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heard, nor will thy Thankf. θὼν πρόσφερε τὸ δωρόν
givings be accepted, by rea- u. Aãe de Bir DEG
ρον δέ τιν Θεῷ
fon of that hidden Anger. But wodont
'tis your Duty, Brethren, to desi. y

pray continually. Yet becaufe To adenou as
God hears not those which quIUS EXY k πT σ8,
are at Enmity with their Bre- a weodigas as
thren by unjuft Quarrels, e εἰσακεθήσονται, ἔτε αἱ
ven tho' they should pray three design or megave
times an Hour, 'tis our Duty gay, You & van-
to compose all our Enmity xep on
and Littleness of Soul, that ouews Wedne
we may be able to pray with us, adenoor m
a pure and unpolluted Heart. ad vfs in opgaïsa-
For the Lord commanded us δίκως ἐχθραινόντων α
to love even our Enemies, Expois & Ed's SON &




and by no means to hate axed, & edp reis & our Friends. And the Law- weas ego di Ewray, Levit. xix. giver fays, Thou shalt not hate ash Yanvar ay sby Brother in thy Mind. Thou bear & uxextuxi fhalt certainly reprove thy Bro- αν, ἵνα διψώμεθα τρ ther, and not incur Sin on his adds nadapa Th Account. Thou shalt not hate nadia aρúzw. wi an Egyptian, for thou waft a roi yo @ ixApes à suSojourner with him. Thou ei ajamar e fhalt not hate an Idumæan, e, xi 5 ŷ TH for he is thy Brother. And gines poziv David fays, If I have repayed moderns noir Où μs με thofe that requited me Evil. onofs af emer Wherefore, if thou wilt be a 3 μισήσης ἢ ἀδελφόν σε Chriftian, follow the Law T Havola o'u 32E..of the Lord Loofe every yμg éñéyças & adenγμῷ ἐλέγξεις ἀδελ Band of Wickedness: For the pros, & aŭty si



Deut. xxiii. 7.

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αὐτὸν ἀμρτίου. ἔ με Lord has given thee Authoαστε Αἰγύπτιον, ὅτι rity to remit thofe Sins to Index Fada 'au thy Brother which he has ris & pronofs de pecor, committed against thee, as ok adenpós Cr 6. far as Seventy times Seven, Matt.xviii. · Καὶ ὁ Δαβὶδ λέγg that is, Four Hundred and Εἰ δὐταπέδωκα τοῖς Ninety times. How oft there. Aramidea pot ng fore haft thou remitted to "ODER & Xes thy Brother, that thou art unI dod's Déxes avo, a- willing to do it now? when θέλεις εξα wredt ny to weis thou alfo haft heard fereVOμ QUE TOjura cu miah faying, Do not any of Zach, viii. dropov adixías. 6 you impute the Wickedness of 17. Co jo ne his Neighbour in your Hearts. 11 Evoid edilo apiévaya But thou remembreft Injupapkastus adenouras ries, and keepest Enmity, and eis de ropjuas ews 6- comeft into Judgment, and JunkovTAMIS, art fufpicious of his Anger, · τετές, τετρακοσίας &ν- and thy Prayer is hindred. · ἑνήκοντα. ποσάκις ὖν Nay, if thou haft remitted ἤδη ἀφῆκας τῷ ἀδελφῷ to thy Brother Four Hundred જે, μn beaños" and Ninety times, do thou αὐτῷ ἀφιέναι C ν ; ftill multiply thy ids of και τοι ακέσας δ 1εςε- Gentlenefs more to do good μis négoïl, oti ég for thy own fake; altho' he Q+ raxide 8 m does not do fo, yet how oior aura un 2e ever do thou endeavour to De CV rais napsiais - forgive thy Brother for God's Mãov. Zv5 μvnog fake, That thou mayeft be the Matts of xes, σumpers" - Son of thy Father which is in Bear, & 6 neian Heaven; and when thou



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ε ὅτι ἦ θέλεις. v. 3 συζητάς. V. φυλάτ]ως. V,

M 3

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prayeft mayft be heard, as a ἔρχῃ, ἐμῆνιν ὑφορο
Friend of God..
καὶ ἡ προσδοχή σε ἐμ
πορίζεται αλλ ̓ εἰ καὶ το
πρακόσιᾳ ἐνενήκονται ἀφεὶς τῷ ἀδελφῷ σε, πλεόναζον
ἀοργησίαν Ἐπὶ πλεῖον εἰς ἀγαθωπωίῳ δὲ ἑαυτόν. καν ἐκεῖς
νος μὴ ποιεῖ, αλλάγι σύλα - Θεὸν απέδαζε ἀφιέναι το
πλησίον, ὅπως ἡλύῃ ὑὸς ᾧ πατρὸς σε ᾧ ἐν ἐρανοῖς, καὶ προς
σολομον επακέῃ ὡς φίλῷ Θεῷ.

