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ng'ole péuzhy xeito XIII. That we onght to beware αμαρτημάτων των πλεαρά how we make Tryal of any Gnful

Course. ιδ'. Περι ή λερνταν μη XIV. Concerning those who afNgewone w tayošuta, rj o firm that Penitents are not to be reSing xav ozreszve. Mee T ceird into the Church. A righteo λύ, και συναπόλλυται αυτό. ous Person, altho' he converse with

Οι εσείς ή άλλο τιμω a Sinner, will not perish with him. pôtels d'a' eressos amp how to That no Person is punith'd for anoλόγν απαιτάται

ther; but every one must give an On ti mois diderón • account of himself. That we must ei Tiv isiv Condar

affist those who are weak in the "Ons xent is bioko Oy Faith: and that a Bishop must not be TO SET cungo sanádet.

govern'd by any turbulent Person a

mong the Lairy. ré.0718 gen i regia uí. XV. That á Bishop mult neither MOTE Taegsão ta' e ludothua- overlook Offences, nor be ralh in puτα, μήτε ούχεν εν ώ του nihing them. nuwpisu

ις: Περί μετανοίας, και της XVI. Of Penance. The manner wiras é gór, rj Ts Kel of it, and Rules about it, τoρθεται.

ιζ'. Οι ανεπίλητον εο) XVW. That a Bishop must be unze NG KOTRY, S TÚTOV blameable, and a Pattern for those Y es qué. wy

who are under his Charge. ή "Οι χρή ή επίσκοπος XVIII. Thar a Bishop must take DegvTICHY mws ó nads jane care that his People do not Sin; conmanuen, die son au Tù fidering that he is set for a Watchσκοπόν

man among them. 10'. "On j ó melanin mi XIX. That a Shepherd who is as peeguer Per tal neó careless of his Sheep will be condem'd; Gala, Sany tinuary to and that a Sheep which will not be

mela tov w 14. SepXã Tas led by the Shepherd, is to be puποιμνι, κολάζεται

nish d. κ'. “Όπως χρή του αρχα- XX. How the Governed are to 0. HiVw THISgby mois ås%*• bey the Bishops who are set over ay mexÓTOLS. κα. "Οτι κάνω μωνο

them. μερά κείσιν ποιήσαι, και

XXI. That’tis a dangeraus Thing nuweían delrou x to unders to judge without hearing both Sides, πω έλεγχάντ

or to determin of Punishinent against κς'. "Οι μέγα παράδειγ:

a Person before he is convicted.

XXII. That David, the Ninevit:s, μα μετανοίας ωeόκειται ΔαGid, ŷ Nirditas, 'Elegáns Ezekias, and his Son Manaffes are


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eminent Examples of Repentance. Te ny å 7678 yds Mave.coñs.
The Prayer of Manafes King of

XXIII. Amon may be an. Exam- x! Mess to in re tee ple to fuch as Sin with an high hand. Φρον ώστως αμαρτάνοντας έξω

παράδειγμα 'Αμών XXIV. That Cbrift Fefus our Lord

* Ut Xeise's 'Ingo's caine to save Sinners by Repentance, Xue Tapeggiato duastw

λές σώσει δια μετανοίας XXV. Of First fruits and Tyths;


κέ Περί απαρχών και δεν and after what manner the Bihop καταν, και όπως οφείλς ο ε. is himself to partake of them, or to

πισκοπή, ή αυτές μεταλαμ: distribute them to others.

Gover E LUTY, î étéegis

διανέμειν. XXVI. According to what Pat- is Tiv TÚV και terns and Dignity every Order of a' tiap éxas o en tu xnnthe Clergy is appointed by God. ζω τέτακται παρα Θεών

XXVII. That 'tis á horrible κζ" "Οι φρικώδες, αν. Thing for a Man το τhruft himfelf θρωπον. σαυτον επιρρίων into any facerdotal Office; as did aan tivi isegninq ans Corah, and his Company, Saul" and Kopñte, ws Eaša, as Uzziah.

