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always have fufficient to fup- ζετε, ὅπως ἐν παντὶ τῷ port your felves, and those pawv în indxšv. that are needy, and not bur-TES EQU THIS & TOYS THE" den the Church of God: vopisuals, wegs un 67For we our felve, befides Caper 7 & eos inour Attention to the Word of κλησίαν. καὶ γδ ὲ ἡμεῖς the Gospel, do not neglect go CONTES TYS 2014 our inferior Employments: aynis, oμs Tuv For fome of us are Fillermen, ἐπεργιῶν ἐκ ἀμελέμμ fome Tent-makers, fome Huf- oi gap av nav οἱ 5 σκηνο** Pag. bandmen, that fo we may anies, ** never be idle. So fays Sole-Tool, of ÿgus Epgestay, 20 Prov. vi. mon fomewhere, Go to the wegs undÉTOTE ÅμŽS 6, &c. Ant, thou Sluggard, confider agyis van. Nézd dévè LXX. her Ways diligently, and be- Zohoμgor "lar wey's cone mifer than few For foe ή μύρμηκα, ὦ ὀκνηρὲς having neither Field, Overfeer, Chλwoov idar Tas inor Ruler, prepareth her Food Ses dort, xy Huv čnéve in the Summer, and layeth up Coprep®. Enery 25/0 great Store in the Harvest. yoopy's in waggerOr else go the Bee, and learn 1, Mafra (orhow laborious fhe is, and her ra xuv, code two deWork how valuable it is, wh fe σπότω ὢν, ἑτοιμάζει Labours both Kings and mean Depas & Egplis, nonMen make afe of for their alia τε ἐν τῷ ἀμητο Health. She is deftrable and wosety my glorious, though she be weak ow! in Strength, yet by honouring Wifdom he is improvd, &c. Hom long wilt thou lie on thy






Soé De "· ή πορεύθητι προς τὴν μέλισσαν, δ μάθε ως εργάτης Ἐξὶ, τώ τε ἐρα γασίαν σεμνω ὡς ἔμπο

παράταξιν. V.


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ρεύεται με τές πόνες βα
omas & Mary wes
ὑγείαν προσφέρονται
unciar megapéeovoy
Madein Si Thi



Bed; Ο Sluggard? When witt thou awake out of thy Sleep? Thou sleepest a while, thou lieft - down a while, thou flambereft S&Q" Zuwes Box Ta while, thou foldest thy Hands papey acterns, con thy Breast to fleep a while: φίαν τιμήσασα προή Qian Thuĥouca ween Then Poverty comes on thee Xn". Kaj ns. "Ews like an evil Traveller, and TÓTE, onungs, narans. Want as a swift Racer. But if thou beeft diligent, thy Harveft fhall come as a Fountain, and Want shall fly from thee as an evil Runagate. And again, Ele that ma- xii. 11. nageth Wis own Land Shall be filled with Bread: And elsewhere he fays, The Sloth- Ecclef. ful has folded his own Hands iv. 5. together, and has eaten his onn Flash. And afterwards, Prov. xix. The Sluggard hides his Hand; he will not be able to bring it to his Mouth. And again, Ecclef. x, By Slothfulnefs of the Hands a Floor will be brought low. Labour therefore continualIy; for the Blot of the Sloth ful is not to be healed. But 2 Thef, if any one does not work, leti. 19% not fuch an one eat among





TEA & γερθήσῃ; ὀλίγον με το vois, onigor 5 namoy, μικρὸν ἢ νυάζεις, ότι Minor 5 Evangri χερσὶ λήθη είναι παραγίνεται (οι ὥσπερ και Hjs oddiπip & Tvia, x n evdaα womp gando's Sequens. Ed dour & as, net womep ayn o dungos σa, ĥerdaa womp nangs Ang a Tavroμgano. Ka ἀπαυτομολήση. πάλι Ὁ ἐργαζόμμος * sare zuv, man σεται ἄρτων. Καὶ ἐν ἄλλοις φησίν. Ὁ ἀργὸς Welenabe Tas yeeas EAUTY, & page Tas Сpnas aure. Kai &



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I al. Eidtop. de:ft. v. al. gimę. defunt. v.

