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Life, and in his Converfa-
tion, whether he have a good
Report as to his Life, whe-
ther he has been unblame-
able, whether he has been
zealous in Holiness, whether
he be a Lover of the Wi-
dows, a Lover of the Stran-,
gers, a Lover of the Poor,
and a Lover of the Brethren,
whether he be not given to
filthy Lucre; whether he be ", ei oupEar,
εσώψεων, ἐ μή
not an extravagant Perfon, äлOTQ, μεDvo,
or a Spendthrift; whether he apo¤az o ď.
be fober, and free from LuxuQ, L'μerá
ry, or a Drunkard, or a dor.
Glutton; whether he be com-
paffionate and charitable.

For if he has been before
addided to wicked Works,
the Accufations which are
now brought against him will
thence in fome measure ap.

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Εἰ δ' αυτων προϋ πίνει; ἔργα φαύλα, ἤδη ἐκ μέρες ἀληθῶς

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pear to be true, unless Jugociar, & una ao·
ftice do plainly plead for
him. For it may be that
though he had formerly been
an Öffender, yet that he
may not be guilty of this
Crime, of which he is ac-

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cufed. Wherefore be exactly τα τοιαῦτα vnd οι τη

Ideest. v. mawardaw]Œ. v. 3 defunt. v. 2 deel.v.




pares & Bebaias cautious about fuch CircumTolerade mas Stoparts ftances, and fo render your Iined bil. Sentences, when pronounc d bao ut & a pocou against the Ofender convictoutgrople aith, xed, fafe, and firm. And if WECOTEIN TYS Thong after his Separation he begs π, è nμαponeva - Pardon, and falls down beModern, we codecade fore the Bishop, and acknowQUTUD. MÝTE 5 ledges his Fault, receive him: φάντην ατιμώρητον ἐά- Bur neither do you (uffer a σητε, ἵνα μὴ ὲ ἕτερον falfe Accu'er to go unpunith'd, Tira nad ãs Bišila Bay that he may not calumniate σφημήση, ἕτερον 'πινα" another who lives well or THE TENIM TE Eugia encourage fome other Ferion αυτω δράσει MT to do like hi. Nor, to be μlus + Eresztévra a- fure, do ye fuffer a Person Júferson, o tas un 2- convicted to go off clear, TP & THIS AUTvis - left another be enfnar'd in χεθῆ ἔπ η μάρτυς the fame Crimes For neiHanaν α TIμ W ρn Tther fhall a Witnefs of Mifsay 30 o manμped


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chiefs be unpunish', nor fhall
he that offends be without

We faid before, that Judg- LE
ment ought to be given upon
hearing only one of the Far-
ties : torif you hear one of
them when the other is not
there and fo cannot make his
Detence to the Accusation
brought against him, and

deest. V. 2 V. v. 2 deeit. V. + xj. V.



rally give your Votes for πετῶς ἐξενέγκητε τῆ
Condemnation, you will be qov natanejows, evo-

found guilty of that Man's
Deltruction, and Partaker

avapors, ouμ χρι δ' αναιρέσεως, ε συμ μετρηταί των συκοφάν

orade, Tus dingin ner τῇ. Ὡς δόκρατῶν nepus xuvis, Tws wegesŵs amoreias neiσεως. Εγώ μιμητα nade rhs Ev Babuλῶνι πρεσβυτέρων, οι· lves καταμαρτυρήσομε τες ~ Σωστώνης αδίκως κατεδίκασομ αὐτὴν εἰς Svatov, vonge & inένων κρίσεως & κατα Sinns Húnae. OTL 7 μού Σωστούνομ ὁ κύριος

with the falfe Accufer before T, I DEW SPENT God, the juft Judge. For, Prov.xxvi As he that holdeth the Tail cf a Dog, fo is he that prefides at unjuft Judgment. But if ye become Imitators of the Elders in Babylon, who when they had born Witnels againft Sufanna, unjuftly condemn'd her to Death, you will become obnoxious to their Judgment and Condemnation. For the Lord, by Daniel, deliver'd Sufanna from the Hand of the Ungodly, but condemn'd to the & Davina éppúouFire those Elders who were guilty of her Blood; and re


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proaches you by him, faying, al auτns wρeoAre ye fo foolish, ye Children Dan xiii. of Ifrael? Without Examination, and without knowing the Truth, ye have condemned a Daughter of Ifrael. Return a gain to the Place of Judgment; for thefe Men have born Falfewitness against her.

Curépus' ¿v“ mei nαdinaσev iμgs di αὐτὸν ὠνείδησε λέγων Outws μwell of you lo eann; con dancinduTs, GodÈÉ O Capès 67. γνόντες κατερίνατε π γατέρα Ισραήλ: απ σρέψατε εν εἰς δ κρι

τήριον ψευδή γδ ὗτοι κατεμαρτύρησαν αὐτῆς.

I deelt. V.

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ρια, ὧν τῇ ἐξεσίᾳ ὁ- by whole Power we fee Murcause a gougues pores, derers, Adulterers, Wizzards,

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Robbers of Sepulchres, and Thieves, brought to Tryal; and chole that prefide when they have receiv'd their Accufations from those that brought them, ask the Malefactor whether those things be fo? And tho' he does not deny the Crimes, they do nor Prelently fend him out to Punishment, but for several Days they make Enquiry about him, with a full CounTecil, and with the Veil interposid: And be that is to pafs the final Decree and Suffrage of Deathlagainft him, lifts up his Hands to the Sun, and folemnly affirms that he is innocent of the Blood of the Man: Though they be Hea

XAT TO αipato.thens, and know not thes @i


Deity, nor the Vengeance ανθρώπε, καίτοι ὄντες
which will fall upon Men ἐθνικοί, καὶ ἐγινώσκον
from God, on account of τες θειότητα, ἢ ἐς
thole that are unjufly con-
demn'd, they avoid fuch un
juft Judgments.

But you who know who
our God is, and what are his
Judgments, how can you bear
to pars an unjuft Judgment,
fince your Sentence will be
immediately known to God:
And if you have judged
righteoufly, you will be

αὐτὲς ἀπὸ Θεῖ ἄμυνα v αναιτίως και τακριθέντων, Σποφο



Ὑμᾶς ἢ γινώσκον τες τίς ὁ Θεὸς ἡμῶν, @ ὁποῖα τα κρίματα ἀκτῖ, πῶς ἂν καὶ ἐ πήρειαν διω σεπε τι Σπόφασιν δῆναι κρί σεως ὑμῶν τα χρήμα γινωσκομλίης Θεῷ;

e μ

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deem'd 'worthy of the Re- εἰ ἃ δικαίως ἐκρίνατε, compences of Righteoufnels, δικαίων ἀμφιβῶν και both now and hereafter : ταξιωθήσεσθε κ but if unrighteoufly, you will eiς αὖθις εἰ ἢ ἀδίκως, partake of the like. We πάλιν η ομοίων τω therefore advife you, Bre. ξεπε ἡμεῖς μεν, α chren, rather to deferve Com- δελφοίς συμβελεύομα mendation from God than ὑμῖν, μᾶλλον ἐπαίνων Rebukes: For the Commendation of God is Eternal Life to Men, as is his Re buke Everlafting Death. Be ye therefore righteous Judges, Peace-makers, and without Matt..22 Anger. For, He that is an

• TYTO MIÑA. V. . v.


αξιοποι που ο Θεώ ή ψόγων ὅτι Θεῖ ἔπαι· @ ζωή αιώνι θα ανα θρώποις, ὥσπερ 2 κ ψογα θάνατο απ δια. διό γίνεθε δια και οι κειται είρων

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