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thee. For if thou art over- Ci. Eins g8 aveyron come by her, and sinnest at eis om avtñs, apes with her, eternal Death will thons eis activ, Javaovertake thee from God; Taman Des émen doen and thou wilt be punilh'd ray ode aicvia ty ajaswith sensible and bitter Tor- od mixeãs neno Somifugo

. ments: Or if thou doft mot Eine un roihons 7 uiperpetrate such a wicked ou, du droog Colulu Ad, but shakest her off, and swtàu, aprnong "it"X" refusest her, in this case thou aj táto hustes, ei @ Men art not wholly innocent, even moinone", usvov 5 % % tho' thou art not guilty of growww.qué og mathe Crime it felf, upon ac- his sou guväinge eis 8 count of thy bare adorning Έπιθυμάσαι σε εποίησαν thy self, so that a Woman 787 Toto Foc Ošodu lei was ensnared to desire thee. is opéčews Neigo Saraj For thou art the cause that the coi xxx' STWS Woman was lo affected, and cük kolpads, Shoes by her Justing after thee was un negou moçciacy of guilty of Adultery with chee; Επι σε πεπάγδδομών yer art thou nog so guilty, be- 98 ouśme Júncas airiñs cause thou didst not send to Man awewid edes ja her;who was ensnar'd by thee; til fautor idention and nor didst thou desire her. we's Fees SATOTO,

Since therefore thou didit not od pgngologs, x C** Pag. deliver up thy self to her, Jounod's.

. Eigd čxethou fhale' find Mercy with yn Sece Grefin oë, ña

athe Lord thy God, who hath rouegos awduth George, &Esod, xx

said, Thou shalt 'not commit semangn i frávodu, 14, 17 .

Adultery, and, Thou shalt not négoéteri tó Cs, o ws covet. For if such a Wo: Teooit has novú go awolio 3 'al. suze & V. ? al, ésions pro isleysip isus v.


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& * επίσεις ίσης ν. q$ 70, un unges AS d'urlu v.


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čkeyn refúmor i ne pride man upon sight of thee, or έτραυμωθη, όυμόρφε unfeafonable meeting with νεωτρα σάροντος σε thee, was Γmitten in her mind, È XENOM. WTious's, cüce and sent to thee; but thou, éexativa" 08, čvor@ as a religious Person, didft dietoxn o éxcivas refuse her, if she was woundalge Talenealou, as amos ed in her Heart by thy auris orardino sfuów Beaucy, and Youth, and jifu@., ' & saj uinAdorning, and fell in love egróna. Alo den- with chee, thou wilt be found Jak weis & Des - guilty of her Transgressions; πως μηδέν σοι ο τέ- as having been the Occation T'8 nentor mezzano Oů of Scandal to her ; and shalt Matth: 38 a vpwmois de xpi inherit a Wo. Wherefore pray xvių. 17. apoxeir dis qua phicen thou to the Lord God, that Srce zmi e's oro no Mischief may befal thee τητα , ε MTC ( wñs Te, è durc- upon this account: For chou TOEWS aiwvis av art nor to please Men, fo as Tineataj. To var pú. to commit Sin; but God, ro OEM's Cos dedorisior com as to attain Holiness of Life,

Evren Oopen cuego- and be Partaker of everlaftmename, Srila Toco ing Rest. That Beauty which

πεινοφeόνως μεγεία σαν God and Nature has beftow'd odti mods ár spaštas, on thee do not farther beauŠTWO on reiza os op no. tifie; but modestly diminish uens ren ad netrwy, it before Men. Thus, do nor Märnor ö Cursalwe thou permit thc Hair of thy

noe goeiew airny ivc Head to grow too long, but Meni na TANTIVI sougós" rather cur it short ; left by og rejcowalov mpir

1.a nicc combing thy Hair, and de rapariv, nG TAMA wearing ic long, and anoint


NG , hverouli's os, étage ing thy self, thou draw upon deeft.V. "Kalaxrizoviyo. D.




thy self such ensnar'd, or en- yns OBOUTIN ra's stress fnaring Women. Neither do ágpobopefúas dzelés thou wear over-fine Garments ous gorcúngs. Modè en

to reduce any ; neither do miiinslufin Cu: The thou, with an evil Subtiley, ésñk asíon es améaffect over-fine Stockings, or mv, unde ávažveidas, Shooes for thy Feer, but only sprwidas (8 mois grosuch as suit the Measures of oi renotégows? WaopDecency and Usefulness. Nei- pero masor Snab geuli ther do thou put a Gold-Ring vómo zecias upon thy Fingers ; for all vývar undè xpuońage

these Ornaments are the Signs You Cpevd lw Tois dex igbo w of Lasciviousness ; which if tuhois 08 merons, or .ft.is thou be solicitous about, in Toñita taitoe Etuiero

