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Beğμg, Tovey Food, nor the Nocturnal Pol-
μὸς", μιᾶναι διαται lution can defile the Soul of
Decow's fux la Man; but only Impiety to-
μόνη ἀσέβεια
Mývn áæźbeα 2" es wards God, and Tranfgref-
Deòv, è Savoμía, fion, and Injustice towards
eist manciov adına one's Neighbour; I mean Ra-
Zézw s'n aprazn, 3" pine, Violence, or if there
βία, ἢ ἔ τι ἐνδυτίον be any thing contrary to his
$ aurs ding 100 uums, Righteoufnefs, Adultery, or
Maxcía, Topvela. Fornication. Wherefore, Be-
μοιχεία, ή πορνεία
DED TO TOLUNTa ei loved, avoid and efchew fuch
sajjan Sampingla, Obfervations, for they are
Qoyote άjamo! Ex- Heathenish. For we do not
Alwing 2 TuShard abominate a dead Man, as
γδ τυχάνδ
28 + TEOVERTA BIλu do they, feeing we hope
γδ τεθνεῶτα βδελυ-
ατόμεθα, ὡς ἐκεῖνοι ̇ that he will live again: Nor
ἐλπίζοντες αὐτὸν πάλιν do we hate lawful Mixture ;
Sabi@vai Tvo- for 'tis their Practice to be





μιμον μίξιν κακίζομυ. wicked in fuch Inftances: For the Conjunction of Man ποιαῦτα ἀσεβεῖνο Θεğ and Wife, if it be with 28 wwμn, dide's Righteoufnefs, is agreeable γνώμη, ανδρός και Juwain's onversors - to the Mind of God. For Matt. xixi γυναικὸς συνέλευσις VETOY, ἡ μ' δικαιοσύ- He that made them at the νης· ὁ ποιήσας γδ' ἀπ ̓ Beginning made them Male and άрxñs, äрœer & - Female, and He bleffed them, 28 ETDinger aures and faid, Increase and multiply, 2 ARMOED OUT'S, NO and fill the Earth. If thereεπεν· αὐξάνεθε, καὶ fore the Difference of Sexes πληθεύεσθε καὶ πληρώ- was made by the Will of σατε * γῆν. Εἰ τοί- God for the Generation of



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vipais. V. 2 deest. V. 3 deeft. V.




Multitudes, then must the view ex Beλnot ex

Conjunction of Male and
Female be alfo agreeable to
his Mind.

an gnuárov gépre! wey's fe





dea at the der ge μίω, @ ή συνέλευσης ἄῤῥενα πρὸς δ' θῆλυ But we do not say so of Οὐκέτι ἢ καὶ ἡ ο that Mixture that is contrary φύσιν βδελυκτὴ μίξις, to Nature, or of any unlaw- Sávoμ wei ful Practice; for fuch are is, exted' 28" E8 **Pag. Enmity to God: For the Sinapy you. 357. of Sodom is contrary to Na- qúow Giv & Loft ture, as is also that with v 2 àμpría", è μων αμρτία", & Brui Beafts; but Adultery es anja Droper and Fornication are against 5, pixeα & Topred the Law, the one whereof ὧν το μ, ἀσεβήματα. is Impiety, the other Injurà 5, adınía èð ftice, and, in a word, no tendraïov, åμásmug other than a great Sin: one au Twv dn But neither fort of them is pntov, Toixedo οἰκείου without its Punifhment in εξάθεσιν, οἵτε γδ πρῶ its own proper Nature: For mi, θάλυσιν κόπε the Practifers of one fort μηχανῶνται, τὰ καὶ φύσ attempt the Diffolution of αν τα φύσιν ἐπιχει the World, and endeavour to pvTES TOLETY OF 5make the natural Courte of τεροι, οἱ μὲ ἀδικέσιν, Things to change for one αλλοτρίες γάμες φθά that is unnatural. But thofe eONTES, è ♂ QEY of the second fort, the Adul-óper ev. Haps. terers, are unjust by cor- σιν εἰς δύο, τές τε παῖ rupting others Marriages, and das óñes, è è qu



deeft. V. al doinyea. 3 forte 70.


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σικὸν ἄνδρα δεπβέ- dividing into Two what God λόμπον ἥτε πορνεία, hath made One, rendring O doea & vinéas the Children fufpected, and Capres, con bhi naido expofing the true Husband miiq grousón, a to the Snares of others. And δονῇ χαριζομλύη ὃ πολύ Fornication is the Deftruction OTTER Sivanerías ou of one's own Flesh, not beβολον, ἀλλ ̓ ἐκ ἀρετῆς ing made ufe of for the σημεῖον. ἀπηγόρευται ἢ Procreation of Children, but τοῖς νόμοις άπουτου ταΰ- intirely for the fake of FleaTa. çnoi gű rá fure, which is a Mark of ὅπως· Οὐ κοιμηθήσῃ μετ' Incontinency, and not a Sign äpper ngiru yuva of Vertue. All these things nády Tangmeal are forbidden by the Laws; 2S & TUISTO, xa for thus fay the Oracles, Thou Levit.xviii DOIS CORNOUT au shalt not lie with Mankind as Tés Brénvyma Érvin- with Womankind; for fuch an. xx. 13. ooke". Túra ngu- one is accurfed, and ye shall pov put XTLES STOx- stone them with Stones; they Exod.xxii. τείνατε αὐτὸν, ἀνομίδυ have wrought Abomination. E. Eminov EN TW "• very one that lieth with a Beast, ἐποίησεν ἐν τῷ λαῷ yed is gewaing - flay ye him, he has wrought mond ear pain, Sox Wickedness in his People. And Levit. xx. TEÍVATE aμgoTipus & if any one defile a marry'd10. νομίαν ἐποίησε, ἔνο- Woman, flay ye them both, xi dav, Stodave Tw they have wrought Wickedness; Deut xxii. συ Καὶ ἑξῆς oop Kains Oux they are guilty; let them die.22. 3/4 say" my own on yous And afterwards, There shall xxiii. 17. 'Joeann don Fesy not be a Fornicator among the Ἰσραὴλ 4 πυρνουσα ἀπὸ θυγατέ· Children of Ifrael, and there ear 'loeann. & wey Gi (hall not be an Whore among των Ισραήλ.



