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Chriftians ought to be held on the
fecond Day of the Week.

XLVIII. That the fame Punish-
ment is not to be infidted for every
Offence; but different Punishments
for different Offenders.

XLIX. What are to be the Characters of Accusers and Witnesles.

L. That former Offences do fometimes render after-Accufations credible.

LI. Againft judging without hear. ing both Sides.

LII. The Caution obferv'd at Heathen Tribunals before the condemnation of Criminals, affords Chriftians a good Example.

LIII. That Chriftians ought not to be Contentious one with another. LIV. That the Bishops muft by their Deacon, put the People in mind of the Obligation they are under το five peaceably together.

σαββάτων ποιείθαι τὰς δίκαιο

μή. Οτι μὴ χρή ταύτην επάγειν τιμωρίαν ἐπὶ πάσης nueias, ara dido, πρὸς τὸ διάφορον τ8 απαρτά YOUTG

μθ. Οποίος εν χρή του κατηγόριες, και μάρτυρας.

Ons weer mva xon Terrier ngnar un med τα δεύτερα.

νά. Οπ ε χρὴ μονομερείς τὰς κρίσεις ποιος

να παράδειγμα το δικαίω xpiμar i FS EEwder dr. καςὢν αεὶ τὰς ἀποφάσεις ἀσε φάλεια.

vg" "Oni uù xeù vaľ d'aλήλων ἔχουν του ειςές. νδ'. Ὅτι χρὴ τοῦ ἐπισκό sciplins dia te διακονια καπομιμνήσκουν τη

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LV. An Enumeration of the feveνέ Απαρίθμησις διαφόρισ ral Inftances of divine Providence, megvolas, xj oπws of asmus and how in every Age from the Be-0's FVERV ENDRETED ginning of the World, God has in-ùs eis μetávolar paytas. vited all Men to Repentance.

LVI That 'tis the Will of God that Men fhould be of one Mind, in matters of Religion, in accord with the heavenly Powers.

LVII. An Exact Defcription of a Church, and the Clergy; and what Things in particular, every one is to do in the folemn Affemblies of the Clergy and Laity for religi gious Worship.

vs". "On Janua 48, 8. μόφρονας εν του ανθρώπες De I EVOCHON T σέως δ' ἐν ἐρανῷ δυνάμει.

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τζ'. Διατύπωσις ἐκκλησί next exas Trip of Funar Bearowy naneway, ἔκῶν ἐν τῇ συνάξι

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LVIII. Of commendatory Letters
in favour of Strangers, Lay-perfons,
Clergy men, and Bifhops. And that
those who come into the Church Af- «pogāv.

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regard to their Quality.

LIX. That every Chriftian ought to frequent the Church diligently both Morning and Evening.

LX. The vain Zeal which the Heathens and Jews fhew in frequenting their Temples and Synagogues is a proper Example and Motive, to excite Chriftians to frequent the Church.

LXI. That we must not prefer the Affairs of this Life, to thofe which concern the Worship of God.

LXII. That Chriftians must abftain from all the impious Practices of the Heathens.

LXIII. That no Chriftian that will not work muft eat. As Peter and the rest of the Apostles were Fishermen,But Paul and Aquila Tentmakers; Jude the Son of James an Husband-man.


of the Third Book.

"Chap. I. Timagination - Chap. I.Hat we must avoid the savvewTiegs and

west, Chap! That muft

διὰ τὸ υποπλον.
γ'. Οποίας εἶναι χρὴ τὰς
wegs & sing
ρα ἢ ἐπισκόπε.


Α'. Ὅπ πάνθ ̓ ἱνπιναν δεν αποιῶν χρή

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choice of younger Widows, because of Sufpicion.

III. What Character the Widows ought to be of, and how they ought to be fupported by the Bishop.

IV. That we ought to be charita ble to all forts of Perfons in Want.

V. That the Widows are to be very careful of their Conversation,

* at. '. "On & XP yowaings VI, That Women ought not to


teach, becaufe 'tis unfeemly; and what Women follow'd our Lord.

VII. What are the Characters of Widows falfely fo called.

VIII. That the Widows ought not to accept of Alms from the Unworthy, no more than the Bishop, or any

other of the Faithful.

