dyziroidu odpáceis

, then Poets

, and Sophisters, beök weis & ugve gocause these are the Words of qš & Qgorsaí ciov. the Lord, the only Wise God. ciTe douakrav opézin, If thou desirest something to ipods Ta's fanues on fing, thou hast the Psalms ; apgauonovias; egos , if the Origin of things, thou giregsre*** ons vouinar haft Genefis; if Laws and Sra-*** Pag. aj na Sgehew, i era cutes, thou hast the glorious 235. do for sweis & eô vó. Law of the Lord God. Do Hoy. Návrwv v * Sino- thou therefore utterly abstain είων & διαβολικών from all ftrange and Diaboigupos ámbges. Dalu lical Books. Nay, wben chou

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i tai aipeninga pund árazirane. v. : govémuose. V.


readest the Law, think not sj vónguduvafiyeonwy, thy self bound to observe the on WWT ÉTHOZZ TOY Additional Precepts, though årige deres y Tobv, nor all of them, yet fome of Sra krwv, MTEchem. Read those barely pecsws' Móvor wejs for the sake of History, in isoendu duvægirwcze, order to the Knowledge of ds Juvwaxay Ce; è them, and to glorify God dočasan okov, ik that he has delivered thee από τοιέτων και τοσέτων from such grear and so ma- éppu Gerró Ce deo mwv. ny Bonds. Propose to thy "Esw.de dol weg op goeida self to distinguish what Rules Mär JAVÁCHav, ti vóre o were from the Law of Na- quornos, e ti ai ture, and what were added δευτερώσεως, τα τε ον afterwards, or were fuch Ad- τη ερήμω τοις μοχοποιήditional Rules as were intro- σασι δοθενία έπεισακία. duc'd and given to the If Non @ gap Ég, tiva Tâélites after the making of endance we ou ó esos the Calif. For the Law con- nog ngcov sidang tains those' Précepts which helpñooy © uogo muiñon were spoken by the Lord God Top Aiguniors Amy, before the people fell into Ido- tilészy" derdinez Que lacry, and made a Calf like å ö anaprnodory wrois the Egyptian Apis, that is, the ÉTTETELIN degua, o CeTen Commandments. But auTy' troncón. O ás to those Bonds which were gS owthe npcov & diétrfarther laid upon them after ev k Windergjive } puthey had finn d, do not thou ontoy tes ao dixes cons draw them upon thy self: ditorer refúns opgñs, da For our Saviour came for no ahnesson À vépgy tes other Reason, but that He meg onas, rj ta doua

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Si TERUSTEWS é mele, might deliver those thar σακίων ή παύση και με- were obnoxious thereco from Talim. Alce y8 78% that Wrach which was rear wegonansusu@uipãs served for them; that he λεη ACT! webs might fulfil the Law and the

AUTE je" Toucívmis oi nomov- Prophetş; and that he mighe : que as ĉ mepopkoueftor, abrogate or change chose fem rągw darauca vãos. condary Bonds, which were: Συ εν αναγνές ή νόμον. fuperadded to the reft of the o'p qwyor ÖvTa tu Masa Law. For therefore does He ganiço. tuis wego- call to us, and say, Come un Matt. xiè Tals, d'ayivwone Tes 10. me all ge that labour inda8. Baoireiss, tws cidéycy., are heavy laden, and I will givel izgls, orice diretol és you Rest. When therefore chou Warto Baandis, aj huo halt read the Law, which Erinodlu nad Oeg, éis agreeable to the Gofpel, j twaszenia o wiwvix and to the Prophets, read Swñs aurois créjeave also the books of the Kings, wap'ouTWS 6001 ö Beco that thou mayst chereby learn onas iče mrópy dozev dito which of the Kings were righOes, év åmoscoige w- teous, and how they were: Tüv aw rómas á Twova prosper'd by God; and how 30 zņ & Oeš drucio- the Promise of Eternal Life xeloia, zj of woo ( wñ's continued with them from éseph Snodge; aiti aốc- him. But thote Kings which παύσεως αωνίου κόλα- went a wboring from God Gu xanews Gufuos, taür did soon perill in their Apo***TO Ev djazav worsor, stacy by the righteous Judg-'*** Pag. monu ma więd WEn ment of God, and were de 205. Jeis, wegcornedbunds. priv'd of his Life, inheriting, on Xerça, & owuge ng instead of Rest, Eternal Pu


deeft. V.