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to be idle.

you. For the Lord our ξῆς: Κρύψας ὀκνηρὸς God hates the Slothful: χεῖρα αὐτῇ, 3 δική For no one of thofe who σεται ἀπενεκεν εἰς ὃ are dedicated to God, ought sόμα αὐτῇ. Καὶ πάλιν Δ ̓ ἀργίαν χειρῶν του πεινωθήσεται η δόκωσις. Ἐργάζεσε ὖν ἐνδελεχώς αθεράποντΘ γὰρ ὄξιν ἀργου μῶμαι. εἰ δέ τις μὴ ἐργάζεται, το θ ̓ ὑμῖν μὴ ἐστ πιέπω. αργὺς γδ μισεῖ ὁ κύριΘ, ὁ Θεὸς ἡμῶν ἀργὸς γδ εἶναι στα ὀφείλε δείς της Θεῷ προσυμεχόντων.





Περὶ χηρῶν.



Concerning Widows.

H'easy na
θιςατε μὴ
ἔλαττον -
των 2 εξή-


nova, iva Torq krid η διγαμίας αὐτῶν δύπολλον βέβαιον ὑμῖν λα τἡλικίας πάρ27. & 3 rewrear TASHONTE HIS xner nov, xì μù qépyou 7 verk xnpelar, jaunθῇ, ἀπρέπειαν ἐμποιήof in doen & mens,

2020V UPÉE TUS DE ἐχ ̓ ὅτι δευτέρῳ γάμῳ

· αὐτῶν. V.

v. 9:

Hoofe your Widow's Chap. I. not under Sixty Tears Vid. Tim of Age, that in fome measure the Sufpicion of a fecond Marriage may be prevented by their Age. But if you admit one younger into the Order of Widows, and the cannot bear her Widowhood in her Youth, and marries, fhe will procure indecent Reflections on the Glory of the Order of the Widows, and fhall give an Account to God; not becaufe the marry da fecond


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**Pag. 274.




time; but becaufe fhe has angin, X2 ÖTI Σχολίαν έχει waxed wanton against Christ, saurs saganiar &'x. and not kept her Promife, quae, Harasparabecaufe fhe did not come Gou & Xes Broke and keep her Promife with isos Qube Oε & Faith and the Fear of God: RADE QUALE I Gon Quadr Wherefore fuch a Promtife; nazeriav". gen un ought not to be rafhly made, wereTWS 2 TOLGAS" T but with great Caution: ἐπαγγελίαν, ἀλλὰ με For 'tis better for ber not to dupanelas xperator yo vom, than to vom and not to αὐτῇ ἐπὶ μὴ δὔξασαι, pay. But if any youngern d'eads & μn SofaWoman, who has liv’d but ναι εἰ δέ τις νεωτέρ a while with her Husband, ὀλίγον χρόνον Cν τ and has loft him by Death, der minoaca, wy or fome other Occafion, and manga autor Yo remains by herself, having ads, in di apopthe Gift of Widowhood, the uns TG STELAS, will be found to be bleffed, men ip' εaurus, Sween. μείνῃ ἐφ' ἑαυτῇς, δῶρον and to be like the Widow of a xspeas, μangSarepta, belonging to Sidon, ei dipelnar Toy, ongew. with whom the holy Pro log in or ΣapedBing. phet of God Elijah lodged. Dois Zidaria súpa, xvii. 9. Such an one may also be wees Loan To Luk. ii. 36. compared to Anna, the Paugh- Qes! agons Hrías ter of Phanuel, of the Tribe Gerwer, i que ἐξενώθη, τοιαύτη of Aler, which departed not tougaonice "Avon Ty from the Temple, but conti uzarei Davund Ty nued in Supplications and Pray cu quans A cup, in God ers Night and Day, who was apisalo & jepu, vúxTwp Four(core Tears old, and had μst iμéear wego






~ 2

npsy. v. 2 deeft. V.

Y. II.



3 defunt. v



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