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IX. That Women ought not to Baptize; because it is impious, and contrary to the Doctrine of Chrift. X. That one of the Laity ought not to do any Office of the Priefthood, he ought neither to Baptize, nor Offer, nor Lay on Hands, nor give the Blelfing.

XI. That none but a Bishop and Presbyter, none even of the inferior Ranks of the Clergy are permitted to do the Offices of the Pricfts, that Ordination belongs wholly to the Bishop, and to no body elle...

XII. The Rejection all uncharitable Actions.

XIII. How the Widows are to pray for thofe that fupply their Ne


XIV. That She who has been kind to the Poor ought not to make a Stir, and tell abroad her Name; according to the Conftitution of the Lord.

XV. That it does nor become us; to revile our Neighbours, because Curfing is contraty to Chriftianity.

farlige doses 10. 2
Χeις διδασκαλίας ἀλλότριον.
ΐ. Οτι ἐ χρὴ λαϊκὸν ποιεῖν
ἱερατικὸν ἔργον βαλίσια,
Juoiar, xoian, îdi-

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XVI Concerning the facred Initi-se unazos dejas & ation of Holy Baptifm.,

XVII. What is the meaning of Bap tifm into Chrift: and on what ac count every thing is there faid or done.

XVIII. Of what Character he ought to be who is initiated.

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XIX. What are the Characters of a Deacon,

XX. That a Bishop ought to be orDonor open! To dained by Three, or by Two Bishops; Day's Stonor, ax but not by One. For that would be ὑπὸ ἑνός αβέβαιον γ. invalid.

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of the Fourth Book.

Chap. I. HOW the Bishop ought and II. 1 to provide for the Orphans.

III. Who ought to be fupported, according to the Lord's Conftitution.

IV. Of the Love of Money. V. With what Fear Men ought to partake of the Lord's Oblations.

VI. Whofe Oblations are to be receiv'd, and whole not to be receiv'd.

VII. That the Oblations of the unworthy, while they are fuch, do not only not propitiate God, but on the contrary, provoke him to indignation.

VIII. That 'tis better to afford tho' it be inconfiderable and few Contributions, to the Widows from our own Labours, than those which are many and large, receiv'd from the Ungodly. For 'tis better to perish by Famine, than to receive an Oblation from the Ungodly.

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IX. That the People ought to be exhorted by the Prieft to do good to the Needy, as fays Solomon the Wife.

X. A Conftitution, that if any one of the ungodly by force will caft


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Chap. I. THat it is reafonable for Trois da Xersón

the Faithful to fupply

the Wants of thole who are aflided for the fake of Chrift by the Unbelievers; according to the Conftitution -of the Lord.

II. That we are to avoid Converfation with falfe Brethren, when they continue in their Naughtiners.

Τι της διὰ Χρισόν θλιβομλίοις παρα δίκαιον τοῖς πιερῖς τα

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B'. "On odutio & weg's U Iddaderous ouvroias, ὅταν ἐπιμθύωσι τῇ φαυλότητα γ' Ὅτι τοῖς διὰ Χριςόν

III. That we ought to afford an helping Hand to fuch as are fpoil'dos en zeg igézen, for the fake of Chrift; altho we should incur Danger ourselves.

IV. That 'tis an horrible and deftructive thing to deny Chrift.

V. That we ought to imitate Chrift in Suffering, and with Zeal to follow his Patience.

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δ'. Ὅτι φρικτὸν καὶ ἀλήθει εν, τὸ ἀρνά τα Χριζόν 4. Οτι μιμητέον Χεισόν ἐν dew, SHAWTHON 2 πάσχειν, καὶ ζηλωτέον

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VI. That a Believer ought neither rafhly to run into Danger, through Security; nor to be over-timourous, Seiar dina sy pozew N car. MÁTE werden Si avarthrough Pufillanimity. But to fly a βλάβειαν, και εμπεσόντα way for Fear; yet that if he does fall γωνίζεως Ἡ ἀποκείμβρου into the Enemy's Hand, so ftrive care cens die Anisto sepayev.


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