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VIL Several Demonstrations concerning the Refurrection, concerning the Sibyll, and what the Stoicks lay concerning the Bird call'd the Phenix. VIII. Concerning James the Bro

xuels, yΣather of the Lord, and Stephen the first Martyr.

IX. Concerning false Martyrs.

X. A moral Admonition, that we are to abftain from vain Talking, ob fcene Talking, Jefting, Drunkenness, Lafcivioufnels and Luxury.

XI. An Admonition, inftuding Men to avoid the abominable Sin of Idolatry.

XII. That we ought not to fing an heathen or an obfcene Song: nor το (wear by an Idol; because tis an impious Thing, and contrary to the Knowledge of God.

XIII. A Catalogue of the Feafts of the Lord which are to be kept, and when each of them ought to be ob ferv'd.


π. Περὶ μόδο καρτύρων. i. Homn givens, on Jei jau va Toshajias, a xenarias, direxia. Sur, aveiar, Spúnfer · ιά Παραίνεσις, παιδος. σα φεύγειν $ άδωλολατρείας τὸ μῦσθ.

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TTO ἐχθρόν.

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that is laid up for him.

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ιδ'. Περὶ το πάθος το κυeis nỳ tien irásy nue

fer to 'lude 1 ons ou παρτῶ μόδας ἐν τῷ + κύeιον τοῖς κάθετος τορα Αδόναι τα μsher.

XIV. Concerning the Paffion of our Lord; and what was done on each Teaxon 7 En Today of his Sufferings. And concerning Judas: and that Judas was not prefent when the Lord deliver'd the Myfteries to his Disciples.

ί Περί μεγάλης έβδο mádo xỳ dia Ti TTegid καὶ δρασκεν ἐπιτρόπιοι

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XV. Of the Great Week; and on what account they enjoyn us to faft on Wednesday and Friday.

XVI. An Enumeration of the Propherical Predictions which declare Chrift; whofe Completion though the 7ews faw, yet out of the evil Temper of their Mind they did not believe he was the Chrift of God, and con



demn'd the Lord of Glory to the Tinewavons ver. Crofs.

XVII. How the Paffover onght to be celebrated.

XVIII. A Conftitution concerning the great Paffover-Week.

XIX. Concerning the Watching all the Night of the Great Sabbath, and concerning the day of the Refut:


.. XX. A Prophetick Prediction concerning Chrift Jefus.

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Chap. I.

HO they were that Schifms, and did not efcape Punish


to make


II. That 'tis not lawful to rife up either against the Kingly or the Prieftly Office.

III. Concerning the Vertue of Mofes, and the incredulity of the Jewish Nation, and what wonderful Works God did among them.

IV. That he makes Schism not who feperates himself from the Wicked, but who departs from the Godly.

V. Upon what account Ifrael falfely fo named is rejected by God, demonftrated from the prophetick


VI. That even among, the Jews, there atofe the Doctrine of feveral Herefies, hateful to God..

VII. Whence the Herefies fprang,

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τη Διάταξις δει μεγάλ λης τῇ πάρα ἑβδομάδα. CaTs y el i θ' Περὶ σπαννυχίδα τ ἀνασασίμο ἡμέρας.

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C. Omóder ávíquoar ai

ακρύσεις, καὶ ὅσις αὐτῶν αρχη-
τὰς ἀσεβείας γούνται
ή Τίνες η Σίμων Θάσ
Boins diasongi, xj diev aig
στῶν κατῆρξαν.

θ'. Οπως ὁ Σίμων 20ητεία as moi lon Dianous, &Jais legge rTEVEX Jis VJES HÚT, σWerein 7 TOOLS, TO KEYPE TOgos. 1. Ὅπως αἱ αἱρέσεις καὶ πρὸς SOUTH'S, BY KORY'S αφωνῶσιν.

τά, εξήγησις ἀποσολικῆ κηρύγματα.


ιβʹ. Πρὸς τοὺς ὁμολογῶν Ἰνδυάζειν ἢ θέλοντας. ε' "Οπως χρὴ χωρίζε· και ο αἱρετικῶν

ιδʹ. Τίνες οἱ κηρύξαντες doninhv Didaria, ενα τὰ δὲ αὐτῶν παραγγέλ Avα Tà di autor


τή. Παραίνεσις κελόύσσα φεύγειν * * ἀσεβῶν αἱρετικῶν adiges & dorlŵv aigenav κοινωνίαν. αθʹ. Πρὸς φαυλίζοντας – νόμου.


