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- ferv'd, who was the Expecta γειλε. Β βάπισμα, τω tion of the Nations. He who Juoiav, the icεwoulu, made a Law for Swearing Matt,v.33 Thu Tomulus nargear, rightly, and forbad Perjury, ἑτέρως μετεποίησεν αὐτό has now charged us not to inginere, ev po wear at all. He has in fevor das Bantiqua, veral Ways changed Baptism, És + auT8 Davaov Sacrifice, the Priesthood, and αὐτὶ ἢ μιᾶς φυλῆς, ἀφ ̓ the Divine Service, which ἑκάσο ἔθνες προτάξας was confind to one Place; T'es deiqus as is for inftead of daily Bapouilu axHei sedaj, tifms, he has given only 2 & T own grau Mpg- one, which is that into his onorreas, and pn- Death. Inflead of one Tribe, σκείαν @ βίας. αὐτὶ he has appointed that out of Duoias & di aing, every Nation the Best should - 2λογικὼ καὶ ἀναίμακτον be ordain’d for the Priefta silks eis hood; and that not their Bodies frould be examin’d


θάνατον ξ κυρίς συμβόλων χάριν ἐπιτελεί. for Blemithes, but their Reτου, σώματος Toy, & own los auro & ligion and their Lives; inaiμg duti 5- ftead of a Bloody Sacrifice, TQ πικῆς λατρείας, Στὸ he has appointed that reaδὐατολῶν ἡλία, xov nis, 3" fonable and unbloody Myμέχρι δυσμῶν ἐν παντὶ flical one of his Body and ↑ Stowo Teas au- Blood, which is perform'd το προσέταξε δοξάζει το reprefent the Death of as autor, + È edingiw. the Lord, by Symbols: InDEV" & vougr sv were ftead of the Divine Service - λεν ἀφ ̓ ἡμῶν, Ἀλλὰ confind to one Place, he has δεσμό. πεί γδ δ νόμο commanded and appointed


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! Baws V. 3rà. V. 2 deeft. V. 4 defunt. V.

Cc 2


Pl. cxii.3. that He fhould be glorifyd Μωσης λέγ· ΜελέτηMali. 11. from Sun-rifing to Sun-fetting ofs a prug & ego Con in every Place of his DomiQ nion. He did not therefore take away the Law from us, but the Bonds. For concerning the Law Mofes fays, Deut.vi.6 Thou shalt meditate on the Word which I command thee,

money, at ἐν οἴκῳ, καὶ δὖνιςάμε Q, we wv EV da. Kai i Aabid λέγ· Ἐν τῷ νόμῳ κυ Deanna Eury cv rus vóμç αυτό не





Πανταχῆ γδ' ἐνas Gray Béλe3 x ! @ BavoMaxger jag, γάρ, now, of aμgμal or


furting in thine House, and Xerhod nμéeas ỳ vuxrifing up, and walking in the Pfal. i, 2. Way. And David fays, His Delight is in the Law of the Lord, and in his Law will be meditate Day and Night. For every where would he have us fubject to his Laws, but not Tranfgreffors of them. exviii. 1. For, fays He, Bleffed are the Unlefiled in the way, who walk in the Law of the Lord. Bleffed are they that fearch out his Teftimonies; with their whole Heart hall they fcek Him. Bar. iv. 4. And again, Bleffed are we, O Ifracl, because those things that are pleafing to God are known to us. And the Lord Joh xii. fays, If ye know these things happy are ye if ye do them.

οἱ πορευόμθυοι v voμg weis Mao de of εpóvævæs Ta púpuera auro, čv oan napdía čиľnτÁσεσιν αυτὸν πάλιν Manderoi èquer, 'Ioeand, öri rai apesa τῷ Θεῷ ἡμῖν γνωστό boneros qnov. Ei TaŬra oidate, μgveri ise ådjú moiñZE αὐτά.






OT MONOVNOR does he defire that XXIV.

μόνον δικαιοσμύης νό

the Law of Righteouf-
nefs fhould only be demon-
ftrated by us; but he is
pleas'd that it fhould appear
and fine by the means of
the Romans.

Mgo di nuův Gada
κνυς βέλεται, αλλὰ
& Hos Pwμaiwr did
μησεν αὐτὸν φαίνεται è
λάμπειν. καὶ δ ὲ ετοι
For these Ro•
My d'ouvres CM + - mans, altho' they have not
elov', è modudeias believed in the Lord, yet
ἀπέςησι καὶ ἀδικίας• have left off their Polytheifm
& τὰς ἀγαθὸς Σποδέ- and Injuftice, and entertain
χονται, @ τὸς φαύλες the Good, and punifh the
κολάζεσιν. Ἰυδαίες 5 Bad. But they hold the
Can pópus Exua, rois Jews under Tribute, and do
idious dining on con not fuffer them to make use
ἐῶσι κεχρήσθαι.
of their own Ordinances.


