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phets. But when there has
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παραλειπομδύων &
been two Leffons feverally τὰ ς ἐπομάδες πρὸς
read, let fome other Perfon τέτοις τὰ τῷ Ἰωβ καὶ
fing the Hymns of David, Zo
and let the People join at the ἑκκαίδεκα προφητῶν.
Conclufions of the Verfes. and No 5 Dropsówv α-
Afterwards let our Acts be aworldwt, ine''s
read, and the Epiftles of Faul, Tis rus F Aabid far
our Fellow-worker, which he wμves, oo's
fent to the Churches under axerint -
the Conduå of the Holy ψαλλέτω. με τῦτο
Spirit; and afterwards let πράξεις αἱ ἡμέτεραι
a Deacon or a Presbyter read rayvwonéadwoop. & &-
the Gopels, both thofe which πιςολοι Παυλο ξ συν
I Matthew and fohn have de- νεργε ἡμῶν, ἃς ἐπέσει·
liver'd to you, and thofe ae innλnoiais raľ
which the Fellow workers of 'ὑφήγησιν ἁγίω πνού-
Paul received and left to ματα με ταῦτα
you, Luke and Mark. And anоvπрeσСó-
while the Gofpel is read, let τερΘ ἀναγινωσκέτω Τσ
all the Presbyters and Dea- diagória à ja Mat-
cons, and all the People Jaros, 'Iwávvns e-
ftand up in great Silence; δώκαμμ ὑμῖν, ὦ δ' ο

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for it is written, Be filent ouwepo Пaúde Sexvii. 9. and hear, O Ifrael. And a- anpores nainenfar i▼ 31. gain, But do thou ftand there mir Aungs & Mapxos. Pag and hear. In the next Place, **orde aragvwκαὶ ὅπου ἀναγινωlet the Presbyters, one by nouvor ☎ dayone, not all together, exhort λov, nojumes of πpedthe People, and the Bishop Gune, of Haixoin the last place, as being vo, y mas o ago's snthe Commander. Let the κέτωσαμ μα' πολλῆς τ Porters ftand at the Entries Guías: gigantar záp

2 Sphyr. Edit. Turrian.





Zidóma, è anvelo- of the Men, and obferve ραήλ. Καὶ πάλιν Σὺ them. Let the Deaconeffes ἢ αὐτῇ ςῆθι, ᾧ ἀκέσῃ. allo ftand at thofe of rhe Kai &ens Sanger Women, like Ship-men. For Deut. oop of πρeobune the fame Defcription and Pat. xxiii 1,87% λαὸν ὁ καθεὶς αὐτῶν, tern was both in the Taberἀλλὰ μὴ ' ἄπουτες & nacle of the Teftimony, and τελευταῖο πού των in the Temple of God. But ThonoπQ, as Loine - if any one be found fitting CeprŃrn. smeetwody out of his Place, let him be of fifù murwegi eis is rebuk'd by the Deacon, as cicides is didev qu- a Manager of the Fore-Ship, agorovres aura's, ai 5 and be remov'd into the Nánoval eis Tas Place proper for him: For γυναικῶν, δίκην ναusa the Church is not only like a 2920v. & 28 y Ev T Ship, but also like a Sheeponnvy & upucis fold: For as the Shepherds αὐτὸς ρηκολέθη* λό place all the Bruit Creatures JQ è" TOTTOS, 3 è & diftinctly, I mean Goats and 10 ms vaw & Det". & dé Sheep, according to their * τις ερεθῇ ά τόπον Kind and Age; and ftill evena de CóμsuQ, Ann ry one runs together, like to weaw vwo & dangus, his like; fo is it to be in the as 3 mewpolis", & eis Church. Let the young Perκαθήκοντα αὐτῳ τὸν fons fit by themfelves, if For pela year. & voy there be a Place for them; 25 m3, Sma & Mav if not, let them stand upSpy wμoiway i čunan right. But thofe that are σία ὡς ηδ' οἱ ποιμλύες already ftricken in Years, ၏ inaçov Tfs ànézor, ai- let them fit in Order. For gür, onui, ỳ weg 6- the Children which stand,




