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wipion, you a'rov pgue and who was the Ring leader of is incrías regfontou their Impiery.

ή τίνες ή Σίμωνο αν VIII. who were the Successors of Boias desogens joiwy cigá. Simons Impiery, and what Herelies ŽENY RATS EU.

they fer up θ'. Οπως ο Σίμων γηπεί- IX. How Simon defiring to fly by ay gio la Sianoas, &- some magical Arts, fell down headzais leges RTUVEX seis Ę long from on high, at the Prayers of ulus med Teo, outreion to Peter, and brake his Feet, and Hands, tóslesni rad zeips Tru Tagoss. and Ancle Bones.

4."Ogreus ei ni proses uj wegs X. How the Herehes differ from wwmas, y seis an said to each other, and from the Truth. αρωνεσιν.

sa 'Ennemais Adsonexã XI. An Exposition of the Preachκηρύγμής.

ing of the Apostles. '. Dley's mos dunor sy.

XII For those that confess Chrift, τας, Ιεδιάζων και θέλον πας

bat are desirous to Judaize. ιγ "Οπως χρή χωeίζε- XIII. That we must separate from sau apenxây

Hereticks. 4. Τίνες οι κηρύξωτες

XIV. Who were the Preachers of xe Jonexio dorarías, sỳ the Catholick Doctrine, and which siva tu di durur gegen

are the Commandments given by pua Tet

them. e On ETE dvieCarlilery

XV. That we ought not to rebapXpn, on ile Traegede poats rize ; nor to receive that Baptím To mapya ya Con Sarhojua which is given by the Wicked : which Our óx ligt Baizhoute, is not Baptism, but a Pollution. amci cóa vitutto is. Akei F fil dengan

XVI. Concerning Books with φων βιβλίων

false Inscriptions. is freinamentov zaus

XVII. Concerning Clergy-mens a meg senjata.

Precepts about Marriage. on. Maegirias mendisene

XVIII. An Exhortation edigery , * 7 sação aigtisão manding to avoid the Communion of

digenaar κοινωνία. 19. Tegs pavairtas ot the impious Hereticks.

Προς φωλίζοντας ro oy

XIX. For those that speak evil of

the Law. * Tis cvorreo's rouo,

XX. Which is the Law of Na. *.*, , எல்NைTG , சி πς

ture, and which is that afterwards waitio imhob 9.

introduc'd, and why it was intron

duc'd ? mob. 0,1 od zadev isuke

XXI. That we who believe in RM 6% aussion

Chrift are under Grace, and not nu: ( a )




der the Servitude of that additional THOXTU vollej oi sis Xersons Law.

ms d'ortes. ; XXII, That the Law for Sacrifi. xG' "On encanto ces is additional; which Christ,when ni Juny you mecane he came, took away.

Xerso's Truego fuorile XXIII. How Christ became a

κγ'. Πώς πληρωτής το νό: Fulfiller of the Law; and what kis vá zover • Xeisos; rý piva parts of it he put a Period to, Or τότε έπαυσεν, ή ενήλλαξεν, changed, or transferred.

й интізику: XXIV. Thar it pleased the Lord; xd On y de 'Pwuaw that the Law of Righteonsness should Usóknas, o vieronde be demonstrated by the Romans. κμοσμώης νόμον είκνυ Sur.

XXV. How God on account of ré. '126 Osus 'Iudaeiss nici their Impiety towards Christ, made tots Xeisoy ericho, aix the Jews Captives, and plac'd them uandoto Toimod ulic, no under Tribute.

φόegν κατέσησεν. . XXVI. That we ought to avoid

us!. Ongen poligarv tood the Hereticks, as the Corrupters of aigesicótas, os foxov . gopé Souls.

XXVII. Of some Jewish and κζ'. Περι παρατηρημάτων Gentile Observances.

'δαϊκών και Ελίωικών XXVIII. Of the Love of Boys, xń Tires Troddeegsids . Adultery,and Fornication.

worxcías , xj Trogreits. XXIX: How Wives ought to be

κθ'. Οπως χεή τας fubject to their own Husbands; and yarets DO TÉ DE SUA nois iso Husbands ought to love their own οις ανδρgσι, του άνδρας Wives.