Because indeed they drew xxv. Servitude upon thcmfelves




Ἐπειδὴ ¢ ἑκέσιον ἐπεστάσιμο δελεαν, ἐπόντες· Οὐκ TOUTES OUR u voluntarily, when they faid, Baoλéa, é un Kaira- We have no King but Cæfar. Joh. xix. ea**** ch μn åπonté And, If we do not flay Christ, 'xi 48. vwuss, onoi, & Xe all Men will believe in Him, *** Pag σόν, πολύτες εἰς αὐτὸν πι· and the Romans will come, εδύσοσι· καὶ ἐλεύσονται and will take away both our οἱ Ρωμαῖοι, @ ἀρῶσιν Place and Nation; and fo they ἡμῶν καὶ τ τόπον c τὸ prophecyd unwittingly. For IV. &ängutes Teo- accordingly the Nationshave qúrdar' è 25 è believ'd on Him, and they



Lingoy. V.

Cc 3


themfelves are depriv’d by the Romans of their Power, and of their Legal Worfhip. They alfo are forbidden to fay whom they pleafe, and to facrifice when they will. Wherefore they are accursed, as not able to perform the Things they are commanded to do. For, μὴ διωάμμοι ποιεῖν xxvii 26. fays He, Curfed be he that Gal.iii. 10 does not continue in all things muaτá

πςουσαν εἰς ἀυτὸν τοὺ
&vn. Ĉiuroi vao Pw-
main fees das wein-
ρέθησαν, & Τ νομικῆς
λατρείας· κεκωλυμμίοι
de eia, y arcper es
a war, & fuar o'
θέλωσα θύειν
Tav" Derwor 59' wi
εσιν ὄπης τορατοι,



a 'ES. pn





that are written in the Book σιν, 2 ὅς σὐκ ἐμμές of the Lam to do them. Now ἐν πᾶσι τοῖς γεγραμε 'tis impoffible in their DifoIS EN S Bixio perfion, while they are. a- 8 voμs, To miño mong the Heathen, for them αὐτά· ἀδιύατον δέ to perform all things in their Law. For the Divine Mofes forbids both to rear an AlDeut. xii. tar out of Jerufalem, and to read the Law out of the Bounds of Judea. Let us therefore follow Chrift, that we may inherit his Bleft voμor Ew rhsofings. Let us walk after the eart Ἰδαίας αναγινώLaw and the Prophets, by one". Etripspor Ev 1the Gospel. Let us efchew pes" Xμg, Ta's 6Χρισῷ, the Worfhippers of many λογίας κληρονομήσω Gods, and the Murderers of vóμço Ĉ @eg pú

Ev Now a μetaDrav or Cs, Tota ἐθνῶν όντας, πολύτου τῷ νόμε πιτεXev AUTÉS. 3 Tayάποψης pdf 28 aurois o ta αὐτοῖς θε Μωσῆς & θυσιαςήριον Iepu içar,


1 ore V. 2 mas. V. defunt. V. 4 deeft. V.



τους ας το διαδγχολία Chrift, and the Murderers
επιχρύσωμα φύγωμ of the Prophets, and the
τές πολυθέας", καὶ τὸς wicked and atheiftical Here-
χριςοκτόνες, ὲ τὸς ticks. Let us be obedicnt
προφητοφόντας, καὶ τὰς to Chrift, as to our King,
δυσωνύμες & ἀθέως dj. as having Authority to change
τεσιώδεις πειθαρχήσω- feveral Conftitutions, and ha-
μαμα 2 ώς βασιλε, ὡς ving, as a Legiflator Wif
ἐξυσίαν ἔχοντι μεταξ- dom to make new Con-
θέναι κατάξεις δg- ftitutions in different Cir-
φόρες, καὶ ἔχοντι, ὡς vo- cumftances ; yet fo that
μοθέτη, σοφίαν ξ δια- every where the Laws of
τάσεως διαφόρως, παν. Nature be immutably pre-
ταχ * φυσικῶν ἀμε- ferved.
ταθέτων φυλαττομέ-



Απέχεθε ὖν αἱρες σιωτῶν πολύτων, ὦ οπί. σκοποι καὶ λαϊκοὶ, “ φαυ· ΐ λιζόντων – νόμον καὶ τὰς προφήτας· Θεῷ γ' που οκράτορι ἐχθραί. νοντες, ἀπειθῶσι καὶ Χρισὸν ἐχ ̓ ὁμολογgσιν τὸν Θεό' ἀρνοιται γδ & * καὶ σάρης αυτῷ χύνησιν, * ςρὸν ἐπαισχύονται, δ πάθος è θάνατον ἀδοξέσι, * δυάςασιν ἀγνοῦσι, *


Do you therefore, Ο Bi- XXVI. fhops, and ye of the Laity, avoid all Hereticks who 2bufe the Law and the Prophicts. For they are Enemies to God Almighty, and difobey Him, and do not confefs Chrift to be the Son of God: For they allo deny his Generation according to the Fleth; they are afham'd of the Crofs; they abufe his Paffion and his Death; they know not his Refurrection ;

: μισοθέας. V. ? Xesῷ. V. v.

Cc 4


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