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Men, and one condemn'd of dons Drobantos égove,


ένας ανθρώποις ὁσίοις ἄτιμο, @ ωρα Θεω κατάλικα.

Μὴ πασης 5 άρθρο τίας * αὐτην ποιείπε panning sus ίδίδω με πολλῆς φερ· νήσεως κείνοντες ἕκασ της πλημμελημάτων Te quined & To μεγάλα, ἄλλως p, 2678 ? midw x πάλιν προθέσεως,





Do not pass the same Sentence for every Sin, but one fuitable to each Crime, diftinguithing all the feveral forts of Oiences with much Prudence, the great from the little. Treat a wicked Acti. on after one manner, and a wicked Word after another, a bare Intention flill other- έπω, wife. So alfo in the cafeadacias, in worn of a Contumely or Sufpici ews of CEOs & @ on: And fome thou shalt is μf badas μg curb by Threatnings alone, ναις ἀπειλαῖς τὲς fome thou flair punith with πενήτων χωρηγίας, ἀλ Fines to the Poor, fome thou aus unseios 576 words, fhalt mortifie with Fallings, Tipus apocios Teis and others thou flat feparate ὃ μέγεθος τὸ ἐξηλή. according to the Greatnefs på aÚTWY. & 28 of their leveral Crimes. For è è viμe & W TO'S the Law did not allot the άρτημα Θ. * αὐτὴν fame Funfhment to every ἐπλεῖτο τιμωρίαν ἄλ· Offence, but had a different ames μ To es λα άλλως Regard to a Sin against Gov. Ces iεpéœ. Θεὸν, εἰς ἱερέα. C God, against the Prieft, a-es iseov, y es ispaor, gain!t the Temple, or againtt έτρως τὰ εἰς βασιλία, the Sacrifice, from a Sin a @ ἄρχοντο, καὶ σρατώ gainst the King, or Ruler, my, è incor oμé


! deeft. v. 2. v. 3 deen. v. v. 5 deeft. v.


· ἄλλως. V.

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Tugy, oinery, nes or a Soldier, or a Fellow-
xmμa, in eis angov, Subject: and fo were the Of
πολιν αθρηλλαδμλύως fences different which were
against a Servant, a Poffef-
fion, or a Bruit Creature.
And again, Sins were diffe-

To His govers by our gues,
ἄλλως τα ἐξ έφοδο,
To ansaws STELWS


mis ir daranrently rated according as they αλιθων, were againft Parents and

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σαυρες ή



as mis 5. Enμido, Kinfmen, and thofe diffegarently which were done on purpose, from those that happen'd involuntarily. Accordingly the Punithments were different; as Death, either by Crucifixion or by Stoning; Fines, Scourgings, or the fuffering the fame Milchiefs they had done to others. Wherefore do you alfo al lot different Penalties to dif ferent Offences, left any Injustice should happen, and provoke God to Indignation. For of what unjust Judgment foever you are the Inftruments, of the fame you Matt.vii.2. fhall receive the Reward from God. For with what



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Judgment ye judge ye shall be judged.

Καθίσουτες ἦν 8 κριτήριον, θρόντων Exgniewr rhs wego. ἑκατέρων TW, & 28 spop Serowy, Mengic & Tes cv ciplun mong

When therefore you are XLIX. fet down at your Tribunal, and the Parties are both of them prefent, (for we will not call them Brethren until they receive each other in