σέργειν τας εαυτών γαμης. XXX. That 'tis the Custom of à,"07c 'lo daéos. 78 Jews and Gentiles to observe natural y M1, ou treat Joy Purgations, and to abominate the te's Quatre's a Sports y → Remains of the Dead; but that all TEDDEÓTW za asifave Bore this is contrary to Christianity.

λύσεις, Xeusiαγών και αλλό. τeιον. .

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I. Hat there are


Ti Noodol hin uit Ways; the one non tural, of life, and the other intro. x uía TV, free

xG .

xxG, oni Rela in re, duc'd afterwards of death; and that

isomis nu.7 6706 value the former is from God, and the latσε άλλoτεία.

ter of Error, from the Snares of the

Adversary. B'. 'Hiirei geboets xu. II. Moral Exhortations of the Elana dieta wv, oulipavs- Lord's Constitutions agreeing with σαι τη παλαιά παρακελάσει the ancient Prohibitions of the divine

schwy rów. a tagée des Laws. The Prohibition of Anger, Suus, Tórs dieo googs, Spite, Corruption, Adultery nnd worxias, y raons anregl

every forbidden Action. μης πραξεως Amazoed ons 2017hts,

III. The Prohibition of conjuring, Texvorsovies, Smogxias, to murder of Infants, Perjury and Falleδομαρτυeίας

Witness. Managógolas ve korozio IV. The Prohibition of Evil (peakl, lwidt, dus woring, and Passion, of deceitful Con. 26, gg2009zios Horas, the duct, or idle Words, Lies, Cover. ονεξίας, ζωοκρίσεως. ousness, and Hypocrisy:

e. A tojásde as ne xon Trias, V. The Prohibition of Malignity, Gegou mamafias, 'oezñs

, ws. Accep:ation of Persons, Wrath, Maστνθρωπίας, βασκανίας. lice and Envy.

si Nsei os@YOKOMXÑS VI. Concerning Augury and Insuoi dis.

chantmeurs, $1 . 'Aragóedors. 20 Square

VII. The Prohibition of murmu. po rj au So feias, y umegu- ring Insolence, Pride and Arrogance. φανίας, και θρασύτητώ.

ή. Περι μακροθυμίας, α- VIII. Concerning Long-suffering, Kotxías, recomano, wouo. Simplicity, Meekness and Patience, '. "Ongeh zorj XE Xeer.


IX. That 'tis our Duty to efteem Tor di secondars Drew mã our Christian Teachers, above our Coy size ai i wifi 28 To Parents : The former being the , o To A vol Lóvor tage means of our well being, the other Хау.

only of our Being. i "On new will arrogin X. That we ought not to divide mes ázior, en signe d'ely our selves from the Saints; but to magoutors, xeiver i drugías, make peace berween those that

quary uniwegow TOMA ATHY.

rel, to judge Righteoully, and not

to accept Perfons, ια Περί διψώχε, ήπι XI. Concerning him that is doubie baigomiso

mirded and desponding. 16' teel witas.

XII. Concerning coing Good. ιγ"Οπως, δε Φυσφέρε:

XIII How Matters ought to beTois oint Tous To weirs have themselves to their servants; omwszeit voortwear Tove

and how Servants ought to be subeneroso ject.



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XIV. Concerning Hypocrisy, and ω'. Πεει αποκρίσεως, και Obedience to the Laws and Confeffi- qesoogão vous, seu Equaon of Sins.

λογήσεων XV. Concerning the Observance is neeis quis gorld St. due to Parents. ,

297 bjarga XVI. Concerning, the Subjection 15. i reges Banner due to the King, and to Rulers. my dezenas os arins XVII. Concerning the pure Con

Kreeixat awal science of thole that pray.


Confedt megodogouérault XVII. That the way which was

in "Cont nouans no afterward- introduc'd by the Snares ameteis é Thoux Itinua odos, of the Adverfary, is full of impiery dos coses só colegromics. and wickedness.