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• ön B♪ruyua świnoay in rã λag.V. defunt. V. V. + 1⁄2 V°


the Daughters of Ifrael. Thou os pidary moprins wi Phalt not offer the Hire of an eίῳ τῷ Θεῷ σε Ἐπὶ δ Harlot to the Lord thy God Durashelor, ate anupon the Altar, nor the Price μg xuós. Où 28 Prov. xix. of a Dog. For the Vows ari- agvaj, quoiv, dizaičn 13. LXX.fing from the Hire of an IdwMAT &Taleas. Harlot are not clean. Thefe Ταῦτα μὲ ἀπηγόρευσιμ things the Laws have for- οἱ νόμοι - 5 γαμον ἐκ bidden : But they have ho- σέμνωαν, οὐλογημδύον nour'd Marriage, and have av STONG NÉGYTES Ecalled it bleffed, fince God weddi



Gen. 1. 28. has bleffed it, who join'd Male and Female together. And wife Solomon somewhere fays, Prov. xix. A Wife is fuited to her Hufband by the Lord; and DaPfal.cxxviivid fays, Thy Wife is like a flourifhing Vine in the Sides of thine Houfe; thy Children like Olive-Branches round about thy Table. Behold thus shall the Man be blessed that feareth Heb.xiii.4.the Lord. Wherefore Mar




Odsuas ☎ Oñ-
λυπῳ ἄῤῥενι.
λέγς δέ
e o Copos Σong-
78 છે Σολο-
" Пane's ap-
Leroy youn ardei. @
Aabid aegg.
γωή Cυ ὡς ὤμπελο
λύπηνῦσα ἐν τοῖς κλί-
Tea foinías C8 oiyoi
Cows veópula &λouwv,
ninho & TEATTERNS Co.
ἰδὲ ὅπως ξυλογηθήσε3)
déπ Q & оCÉμ Q


riage is honourable, and come
ly, and the Begetting oferov. iner & yα-
Children pure; for there is μ
no Evil in that which is
good. Therefore neither is
the natural Purgation abo-
minable before God, who
has order’d it to happen to

TÍμIQ È œEμVÓS, raidwv Hóeas, at Goode 28 ng cn ng wap ἦτε ὖν ἡ φυσικὴ καὶ gapσις βδηλυκτὴ 3



autor. V. defunt. V. 3 deeft. V.

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ver yuvaiživ år reaκαθημέρῳ, συτάσεως Jerry Newsias, axInTorreais vaрxsonis, ἅτε ἐν οἰκίᾳ καθημέ. ναις ὃ πλεῖον. 8 μ 3, &a x &v TWS εva graíw i nei®, Hypposons alapjuns owners neatids grías queer, in ng tση ἐπ' αὐτῇ, ἔτε μ ὅλως ἠμάσατο. τω· δυτίον ἢ καὶ ἰάσατο αὖ shis, qnous H wigs Céσ. Kai quοικών με φαινομύων Tais quantiv, oid Spes μin owneрx la Gv, @evoias verg fe rapsówr. άTTÊTE 28 vóμQ. He's waing. Thou shalt not come near thy Levit.xviii νόμο. Πρὸς γυναίκα gd, quoiv, cv a pésp Wife when she is in her Separa-12.k. · Boar, & wegoεly". tion. Nor indeed let them xvii. 6. Μήτε μία ἐγκυμονύσαις frequent their Wives Comὁμιλέτωσαν αὐταῖς· pany when they are with ix 6.71 Taider 25 - Child. For they do this of TOTO TOTO), not for the Begetting of ChilJoins gázv. & da dren, but for the fake of

ea" DEW, OS With Women within the Space of
congrounds" Cuμbai Thirty Days for their Ad-
vantage and healthful State,
who do lels move about,
and keep ufually at home in
the House: Nay, moreover
even in the Gofpel, when
the Woman with the perpe Matt.ix.
tual Purgation of Blood, 22.
touch'd the faving Border of
the Lord's Garment, in hope
of being heal'd, He was not
angry at her, nor did com-
plain of her at all: But on
the contrary he heald her,
faying, Thy Faith hath faved
thee. When the natural Pur-
gations do appear in the
Wives, let not their Hu-
bands approach them, out of
Regard to the Children to
be Begotten; for the Law
has forbidden it: For it fays,



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2 dixovbuns. V. ? wgnifyiés. V.



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