Peace) examine diligently av, éporate ancilõs concerning those who ap- even wv y περὶ ἀνελομλύων καὶ pear before you, and first TWO WEE TO NATπρῶτον περὶ τὸ gm concerning the Accufer, whe- pTO, & 'WENTY" ther this be the first Person TT 2 THE 3" he has accused, or whether IS TOW Γκλή he has advanced Acculations log against fome others before, & μù in péμifeos auand whether this Conteft τῶν ἡ φιλονεικία καὶ δ ที่ and Accufation of theirs does nλng wonery, y not arise from some Quarrel, omia as ʼn diaspoon and what fort of Converfa- ar α 18tion the Accufer is of. Yet TQ 3 ŵy Nowádnthough he be of a good 1, un madaw μσυνέπω Conscience, do not give Cre-rouge 28 3 ditto him alone; for that is ται τον ἀλλ ̓ ἐχέτω contrary to the Law. But let ἑτέρος μάρτυρας, ὁμοίως him have others to join in τρόπον καθώς his Teftimony, and thofe of λέγ. Ἐπὶ the fame course of Life. As dúo & recr Deut. xix. the Law fays, At the Mouth μaptor sa InJETOY of two or three Witnesses every ar png. Alatí. ῥῆμα. Διατί. thing hall be eftablifhed. But ἄπομ, * τρόπον αὐ why did we fay, that the Conversation of the Witneffes was to be enquir'd after, of what fort it is? Because it frequently happens that two and more reftifie for Mifchief, and with joint Consent Dan. xiii. prefer a Lye; as did the two

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67 CATELNS, omoios hard; & wadh nonsupe, & TUS ἐξχωρεῖ, duo Tes Teoras 67 κακῷ μαρτυρῆσαι, καὶ συμφώνως @eg savoy, To" foldes as TAS duo πpeσbuTipes XII




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' . V. 2 *. V. 3 deeft. V. deeft. V. 5 ns. v. § deeft. V.


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Elders againft Sufanna in Ba bylon, and the Sons of Tranf- 3 King. greffors against Naboth in Samaria, and the Multitude of Matt. the Jews against our Lord at xxvi. Jerufalem, and against Ste- Act. vi, phen, his first Martyr. Let & vii. the Witneffes therefore be meek, free from Anger, full of Equity, kind, prudent, continent, free from Wickednefs, faithful, religious: For the Teftimony of fucha Perfons is firm on account of their Character, and true on account of their Converfation. But as to those of a different Character, do not ye receive their Teftimony, altho' they feem to agree together in their Evidence a gainst the Accufed. For 'tis *** Pag ordain'd in the Law, Thou Exod. weig. we oriants shalt not be with a Multitude xxii. 21. 25 Ev TWS vóμw for Wickedness. Thou shalt not ἐν τῷ νόμῳ Con TM receive a vain Report. Thou ἔσῃ nania & why seen a shalt not confent with a Mulngles Matalav. & ou titude to pervert Judgment. natalions You ought also particularly inndivay a Singior. Ev to know him that is accused. μέρα 5 τ κρινόμλυον what he is in his courfe of



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Life, and in his Converfa- édéral opeλETE OTTUIO'S



tion, whether he have a good rỷ Tŷ Bux onteig
Report as to his Life, whe-waseon, & μs
ther he has been unblame- paprun Bior,
able, whether he has been ei ai, & ¿010-
zealous in Holiness, whether a nλwnas, ei* 91°
he be a Lover of the Wi- mp, & 120€-
dows, a Lover of the Stran-, 120 wings, by
gers, a Lover of the Poor, aided, ei μin ai-
and a Lover of the Brethren; exp ins2, 3¢ μn Beg
whether he be not given to The Hoy Zenna Toza!"
filthy Lucre; whether he be ", ei owpear, è un
not an extravagant Perfon, äлOT, μEDvo,
or a Spendthrift; whether he appo¤az & S.
be fober, and free from Luxu
ry, or a Drunkard, or a dor.
Glutton; whether he be com-
paffionate and charitable.


For if he has been before
addifted to wicked Works,
the Accufations which are
now brought against him will
thence in fome measure ap-
pear to be true, unlefs Ju
ftice do plainly plead for
him. For it may be that
though he had formerly been
an Offender, yet that he
may not be guilty of this
Crime, of which he is ace
cuted. Wherefore be exadly τα

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αὐτῷ προ ἔργα. φαῦλο on сn μeрes aλn Das ἀληθες




ε ai u 6eurvey & avow" xg.rigeίας εί μή αν απ τῷ δ δίκαιον έχει σχε Cor per 28 αυτόν ἡμαρτικέ:αι μλύ TT, TTÝ ̈ § inań al die wap. diò incibus wet τοιαῦτα νncorτες,


Εἰ δ' πίκει;


deest. v.λuarána. v. 3 defunt. v. 2 acu.v.

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