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EN ημέραις εν Do you therefore fast on XVIII. og adgar unçoele, the Days of the 'Passover, αρχόμενοι από δόυτέρας beginning from the fecond Migge i ala orolñs, į Day of the Week until the

oabbare, Teenuéeas", Preparation, and the Sabbath, · Mgvas zsáufuos åpty vj Six Days: making use of on

anish nazaérou, xj 70 ly Bread, and Sale, and TuS Erek olvo ö By Herbs, and Water for your κρεών απέχεσθε αν ταύ- Drink : But do you abftain ταις ημέραι γάρ εισι on thefe Days from Wine mérőes, amoxe éoptñis. and Flesh, for they are Days Men refis Telas geox oluj of Lamentation, and not of Bij si GE Cator óró Feasting Do ye who are xineov nedoale, ols able fait the Day of the PreFusce pus web de 57 Talow paration, and the Sabbathm, ponderos govórfuer day intirely, tasting nothing légers #extreg pw. till the Cock crowing of the vias yuzrt's ci de misc Night; but if any one is δυνατα ας δύο συμμά- not able to join them both iley 2 óveš, qu ade ou entw rogether, at least let him ľ acev To or 66 a Tov négg observe the Sabbath day ;

Jaip 7o wiera for the Lord says somewhere, čauró gomave "O Tots speaking of Himself, When Matt. ix. awapomie tituly ý the Bridegroom shall be taken 15; vuppiQo, unç olaroi év amay from them, in those Days Luc.v.35. Ĉreivaus in wéagis

. 'Ey shall they faft. In these Days TONTOHS Ben äpson ép' therefore He was taken from shuão sob folderú- the Ferrs, falsely so named, Moov 'Ix daywv, @ çmous and fastend to the Cross, and po megvendégmi rý Met was mumbred among the Tran, Ifa. lii. 12. ανόμων ελογίθη greffors.


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Wherefore we exhort

* * Διο παραινέμα

you *** Pag. to fast on those Days, as we z użiv onçoev Taules, 323. also fai.ed till the Evening, ws hues ornçduoc

when he was taken away μου εν τω αναληφθήναι from us : But on the rest of dutón do mucón, négers the Days, before the Day of ééegs ev ö 2010

ή the Preparation, let every rais e weg abges one eat at the Ninth Hour, σκόυής, ονάτη ώρα, και or at the Evening, or as every sowepa fraş Q ESTÉTW, one is able. But from the

ή όπως άν τις διαEven of the Fifth Day, till 70" 2 TUS ð oa Elatu"

τη 3 σαββατο Cock-Crowing, break your péseks ainen toequoia

αλέκτορυφωνίFast when 'tis Day-break of as παρατανονίες, the first Day of the Week, stornsiteate 57woréwhich is the Lord's-Day. ons mids 0466&Trav,

σαββάτων, ήFrom the Even till Cock. ks és welaxn, crowing keep awake, and sootegséw anexlegafienibie together in the pwrias aizpumarles, è

φωνίας , Church, watch and pray, and to auró év trñ ênintrear God; reading, when xaneige aux besi sóueyou fit up all Night, the vol, ypapopate, nego Law, the Prophets, and the odiagufuo. Ĉ dzbuluar Psalms until Cock-crowing, sê með év th tlacz and baptizing your Care· νυκτερευση υμών, αναγκchumens, and reading the νώσκονlες τον νόμον, Gofpel with Fear and Trem- τες οροφήτας, τές μαbling, and speaking to the aués, puéxers anexPeople such things as tend tpuórwv regugñs, to their Salvation, put an Bandic dutes vão res End to your Sorrow, and be rear gouefies, e avazo feech Ġod that Ifrael may roiles to l'algériov gr


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góba rj Tebreço, Ĉ be converted, and that He will megonganodates Tų allow them Place of Repen

Tu daño toi wegs Comer tance, and the Remission of av, Taboade éve their impiery : Fot the Judge, bus upesão, sej den anle who was a 'Stranger, washid Matt.xxvii ,

24, 25. Tã Og, 67çecolão his Hands, and said, I am Tóv 'iceann, Ĉ 70 innocent of the Blood of this Cév &UTUY TÓTON pela- just Person : See ye to it. But Joh. xix. yoias, rj of doebsias - Israel cry'd out, His Blood be

α. φεστιν.

