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teach, because 'ris unseemly; and Ndoxet, docent's 8 what Women follow'd our Lord, ποϊαι γυναίκες άποντο των κυ

είω. VII. What are the Characters of Oial viny a feldern Widows falsely so called.

egi VIII. Thar the Widows ought not

Á "Ons xente por dreto accept of Alms from the Unwor- Elav naulavet megv, ih thy, no more than the Bishop, or any

ή επίσκοπον, ή άλλον πιστόν. other of the Faithful. - IX. 'That Women 'ought not to

: "!"On 8 Xpå gwarness Baptize; because it is impious, and farlier d'obes S x contrary to the Doctrine of Christ. Χeις διδασκαλίας αλλότριον. .

X. That one of the Lairy ought 1. "Οτι & χρή λαϊκών ποιών not to do any Office of the Priesthood, isegnixèn épgav. Berlicud, he ought neither to Baptize, nor Offer, Soiar, seg.Itoiz, i da nor Lay on Hands, nor give the Blel- ogías. ling.

XI. That none but a Bishop and see On The S monomy, Presbyter, nune even of the inferior roped CUTÉGx ødkvi 2017 Ranks of the Clergy are permitted to ranerxão & Time 77ms Toe do the Offices of the Priets; that Oroofis iepim èregjeov zo 264dination belongs wholly to the Bishop, egzovao cova émoustow weg. and to no body ele. .

στηκε, ετέρω και έδενί XII. The Rejection all uncharita

ιβ. 'Αποτροπη βασκανίας., ble Actions.

XIII. How the Widows are to in Ows die regostigao pray for those that supply their Ne. Nowe tais gereges coses ņa ceilities,

Sortwy T weisi za's akida XIV, That She who has been kind edo One 8 xen xoje tra' tv, to the Poor ought nor to make a Stir, rj mesa fémes to cauta's ovos and tell abroad her Name ; according wa, * neprocops may; to the Constitution of the Lord. και χωρίς διάταξιν.

XV. That it does nor become us 16. "On a menisi mordo to revile our Neighbours, because gaiv zanotow i Méhecho con Curling is contrary to Christianity:

Χριςιανών το καταρχάς. XVI Concerning the sacred Initi-is'i llece uvuceas Sejas ation of Holy Baptism.

régár Bazionale, XVII. What is the meaning of Bap- IM. Moides with co 974 tism into Chrift: and on what ac ris Xeisov Berligua, count every thing is there said or done.,, si in an' The reason bytu;

rj Degihleteld. XVIII. Or what. Character he 1 UG opna to me oyglit to be who is initiated.


ab'. OiG peine • XIX. What are the Characters of da xoro

a Deacon 2. On ka qedo do XX. That a Bishop ought to be orBrokófru opeiad zegtorg- dained by Three, or by Two Bishops ; eJoue Chionora, amix but not by One. For that would be σό ενός αβέβαιόν γι. invalid.

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CONTENTS tetapt: 6:60 ix. of the Fourth Book. ¿ O Ins al , Thinzo Chap: 1: How the Bishop onghe

700 wegvony . to provide for the Örparwy.

phans. 7. Tivee ipriaxar Gixx- III. Who ought to be supported, power, Et * xwemxiy data according to the Lord's Constitution. gúv.

δ'. Περί φιλαργυρίας.. IV. Of the Love of Money.

6. Μετα πτίε φόβο και την V. With whar Fear Men ought to wera xão HUTÉZEY QUDGLOPO- partake of the Lord's Oblations. gov.

s'. Tiyan a restro sociau VI. Whose Oblations are to be reδικτα, και τηνων άδεκτοι

ceiv'd, and whole not to be receiv'd. ζ. Ταναξίων καρπο- VII. That the Oblations of the unpoeiau, tas even moeft & . worthy, while they are such, do not Yvér Elasov te soveniente only not propitiate God, but on the crantia reršoy w Toy men's contrary, provoke him to indignation. αγανάκτησιν. ή “Οι βίλιον ο κόπο δε

VIII. That 'ris better to afford παρέχειν η χήραις, κάν ที่ dran rj irizd, îi Te poleg tribntions, to the Widows from our

tho it be inconsiderable and few Condowy, now than jus γάλα τυχάνη" βέλτιον δ λι:

own Labours, than those which are . Rego dap Japñros, ñ eragia e many and large, receiv'd from the alöv owerpo egr Nederde. Ungodly. For 'tis better to perich by

Famine, than to receive an Oblation

from the Ungodly. o'. 'On get weergematu. IX. That the People ought to be dady

wiecéws di Tut exhorted by the Priest to do good to tiv tri minutes aos ný ó Euro. the Needy, as says Solomon the Wise: μων ο σοφός.

í slámažis, lle'r ys X. A Conftitution, that if any one of docărBig Begrelity of the ungodly by force will caft


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Money to the Priests, they (pend it gentia tie cons is doing as in Wood and Coals, but not in Food. Evne dvoeg xído dvaná

bwa raira, en un sis di

aicoon's XI. Ot Parents and Children, co naci goréer, ej ubXII. Of Servants and Masters. ',

β'. Περί οικιτών, και છે

διασυτών. XHI. In what Things we ought y 'Ey riay Kwoti arreu to be fubject to the Rulers of this χρή εις κοσμικούς άρχισιν. World. XIV. Of Virgins.

18. The prepirar,


κ. Ε Φ Α Λ Α Ι Α


of the Fifth Book. og méu 718 6.6aís. ..Chapet. Hat it is reafonable for 'In Corleos meg

Τι τους δια Χριςόν the Faithful to supply the Wants of those who are afflicted aniswu, ni neuon tuos mspis for the sake of Chrift by the Unbe-' borra parésou, ** Tð lievers; according to the Conftitution were detažir. of the Lord.

