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vi. 9.

gel of bis great Council, the wezaans Beañs ägenes, Wonderful Counsellor, the Migh- Jeunesos Cómboros, ty God, the Potentate, the adeo's iguess", exo Prince of Peace, the Father of crashs, apguu eipluns, the future Age; now that be- no mp. 8 pérovt. cause of their exceeding great awiq. "On ö Asi nga Wickedness, they would nor ridu nwp6cén sodju a

believe in him the Lord, πειθήσεσιν αυτω, λέης bii ii shews in these Words, Who 2 Kúero.", tis Criędos

hath believed our Report? and tým aron ; j ó Bego to whom hath the Arm of the χίων χωρίς τίνι απεLord been revealed? And af- uge upon; Kaj &ñso’Aterward, Hearing ye shall hear, rom arboets, į s rent and shall not understand, and currite e BV&TOUTES seeing ye shall see, and shall not Baélen, š un inte

perceive : For the Heart of eau quáen gS i xepdice
this People is waxed gross. 78 nga TøTE 4.0 po

2018 τότε. Διό

noWherefore Knowledge was gonet' outwv å go@aris, taken from them, because oti idónes mosador, Ĉ seeing they over-look'd, and exéoduris sx ñxcodes hearing they heard not. But úpiv , Tols && &dwv, to you, the Converted of the dan ń Baancia ök Gentiles, is the Kingdom un JevooxOvnis Deov, given, becaufe you, who Ας το κηρύγματος πι

knew not God, have believ'd çdoarteségiW TE ON TOP, Gil. iv. 9. by Preaching, and have known värov Š égwanna

Him, or rather are known of song 2/6 Plnogg Him through Jesus, the Sa- owTmp, caugowta viour and Redeemer of those in en wi Córther &T'au's that hope in Him. For ye riv. Mita bertes g8 and are translated from your nogriegs ? MOTH0

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deeft. V. : Xuere. V. 3 male macedots. Y.



ztóva" own cias, repas former vain and tedious Con-
αψυχωνα δώλων υπερ: verfation and have contemn’d
Dórtes, coff' ev onglet the lifeless Idols, and despised
dreou vwo na tapeový- the Dæmons which are in dark-
Ouvies, wogod egpgytas nels, and have run to the Irueloh. i 9.
τα φωτί το αληθι

Light, and by it have known xvii. 3, võ, è forgvórtis ci the one and only True God and vQ αωτ τ ένα ε μόνον α- Father, and to are own'd to be ληθινόν Θεόν και σατέ Heirs of his Kingdom. For ér, xAnegróuge o au- since ye have been baptiz'd Rom.vi.3. of Beaineus avega- into the Lord's Death, and inco yngs, Bahia éVTES? his Resurrection, as new born i Pet ii 2. d's ro weis Javao Babes, ye oughero be wholly TOV, 36's" tarcesce free from all sinful Actions. av wurg, as apk gliñ For ye are not your own, but 1 Cor. vi. Bpéon avevépomla wog's his that bought you with his "9. πασαν αμαρτίαν οφεί. own Blood: For concerning Dete svay, záp ése the former lsrael the Lord ŠU TŪK, årice age speaks thus, on account of eccarla väs Ted in their Unbelief, The Kingdom Matt, xin .

. autó dijual. wei gs of God shall be taken from them, 43. Satte Ploegna, & TEV and given to a Nation bringó xúcio, stá Ti ing forth the Fruits thereof; çitu aurūv, ék áp- that is to say, 'that having θήσεται απ' αυτων και given the Kingdom to you, Beardia og Oes, roh who were once far estranged δοθήσεται εθνή πιιενk from him, he expects the πές Tras xepares aitrise 4 dro Fruits of your Gratitude and Accon", öti vpliv, tois Probity. For ye are those 5 ασιν" αποξενω that

& TEŽEV W that were once sent into refiers autš Maregiv, the Vineyard, and did not xxi, 28.


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defunt v. av v. 3 deel, V. Grer de va s deeft. v.