Geory. öl o ufu ámó- on us, and on our Children. equaq xestis, ofá And when Pilate faid, shall

uf. Qu taisgaegseter I crucise your King ? Then
A’owós cipue dirò to a cray'd out, We have no King

. MOTQ S Sexois tou but Cæsar ; Crucifie him, cruT8, upeis Heate' *** ó cifie him ; for every one that *,* Pagi , υμείς όψεθε' * ö loeana éreßonos maketh himself a King, Speaketb324. To aug árs éq' vivos, against Cæfar. And, If thou


ruãs è è Ca La Terve hucăve let this Man go, thou art not By Direito e TOTO Cæsar's Friend.. And Pilate Τον βασιλέα υμών φαω- the Governour and Herod Ρώσω και αυτοί επεβόων. the King commanded Him

; Oúr egerefus Baaréa si to be crucified, and that O. wiss Kaiores.' cubego racle was fulfilld, which av, cauceroy autóv. says, Why did the Gentiles Plal. ii. r. Três g8 ó mowy sautór rage, and the People imagine βασιλέα, ανελές των υain Things : The Kings of

Kaioaero ĉ tay TĞToy the Earth

set themselves, and
dito nuons, com a piros the Rulers were gathered to-
o Kaioap. Kai Mo gether against the Lord, and
70T Q ó ñgano € H- against his Christ. And, They Isa, xir.19
cosms ó Baards čxác cast away the Beloved, as a



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dead Man, who is abominable. adoen avtör sawers And since He was crucify'd vaj ĉ Trampētey to pass

φα on the Day of the Prepa- okov nógcov" "Iva ration, and rose again at opłaścv šova, rý nec od Break of Day on the Lord's έμελέτην κενα, πα

Day, the Scripture was ful- pisnode of Barras op Pfal.lxxxi. filled, which faith, Arise, o găs, jo apartis

apaguas God, judge the Earth, for thou cuńgen noch Eri Toivfhalt have an Inheritance in ro', sty E weis, sosem

well all the Nations. And again, * Xeiçõ iro. Ĉa's xi. 6. Lywill arise, faith the Lord, méppenfar i öga mtov,

I will put him in Safety, I wsvexpévelden og refíor,

will max bold through him. Kai durs swego Jevto. xl.ii. And, But thou, Lord, have tñ maesondliņi", cáo

Mercy upon me, and raise mei va sova. briquongvons up again, and I shall requite welaxñs, émanege Sons them. for this reason do gaan n nézxoa. 'A: you allo, now, the Lord is vásze ó oeds, weivovat risen, offer, your Sacrifice, zño ck ou se para nego concerning which he made voujours év mão mais

a Constitution by us, say• Overo naiv. 'Aran Luk. xxii. ing, Do this for a Remem súrouey, nézd vero,

brance of me; and thencefor- Shoruegy év femeią, ward leave off your Fasting, mu ponore Coucy év eur. and rejoice, and keep a Fe- rý. Eu wese en énotv stival, because Jesus Christ, No, Ĉ dvasnaóv ue, ry the Pledge of our Refurreddi- ανταποδώσω αυτοίς. on, is risen from the Dead. As rõrra er è upeise

Ala & υμας αAnd let this be an everlast- yzséu a z weis, ing Ordinance till the Con- weg gevéYMATE Tlogue summarion of the World, odu u Mõõr, wei is ús until the Lord come. For püv dretačalo di “to fers the Lord is till μών, λέγων Τοτο ποι

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ÊTE e's alweulu cycu- dead; but to Christians He i vnov. Kai nol Toy Strow is risen ; to the former, by

Ynçouets, Bozauróufu- their Unbelief; to the latter,
01 Ĉ fopra lortes, ők by their full Assurance of
áppa bed v as avasdoews Faith. For the Hope in him
opewr Inows ó Xersos is Immortal and Eternal Life.
égrizeptey én vexecui è After Eight Days, let there
re&to úpüv ësw vóungo be another Feast observ'd

diwylovéws O WTENG with Honour, the Eighth i 78

aus amor, 'Mé- Day it felf, on which he - Xpes" dvěnon ó wpros. gave me, Thomas, who was Joh.xx.25.

Iedoubts 98 ó werd hard of Belief, full Assurance,
ék neOvn xe Xerszavons by shewing me the Print of
ösgrigeproj mois plus the Nails, and the Wound
amistav, Tois made in his Side by the Spcar. .
Dinesqueidus or es And again from the first

ότι η
antiv en mis i Jovat. Lord's-day count Forty Days,
Swin ê ain@ vett ö from the Lord's Day till the
óre tai nuseasisw szür Fifth Day of the Week, and
παλιν εορτή τιμία, αω- celebrate the Feaft of the
ma og dón, ev dvoma Ascension of the Lord, where-
τη , αν και
soutora euè usuár on He finish'd all his Dif-
bitým dvasios, éman- pensation, and Constitution,
espopnoe, daigas ugl and return'd to that God and

, δείξας TËS Túmrous annwy, © Facher that sent Him, and

η λόγχης εν τη πλου- fat down at the Right-hand s põe em rewry. Ĉ nocía of Power, and remains there,

꿈 aly, do adopcómns ww- until his, Enemies are puts ριακής αριθμήσαντες under his Feet; who allo Teari escorta nuéeas will come at the ConsumTo we xuñs ?nézei" mation of the World with


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