κ. Τίς ὁ φυσικὸς νόμο, καὶ τίς ὁ ἐπείσακτΘ, καὶ δι τῷ αἰτίαν ἐπεισήχθη.

and who was the Ring leader of their Impiery.

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VIII. Who were the Succeffors of Simons Impiety, and what Herefies they let up.

IX. How Simon defiring to fly by fome magical Arts, fell down headlong from on high, at the Prayers of Peter, and brake his Feet, and Hands, and Ancle Bones.

X. How the Herefies differ from each other, and from the Truth.

"On TavaCare XV. That we ought not to rebapXen, ET μle matize; nor ro receive that Baptim τὸ παρά, τ' ἀσεβῶν βάπτισμα which is given by the Wicked : which Soder. I in en banhou, is not Baptifm, but a Pollution. αλλά μόλυσμα.

ις', καὶ ο ψευδεπιχά. φων βιβλίων.

XVI. Concerning Books with falfe Infcriptions.

it' strei xanemoor jamκαι παραγγέλματα,

XI. An Expofition of the Preaching of the Apostles.

XII For thofe that confefs Chrift, bat are defirous to Judaize.

XIII. That we must feparate from Hereticks.

XIV. Who were the Preachers of the Catholick Doctrine, and which are the Commandments given by them,

XVII. Concerning Clergy-mens Precepts about Marriage.

XVIII. An Exhortation commanding to avoid the Communion of the impious Hereticks.

XIX. For those that speak evil of the Law.

XX. Which is the Law of Na ture, and which is that afterwards introduc'd, and why it was intro duc'd?

XXI. That we who believe in Chrift are under Grace, and not nú. ( @) der

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Τι δύο οδοί εἰσι, μία


Chap. I.Hat there are two."

ΤΗ Ways; the one m


tural, of life; and the other intro- καὶ μία το παν ἔτι, ἡ ἐπείσα·


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β'. Ηθικαί δραινέσεις κα ειακῶν διατάξεων, συμφων outh maand made • Seier vouer. amadas dors, odors dies, μοιχείας, καὶ πάσης ἀπηγοράμένης πράξεως

Απαγόρευσις γοητείας, TEXVOxTovias, mognias, δομαρτυρίας

δ'. ̓Απαγόρευσις νεκολογία as, ulivido, my 28, 18202.zias Jaides, The ανεξίας, υποκρίσεως.

ε. Απογόρφωσις κακοηθείας. wego manfias, ogйs, u. σανθρωπίας, βασκανίας. * ς' Περὶ οἰωνοσκοπικῆς ἐ 7201 dus.

ζ'. Απαγόρευσις 20 Ιουστ fus my audaderas, en φανίας, καὶ θρασύτητα. ή. Περὶ μακροθυμίας, α nanias, OTH,


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IV. The Prohibition of Evil fpeaksing, and Paffion, of deceitful Conduct, or idle Words, Lies, Coveroufnefs, and Hypocrity.

V. The Prohibition of Malignity, Acceptation of Perfons, Wrath, Malice and Envy.

VI. Concerning Augury and Inchantmeuts.

VII. The Prohibition of murmu. ring Infolence, Pride and Arrogance.

τά Περὶ διψύχε, ὀλιγοπές και

ίσι περὶ αποιΐας. 12: Όπως δεν προσφέρει ες τοῖς οἰκέταις τοῦ κυρίως καὶ ὅπως χρὴ ὑποτάσσεται του ixéras.

duc'd afterwards of death; and that the former is from God, and the latter of Error, from the Snares of the Adversary.


II. Moral Exhortations of the Lord's Conftitutions agreeing with the ancient Prohibitions of the divine Laws. The Prohibition of Anger, Spite, Corruption, Adultery nnd every forbidden Action.

III. The Prohibition of conjuring, murder of Infants, Perjury and Falle


VIII. Concerning Long-fuffering, Simplicity, Meeknets and Patience.

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