Wherefore, Ο Bilhop, when you are to go to Prayer, after The Leffons, and the Pfalmody, and the inftruction out of the Scriptures, let the Deacon ftand nigh you, and with a loud Voice fay, Let none have any Quarrel with another ; Let none come in Hy· ** Pag. pocrifie; that if there be any



Δια τέτο, ὦ ἄν σκοποί, μελλόντων μῶν εἰς προσδιχα πουτᾷν, μ' * ανά γνωσιν, &ΐ ψαλμῳδίδω, ¢ + 67 * γρα φαῖς διδασκαλίδη, ὁ διάκον Θ· ἑς ὼς πλησίον ὑμῶν, μ' υψηλής φω



*: λέγεται μήτις


Controverfie found among κατά τις μητε c any of you, they may be ὑποκρίση. ἵνα ἐγὼ δ affelted in Confcience, and ρεθῇ ἐν ταν δύτιλα may pray to God, and be γία, συμειδίας κρε reconcild to their Brethren. σθέντες, δεηθῶσι & Θε For if upon coming into c αλλαγῶσι τοῖς ἀ any ones Houfe we are to δελφοῖς. ε γδ' τὰς ἐν Flatt.x.12 fay, Peace be to this Foufe, οἰκίᾳ τινὸς ἐσερομύες, like Sons of Peace beftowi g πρί πούτων δε λέξει Peace on thofe who are wor- Εἰρη τῷ οἴκῳ τέτῳ Ifa Ivil is thy as it is written, Το them ὡς τὰς εἰρήνης εἰρήν Ephii ? that are nigh, and ihem that χαριζομύες τοῖς αξίοις,

a Tin it


· ὑπορήσαι. V. . δια τέτο. ". 3 συνεχώρησις. V.

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iTzu's by Tois maneav,
is wow ner örtes
airy 2 TU" Hor
TÙS EN Enuλnoiq O
Gaggers xph w
Adjurar 3 wolineway



nada's giveandar, 'Tols are far off, whom the Lord knows to be his, much more is it incumbent on thofe that enter into the Church of God betóre all things to pray for the Peace of God: But if he prays for it upon o* OE ciplun ethers, much more let him. ἄλλοις ταύτην ἐπδύχε- felf be within the fame, as ται, 4 modu" Humor a Child of Light; for he πολύ αὐτὸς αὐτῆς αὐτὸς παρ- that has it not within him1 JÉT, WS TENDOV wros. felf is not fit to bestow it upon others. Wherefore, before all things, ’tis our Duty to be ar Peace in our own Minds; for he that does not find any Diforder in himfelf, will not quarrel with another, but will be peaceable, friendly, gathering the Lord's People, and a Fellow-worker with him, in order to the increafing the Number of thofe that fhall be faved in Unanimity For those who contrive Enmities, and Strifes, and Contests, and Law-Suits, are wicked, and Aliens from God.

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ἐλθων ἐυηγγελίσατο εἰρήνην ὑμῖνν. 3 πολλῷ V.ν. 3 προσευχεσαι τῷ O THY TO λa cipány. V.

.V. defunt. V. prouer. V. M 4


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LV. FOR God, being a God of Fapos, Beds Γὰρ Θεός, Beginners, a w ἀ ning, called every Generation Sued on to Repentance by righteo ous Men and Prophets. He dinglar & rfs wee inftructed thofe before the gour. Flood by Abel, and Sem, and Seth; allo by Enos; and by Enoch that was tranflated: Those at the Flood by Noah: The Inhabitants of Sodom by hofpitable Lotsthofe after the N. Flood by Melchifedek, and the resen Zodougis. Ya Patriarchs, and Job the Be- pasÉva AÚT TU MT loved of God; the Egyptians TURNUM, an by Mofes the Inaalities by Mender, & vfd mahim, and fofhua, and Caleb, recapour, &? Seoand Phineas, and the reft. pass Iw6" Tus či AiThofe after the Law by Anju Mwoens gels and Prophets, and the Ts 'loeannitas, di oï¬ fame by his own Incarnation, I, Xaneb no, y of the Virgin; thofe a little vess, 201 before his Bodily Appearances pela vou, by John, his Fore-runner, and Sayiλwv & æqnthe fame by the fame Perfon τῶν τὲς αὐτὸς λα after hrift's Birth, faying, idas crapeπhews of Mari. 15. Repent ye, for the Kingdom of Hoven is at hand.










in aramal azivy.

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