an indecent manner,chou wile τεκμήρια ισάρχι, άnot act as becomes a good map and you negorinou Man: For it is not lawful for 6 md we s moinders a Man, who is a Believer, and dixe cuws. Hiça gap ool belongs to God, to permit önti div.spizw & Oes the Hair of his Head to grow sor égeçi dou" gpén long, and; to bush it up to- QAV Ta's agizos os regether, nor: to fuffer it to pacañs, rj ποιειν 3 ες spread abrgads nor to puff it sv"; Ø ési od tadlove up, nor by nice Combing and 4 Sito xura", s peus Platting to make it curl and ero ufiny mpão" ed è û thine'; since that is contrary nomidy, Â Plaçaito the Law, which says thus, rota no Ĉ TAOV TU

in its Addicional Precepts, xxnv Alecke Deiv, navLevit.xix. 102: shall not make to your gooieny autávo é nei TEP

Yelves Curls and round Ralures, có vón Qu anagopold
Nos may. Men destroy the -páo rap en Tu Alleeg-
umoppántys. Vi deeft. al. ; Croóny. V. arrógmuse. V.


27. XXI. 5.


. XX1.5.

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vorio ** TOLÁCETE Hair of their Beards, and up-'**. Pag. υμίν σπουδω, έδε ανα- naturally change the Form of Gueídas Xpri ö ed è a Man. For the Law lays, gluais apiza Xalq teipdan Te shall not marr your Beards. Levit. Ĉ Mopplus & dispa For God has made this de- XIX. 27. Ty me query zamic cent for Women, but has de

Our dromadao termined that 'tis unsuitable ρώσετε γαρ, φησιν ο νό- for Men. But if thou do ne Quy this migavas these things to please Men, mãe. Tõmo 28. juro- in Contradiction to the Law, şiv C A PETTĖS Š xtics thou will be abominable with émoinde cós ardegio God, who created thee after 3 dépuo soy edisciwcehis own Image. If theroEv ä Taūta nowo La fore thou wilt be acceptaápeonatav, er duke sufuas ble to God, abstain from Tu rózeg, Bdemuxertos all those things which he slunon ad bates;, and do'none of those xtiguiti oz xal'éivórc š. things that are unpleasing to αυτά. 'Εαν εν έλης him. 3σ... 2ι!- και Θεώ αρέσκειν, αποχε πάντων ων μισεί αυτός, ... έτη 12:ε: G undiv garu

o.13) το απαρεσκόντων.,

Se Ċ r. III. O'Tx ion was mot THOU Ihale not be as ¿

a Wanderer and Gadna Tev zjarwuf Qev der Abroad, rambling about

purais, ' arcu egetÓTO the Streets, without juft The's manas Cortor Cause, to spy out such as live Sta. rñ tézm. 08 è wickedly. But by minding TuděpSa os negoégase, thy own. Trade and Employ» πωτώμενG. V. ακερsσπότης. V.


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ment, endeavour to do what Ta med @em pizce dicen is acceptable to God. And Sumi WOIAD, aj to keeping in mind the Oracles & Xerço abgxa devocio

of Christ, meditate in the mupernon hafa dinneJof. 1. 8. fame continually. For so the rãs uerétaro Atyd 78 Deut. vi. Scripture says to thee, Thou s vegań wol, ok 'es mas

fhalt meditate in his Lamp Day vózewo antã penetíceis
and Night; when thou walkest spéegs è vuxtos, were
in the Field, and when thou sit. Tatūvér azpão, cév or-
teft in thine House, and when xq xa Shule , 294-
thou lyest down, and when thou Colorfu, Ĉ La visos-
rifeft up, that thou mayst have wfu @ iva ourens ev não
Understanding in all things. av. 'An'ai e mia
Nay, altho'chou beest_rich, odpads, Xpeiav tigung

and so dost not want a Trade weós
Pag. for thy Maintenance, be not conegesv

. Men pepe bos zi öne char gads about, and veguende excee meeticwalks abroad at random. But mo". n an mga either go to some that are Be- déf Xy Tois pispis no lievers, and of the fame Re- og de gols , ouubamar ligion, and confer and dif- qui (wortola' wegoound

τα ζωοποια course with them abouc the

privato lively Oracles of God:

Ει 3 μή, καθεOr it thou stayelt at home, s'ul šedor durcread the Books of the Law, wir wone róuev, reis of the Kings,' with the Pro- Banachys; Tøs megoń phęts, sing the Hymns of les fame tis ülevas. David, and perufe diligently Δαβίδ διέρχε βήμεthe Gotpel, which is the λώς και διασφάλιον 3 τέ. Completion of the other. των συμπλήρωμα. .

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