nishment. Wherefore by read- péra juzgiekvées. 11ing these Books thou wilt be elua twv 5 av totámightily strengthen'd in the popa, e noccitan Bzić Faith, and edify'd in Christ, Houfu, zpron Bangka whofe Body and Member νίω δυδρείω, ίνα μη thou art. Moreover, when Card

Axruías CE Co-
thou walkest abroad in no és aigenipegu doxec-
Publick, and hast a mind auff gurcuživ s Seco
to bath, make use of chat oualy Jédra og apróleo
Bath which is appropria- odle chutedor, si ou wc-
sed to Men, left by disco- gillons, handons
vering thy Body in an un- i Caetus rai's Stws
seemly manner to Women, danátys Suvaixos.
or by seeing a Sight not seem- Mundae Sy Ta Yolcü oeu,
ly for Men, either thou beest iva un pecans Beizes
ensnard, or thou ensnarest the fautê tuxma
and inticeft co thy self those
Women who easily yield to
such temprations. Take care
therefore, and avoid such
chings, left thou admit a

Snare upon thy own Soul.
For let us learn what the

Μάθωμδυ και, αν τη SacredWord fays in the Book Coφία τί λέγη ο αProv. vil.

of Wisdom, My Son, keep my za 263. 'riè qua 1, &t.“ Words, and hide my Com. Za one fuis mózes, vous

mandments with thee : Say unto ä fues entonces upúrfor Wisdom, Thou art my sister, ae Ceauty. Eiror and make Understanding fami- Copidu Çin adone liar with thee : that she may quis eray, this i pebrnkeep thee from the strange and owgowerug Destroin.

desunt. v.




dan Gedway, ive oe ly. wicked Woman, in case such and pron aro gurainos dro- one accost thee with sweet words. pias porneas, é av For from the Winniom of her CE 262015 Tois wegs House she looks into the Street, zdiely éu báanty. 'Ano to see if she can elpy fome young 28 Jueido ofres a Man among the foolish Children, tñs e's Ta's Mattias without Understanding, walkwegené holioa, or ev in ing in the Market-place, in the una peórwr téxwwr ve Meeting of the Street near her δμίαν ενδεή φρενών πα- Honde,and talking in the dusk of entropológuoy év ano. the Evening, or in the Silence pão

, čo drodd:s ēlxwv cum and Darkness of the Night. A This, ê Big dõbra év osó- Woman meets him in the Appea, TEL ÉTweelva, Luisge år rance of an Harlos, who steals

, ' ήησυχία & 1 " souzia tuxmeer è away the Hearts of young Per

. tjvoowfus yun fons. She rambles about, and Cruduto ou TIS Ad Q - is dissolute : Her Feet abide not 7802 mooringo, ó mole in her House

. Sometimes the równ egin toats varpdise, is withont, sometimes in the due integrefu'n Soesty Streets, and lieth in wait at eveärlau, ev o'xw özgry Corner. There love catches souzdrow oi mods w- him, and kisses bim, and with rñ. xeórov goip. kva an impudent Face says unto him, éĞw pére Eta, zeovov ö I have Peace-Offerings with me, or mamiais aos main this Day do I pay niny Vows. Odlus zwvíay 2 évedholt". Therefore came i forth to meet & Table Gorfu'n open thee, earnestly I bave desired

épéanosy auny, dúoud ö thy Face, and I have found negrów Wegori Tev O. thee; I have deck'd my Bed

ωe9σείπεν αυ- ; Zov. Quoia eipbuixń with Coverings, with Tapestry Molési, onurego åmodíc from Egypt have I adorn d it.


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1. V. deeft. V.


I have


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