II. That we are to avoid Conver- B'. On oxbxtiny one weg's fation with false Brethren, when you lose dans vosgigs, they continue in their Naughtiness

όπιν επιμείωση του φαυλότητι. III. That we ought to afford an γ' "Οπ τοις δια Χριστόν helping Hand to such as are spoild map speleons zapit zeięg ogéger,

for the sake of Chrift; altho we should xar xiyaw mapa incur Danger ourselves.

IV. That 'tis an horrible and de: '. Οι φρικτον και ολέθριAtructive thing to deny Chrift. GV, To ágramu Xeisov

V. That we ought to imitare Christ on myjen Tea Xersoner in Suffering, and with Zeal to follow med adger, Snaantov his Pacience.

auri Wonow VI. That a Believer ought neither

“Οι χρή επισόν μίτε rahly, to run into Danger, through prafoxirdwor. Os doma'det. Security; nor to be over-timourous, ep., MATTalkiñ drar through Pufllanimity. But to fly a.

deiar dianca y polver & way for Fear; yer that if he does fall

dindforce, gun gora ela


γωνίζεως δε και αποκρίμωρου into the Enemy's Hand, to strive car.


2. Пе!



thar is laid up for him. 2. Tizei cresciognie ano. i VII. Several Demonstrations conJeius dupoegi, ei Eri cerning the Resurrection, concerning Coming si Etweel the sibyll, and what the Stoicks lay Bei poivro p áprés, concerning the Bird call'd the Phæniki

H. Gleei 'lanabr tadino VIII. Concerning James the Broi sa xueir, rj & TIPAVE Frother of the Lord, and Stephen the firft Rapatojueglugo

Martyr. 3. Tee ta douagtugowe. IX. Concerning false Martyrs. 6. 'HSK eragireas, on · X. A morál Admonition, that we Não dizer que tothomozics, ai are to abstain from vain Talking, obregnovias, ditegmaías. Má scene Talking, Jefting, Drunkennels, dur, aveiar, spürfen Lasciviousness and Luxury.

de Maggivios, mais do's XI. An Admonition, inftuching ou d'very Bidara Tera Men to avoid the abominable Sin of TuiaG.

Idolatry. 16 "on un neding WAN' XII. That we ought not to sing an Overdy magvexan os ar me heathen or an obscene Song: nor to Inouya's Hidwaev diobes 38 swear by an Idol; because tis an imrôn gifs iš www pious Thing, and contrary to the εχθρόν.

Knowledge of God. ιν'. Κατάλογο και το XIII. A Catalogue of the Feasts of xveit savas del ound the Lord which are to be kept, and AJEV Y TE témy ereisn when each of them ought to be ob οφείλς πιτελείς

serv'd. ld'. Heei medus T xwe XIV. Concerning the Passion of eis, er gresu nuésą é our Lord; and what was done on each Frede, cy Ted rapidi rý day of his Sufferings. And concerning de A Plode wij ons ook. Fudas: and that Judas was not present Taçlü 'lédes en tus trueion when the Lord deliver'd the Mysteries pois utt tüseda fóveu Ta

to his Disciples. pusúzie. ιε Πεει η μεγάλης έβα

XV. Of the Great Week; and on widG i na Teteg. do what account they enjoyn us to fast ay agorol imenovar uns dísy.

on Wednesday and Friday. -ις'. 'Απαρίθμησις Θεοφή

XVI. An Enumeration of the Proικών συρρήσεων και λοιπόν unçutsouvy osy 'iscãel pherical Predictions which declare

en Квал саад удов, см 40x

Christ; whose Completion though the voics misnour ow toy Toy Fews saw, yer out of the evil Temper Xesor tñ iv, 2.5m, v sebent of their mind they did not believe


he was the Christ of God, and con-



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demnd the Lord of Glory to the Times at of M'Ens suecor. Cross.

XVII. How the Paffover onght to τιζ. "Οπως φάλη κινες be celebrated

70 XVIII. A Constitution concerning som sid Tags Oreiswege the great Passover-Week.

AM 1% add 6dbus. XIX. Concerning the Watching

εθ' Περί επαννυχίδα το all the Night of the Great Sabbath, maga aio ou 66áty noel is and concerning the day of the Relur ayasadius ruéegs rection. - XX. A Prophetick Prediction con- κ'. Πρόρρησης σesφητείας cerning Christ Jesus.

Xxs8 ong8.



of the Sixth Book.

τα έκτα βιβλία. .

Chap. 1. W

HO they were that I ίνες άσματα ποεϊν
ventur'd to

τολμή σαυτές,

đó. Schisms, and did not escape Punish- puzovatel nuweias. ment.

II. That 'ris not lawful to rise up β', Οι Κτε βα σιλεία και η either against the Kingly or the iss wou'n JEMITÈ Swayisants . Priestly Office. III. Concerning the Vertue of

z'. Meri' s Mwice as a peMoses, and the incredulity of the tws x angio Ply dear 9. Jewish Nation, and what wonderful yes, Dj Tv i Oeds & Januaté. Works God did among them. $7108

Σ αυτών. IV. That he makes Schism nor M. "On Segels, sx who seperates himtelf from the down gwertówGam Wicked, but who departs from the ó ñ cursun ápisau

V. Upon what account Ifrael i Thy geen 'mbahen falsely so named is rejected by God, old dar unos loesia arródemonstrated from the propherick derĞUŠČA DA EGONTIxão respinPredictions.

στων: : VI. That even among the Jews,

s' "και πειραΙδαίοις there atose the Doctrine of several owes Fromon's Marcanía Herelies, hateful to God.

διαφόρων αιρέσεων VII. Whence the Hereges sprang, ζ'. Οπόθεν ανέφωσαν αι



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