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obey, but thefe they chat δες και βασιλίαν, εκδίdid obey; but you have re- χεται τές τ δυγνωμα

; peared of your Denial, and σώης καρπός. υμάς you work therein now. But gap ese of 7078 dito sco they being uneafie on ac- λέντες ας ή αμπελώνα, count of their own Cove- 6 μή σακέσομτες"

have not only left oκείνοι 3, οι σακάthe Vineyard uncultivated, σανlες αλλα ιμάς μου but have also killed the percepenn déiles on the

τη Stewards of the Lord of the αντιλογία, εργάζεσθε

, Vineyard ; one with Stones, és und ruw. or ö des another with the Sword; eαίνοντες 6 9 ευτων one they faw'd afinder, ano- σωθήκαις, και μόνον ανέρ

ther they flew in the Holy zagoy na TEME Heb. xi.37 Place, between the Temple and aptenwa, ana

the Altar; nay at laft they τις τρύπες και κυρία Μatt.xxiii caff the Heir himfelf out of & αμπελώνΘ. απεκ

the Vineyard, and few him. Terdu or refi ai dous,

And by therm he was re- δν 3 ξίφει και η μού έxxi. 42 jected as an unprofitable πρισαν, ή 3 ένδον αν

Stone, but by you was re- τω ιερώ ανείλον μετα ceived as the Corner-Stone. ξυ τ8 να και 8 θυσι- .

Wherefore he says concern- ameix. uselor Ĉ áva 2.1. xvii. ing you, A People whom I τον τον κληρονόμον έξω

knew not have served me; and g due terão o éx6aat the Hearing of the Ear λόγες απέκλειναν και have they obey'd me.

παρ' ' αυτοίς" ως λί- :

θ. αμείο, απεβλήθα" παρ' υμων 3 ως ακρογωνιαίΘ. εδέχθη. διο λέες τεί υμών Λαος, ον σοκ έγνων, έδέλλισε


εις ακούω ώ. τις σήκωσε με".



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Afiy upas, d 'T'S therefore your Duty,

a- IS , , XV. δελφοί, τες

*** Pag. Brechren, who are re

TWS og Xeição muíç deemed by the precious Blood
¿Engpegoufies argk, of Christ, co observe ihe
Tas nueegs ze noge Days of the Passover exact-
axelbős modos de toute ly with all Care, after the
Trions bruenetas, ut Vernal Aquinox, lest ye be

τροπήν Ισημερινό ό- obliged to keep the Memo-
TWS Mesi Sis 28 eventi rial of the one Passion twice
śros na ruglo reveiav in a Year. Keep it once on-
TTDIĞ E, na naš og ly in a Year for him that
STUS 18 ára g 27 g died but once.
foruês pesi almpion- Do not you yourselves com-
T€, ámc TOITE OTELY pure, but keep it when your
και οι αδελφοί υμών οι οκ Brethren of the Circumcifiorn

TTEELTONñs, wer' av- do so; keep it together with
Tröv ava moiếte'xçıv. them, and if they err in their
τε πλανηθώσι, μηδέ
TE Terno, peridó ú Computation, be nor you
für uerétw. The do concern'd. Keep your Nights
μυηνίδα φέρετε μεσα- of Watching in the middle
Sáo Two Twvci (úngur. of the Days of Unleavened
και όταν εκείνοι ευωχώνται Bread. And when the fems

Quais unstvortes úmrep are feasting, do you fast,
* utav mer Båte, ök év and wail over them, becausc ·

τη ημέρα η εορτής των on the Day of their Feaft
'Xerson ésacueso du. By they crucified Christ.

• απο αυτοι πενθώσι θα while they are lamenting,
alupe éo Soutes év and caring Unleavened Bread
πικρίσιν υμείς
Trixežav ipas iw in Bitterness do you feast. .

[[ Mnué
| Hæc plane genuina ex Epiphanșano codice huc tranftulimus,

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* [[Μηκέτι'3" αλα τρέμβροι και Ιεδαίων εορίαζαν" έδεμία γυ κοινωνία ημών να αρος αυτές πεπλανηνται 8 και αιτία και

urlu 2 ψήφον, ωνομάζεσιν ότισιλείν οπως πανταχθτν ώσι πεπλανήμύοι, ατ αληθέας απεφοίγισμένοι. υμείς 3 φυλάουεοε ακριβώς η. σημέριον τροπήν τ έα. eινής ώρας, ή τις γίνετα 4 δευτέρα έ"ικά. δι3 δωδέκατο μωος,ώς εςι ΔύσPG.: βπτηρεςπς έως ειχάδας πρώτης της σελίώης, και όπως μη αν έτερα εβδομάδα έμπέσει η ποσαρέσκαιδεκά: τη η σελίύης" και πλά

". Thaνης γινομδύης, αγνοία δις και ενιαμπο Κατελέ@μο το πασας, ή αν άλλη ημέρα εορτάσωμα * 8 ωρίς αναστάσιμον - ημέegν, an år merann mé




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ημών Ιησε

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Hæc plane fpuria interpretatione haud dignati sumus. " deest v. ? deelt v. 3 deeft v. 4 defunt v. Iin marg. V. fed eadem manu.


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