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let their Fathers and Mothers, CuÁVtake them to them. Let the diniav isão, è inaçör younger Women alfo fit by αὐτῶν δ ὁμοίον, Τῷ ὅμοίῳ themselves, if there be a Place ourçin!· FTW È år τῇ for them; but if there be onnanoic, oift rewὀκκλησίᾳ, αἱ νεώτε not, let them ftand behind eaidia na de Céadwaojis, the Women. Let thofe Wo- dp & romos, e 5 μù, men which are married, and εγέτωσαν ὀρθοὶ οἱ 5 have Children, be plac'd by Thaixia ndn weghethemselves: But let the Vir- Canges, nadadisgins, and the Widows, and du ir rast va j the elder Women, ftand zaldia isûra wegór or fit before all the reft; λαμβανέθωσαν αὐτῶν and let the Deacon be the οἱ πατέρες; Οι μητέρες Difpofer of the Places, that aveToPOR Takit & **Pag. every one of those that comes dia, ** ἐγγὺ τόπο, in may go to his proper & unge, omder vis Place, and may not fit at yunŵr is awar the Entrance. In like man-d'n gjaμnữa. ner, let the Deacon oversee τα αρχεται ἰδίᾳ the People, that no body isoar aj béros may whisper, nor flumber,nora y wρeσbý laugh, nor nod: For all ought des, TTY TO 57 in the Church to ftand wife xéтwoce, xαDECIWOly, and foberly, and atten- oav. EWZ Tûr lóπWY tively, having their Attention grown & Sianovi, fix'd upon the Word of the xaçR TWVcOp ἵν ̓ ἕκαςΘ τῶν εἰσερ Lord. After this, let all pyjor eis & idior TÓχεμύων εἰς ἴδιον τὰ rife up with one Confent, my opμa, è un @By and looking towards the Eaft, irregitov xade wre after the Catechumens and ὁμοίως ὁ διάκονος






2,7ù vivya Expres, alg Y. ↑ mesoïxor, Y,

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MOXOTEITA & M, Penitents are gone out, pray ows miles tiveron, to God Eaftward, who af end- Pfal.ivit in rusan, ingon, ed up to the Heaven of Hear 34. νυςάξῃ, voon, Xpr 28 cv in vens to the East. Rememnoia 67.5ugros, bring alfo the ancient Situa - unganews & eene- tion of Paradife in the Eaft, πως έφάναι, έκττα. from whence the firit Man, ps le exorta & anol when he had yielded to the Chi & & neis 2. Perfwafion of the Serpent, 3 με τῦτο ζυμφώνως and dilobey'd the Command απόντες ἐξιματάντες, of God, was expell’d. new draтona's na- to the Deacons, afret the τ τομοήδυτες, με * τῶν Prayer is over, let fome of κατηχομδύων & * * 7 pie them attend upon the Oblaτολμούντων ἔξοδον TWO TWY O for weg- tion of the Eucharift, mi↑ odkadwoar tus e, niftring to the Lord's Body. τῷ Ἐπιβεβηκότι ότι * Let others of them watch the Beavor to beary Multitude, and keep them walory's, oprnong filent. But let that Deacon, έ μοι εξ αρχαίας να who is at the High-Priest's μñs ☎ x ava Toλa's Hand, fay to the People, μῆς St @ Sadeo8. • IFDo we. Let no one have any Quarrel TG LibENTOS & DErrous against another: Let no one Si + Euroalu, Opews Gu- come in Hypocrific. Then let βυλίᾳ πειθείς, απε- the Men give the Men, and βλήθη. οἱ ἢ διάκονοι the Women give the WoTegodt, of men the Lord's Kits.

μ in Teppa -
jaergias gora Céra-
odi пPETSμo
To were quale

1 επισκέψαντος V.

But let no one do it with Deceit, as Judas betray'd the Lord with a Kifs. After this, let the Deacon pray for the


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whole Church, for the whole gás, Di 5 tús öxλvi World, and the feveral Parts of it, and the Fruits of it: for the Priefits and the Rulets, for the High-Prieft and the King, and the Peace of of the Universe. After this, let the High-Priest pray for Peace upon the People, and bless them in thele Words, Numb. vi. The Lord bless thee, and keep thee; the Lord make his Face to fhine upon thee, and give thee Peace. Let the ithop pray for the People, and fay, Pfal.xxvii. Save thy People, O Lord, and A&.xx.28 bless thine Inheritance, which 1 Pet.i.19 thou hast obtaind with the .9. precious Blood of thy Chrift, and haft called a Royal Priesthood, and an holy Nation. After this let the Sacrifice follow, the People ftanding, and praying filently; and when the Gblation has been made, let every Rank by it felf partake of the Lord's Body, and precious Blood, in order, ard approach with Reverence and holy Fear, as το the Body of their King. Let the Women approach

αonomiτwour, & iσυχίου αὐτοῖς ἐμποκ έτωσι λεγέτω ; Sess TWS APHERE' Janov & TuS 29, patt mis naτá hvos un mo commeil. årα è ἀσπαζέδωσαν ἀλλήλες of dupes, nas ai joraines, *+* ♂ & * new planug• and μn Tis donies, ws Isδας – κύριον φιλήματ dwne. È METU Tõta wody w o diánova & inuλnoas ardons, È TUTT's To ἁπάσης, πολωτός nos, TV EN Aus e, xcxqoray iἐκφοριῶν· περ τῶν ἱερέων, ὦ τῶν & per WY 2008 ap. péWS, TO Bαortws & ↑ nadóλe Åρήνης. καὶ μετὰ τῦτο ὁ appolis ETTO




new exprune, ding. iTW TOTOV' ૦૬ બે Moons CVETεing To iε pδΐσιν οὐλογεῖν τὸ λαὸν τέτοις τοῖς ῥήμασιν Εὖnocu Of meros,

¿jepa. V.


*** Pag. 265.

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