πλήρωτοι. XIX. Thaç we must not turn from

ιθ'. “Οι μη χεή τάσηthe way of Piery, either to the Right Crites enxaiver Able dices

Gercsenxhiver. hand or to the Left, An Exhortation supete, megusa o vouoors.

ruegulv å of the Law.giver, XX, That we ought not to del

κ'. "Οπ με χεή φαυλίζω pise any of the Sores of Food that are d'zeeisas, utundulás

τπτ οεισφόρων βρωμάτων,

αλλ' μεταλαμβάfer before us, but gratefully and or

very xj Tema grafías derly ro partake of them. XXI. That we ought to avoid the

nd "On xed odijesne 2

Η ιδωλού των βρώην. eating of things offer'd to Idols.

κς', Διάταξις Κυριακή XXII. A Constitution of our Lord, How we ought to baprize, and into

87705 Xpdc Barti(esp, rj aison

tivo Sopa tov. whuse Death. XXIll. Which Days of the Week

κγ'. Ποία νηςετέον τες.

, û we are to fast, and which not, and dudso spiegs, rivets : ,

yns TE or, j' zdene for what Realons, XXIV. What scr: of People ought weer de zoukiss w To XM

ed' Olius avai zen ans to pray that Prayer that was giveneis Soi cv aegrtuxl.

megadizoukiss xby the Lord. XXV. A Mystical Thanksgiving.

κέ. Εύχαριςία μυστική. XXVI. A Thanksgiving at the

xs. Es desia ch tĩ Treich divine Participation.

μεταλήψ4. XXVII. À Thanksgiving about

* Engatesia de la the mystical Ointment.

UUSIXS TÚPY. XXVIII. That we ought not to

κή. Οπό χρή αδιαφορών be indifferent about communicating.

asociat a kanyanian XXIX. A Conftitution concerning

xA' Ileei nastopoeccoy de Oblacions.

ταξις. XXX. How we ought to aflemble a' was ypyt iragana together, and to celebrate the Festi 07 oy o we suwy sme

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eer, iswa@pouloufóss sag táo Val-day of our Saviours Resurrection.

XXXI. What Qualifications they ade. Qins. Aran Zupan zou ought to have, who are to be Oro Xhegtanulnis.

dain'd. 26. Depenois.

XXXII A Prediction concerning μελλόντων.

Fururicies. λγ'. Προστυχα εξαιλη. XXXIII. A Prayer declarative of κάπνοίας διαφόρε. Gods various Providence,

λ.Ν. Προστυχα ξαγγελη: XXXIV. A Prayer declarative of κι ημεργίας διαφόρων Gods various. Creation. aé. Degreuges et diges

XXXV: A Prayer with Thanklersias Easyon sou tš ist giving declarative of Gods Provi. ι τα όντα κηδεμονίων. dence over the Beings

he has made, '. Προσευχή συμωμνή.

XXXVI. A Prayer commemoraxxou devouble Xersi cu tive of the Incarnation of Chrift; Kubpamor, rj eis touj cizí. and his various Providence to the και διάφορες φεύνοια

Saints. λζ'. Προσευχή ομίχυσα XXXVII. A Prayer containing pvázliv gegroids, sy eieit. the Memorialof his Providence; and unny legyenær drapápeayman Enumeracion of the various Benewegvoa Otã de Xeiso mo fits afforded the Saints by the Provi. E998 Showr: Tois ázious.

dence of God through Christ. añi Argesugged armasta- XXXVIII. A Prayer for the Ar aus dreiwr.

Gstance of the Righteous. a. Ows XP TO MATH- XXXIX. How the Catechumens auchens sorgenaren

are to be instructed in the Elements. μ'. Διέταξις, όπως χρη XL. A Conftitution how the Can Toni Kota Xxulosas emo os techumens are to be blessed by the iegewe is no munos diacze Priests in their Initiation ; and what on the rive detaliata Citás. things are co be taught

'em. feina 'Ammay gels om XLI. The Renunciation to the Ad. erarti romutayo wedsite versary, and the Dedication to chie Seisont deska

Chrift of: God. μς'. Περί χρίσμα σε XLII. A Thanksgiving conces peugona ermis delesis. ning the anointing with the mysticat

Oyl. un Moei ñ uusixão doce XLIII. A Thanksgiving concerTodizdusit.

ning the mystical Water, Ky neeio Kustno us- XLIV. A Thanksgiving concer ex digausiai

ning the mystical Oinament. ul. Meg Frugi o'y8075 XLV. A Prayer for the New



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