"οζίας. XXVIII. Of an Entertainment;

κή Περι σοχής, και όπως and after what manner each diftinct χρή ένα στον τάγμα το κλήρε Order of the Clergy, is to be treated two of wesovaa omivwy muce by those who invite them to it. dou XXIX. What is the Dignity of a

all Tis the famoBishop, and of a Deacon.

κόπε, και τη διακόνο XXX. Afrer what manner the

λ' "Οπως χρή του λαϊ Laity, are to be obedient to the Dea- xss % 61. Seepgerir tris daxi

pels. con,

XXXI. Thar the Deacon 'must not λά "Οτι μη χρή και διακοdo any' thing without the Bishop. νον άι και το επισκόσο η πε5

2011 XXXII. That the Deacon must not

26". "Onun xpn t dinonake any Distributions without the rov energie poulw ð émoxóa conlent of the Bishop, because that.

To ditovoi myi é mi dia for will çurn to the reproach of the app is émoxóms TðTO Fred

XXXIII. After what manner the

λγ'. "Οπως χρή μάθαι Bihops are to be honour'd, and to go leges ales inchado, be reverenc'd as our spiritual Parents. Fid Manixes on ras porais. XXXIV. Thar Bishops are to be

λο'. “Οι συ αρχόντων και prefer'd before Rulers and Kings. Bazalar siqi sprinos oi iegtis

an. 037




Α. “Οι μακελεύονται XXXV. That both the Law and οι νόμοι καρποφορών"ωσαύτως the Golpel preicribe Oferings, και το λαδάλιον. λς' τη μνησις και δίκος

XXXVI. The recital of the Ten σε Θεέ λογίων, και όπως α'. Commandments ; and after what τα ανταύθα διαγράψεσι. manner they do here prescribe to us. λζ. Περί κατηγόρων και

XXXVII. Concerning Accusers συκοφαντών και όπως χρή and fallie Accufers, and how a Judge μη φευχάρως πετύειν ή απι- is not rahly either to believe theim, , sãV tétols $ xertio äe or disbelieve them ; but after an Ο ακριβές εξετασεως.

accurate Examination. λή “Οι χρή του αμαρτα- XXXVIII. That Sinners are pria τοντας ιδιαζόντως εξελέγειν, vately to be reproν'd, and the Peniκαι του μετανοντας σe9σεχε tent to be receiv’d, according to the δι, και και το κυρίς διάτα Conftitution of our Lord. ξιν.. • λθ'. Παραδείγματα οι

XXXIX. Examples of Repenμετανοίας μ'. Οι ε χρή εχθρωδώς

XL. That we are not to be im: Dare sau dein placable to such who have once or

twice offended. πe9ν αμαρτάνοντα μα "Οπως και ουσίεsu

XLI. After what manner a. Peni, ή μετανούντα, και όπως δια- tent is to be treated, as allo Offenniveau wegs a waste pontas, ders: and when they are to be cut και πότε έκκόκeιν οκκλη- off from the Church. σίας.

μς' "ι χρή αφρυσωπό- XLII. Thar a Judge must not be λητον ε) η κριτώ a Respecter of Persons. μν "Οπως χρή του συ

XLIII. After whar manner false κοφάντας τιμωρείται

Accusers are to be punifl'd. μο. Οι χρή ή διάκονος XLIV. That the Deacon is to επικεφίζαν το βάρG- τ επισ- eafe the Burthen of the Bilhops, and κόπων, και διαφύγειν τα κκ: το order the Imaller Matters himfelf. φότερα

μέ. Οι μη, Θεσσήκον XLV. That Contentions and Xestaveis kinozici j dhen Quarrels are unbecoming Christians, ληκτισμοί μς'. "Οπ και χρή τους προς

XLVI. Thar Believers ought not επι την απόσων διάζεθαι, εo go το law before Unbelievets. τη μία εξ αυτών τινα τα Nor ought any Unbeliever to be nev sis fociztueiar i Xersie callid for a Witness againft Believers. γών. μζ. "Οπ χει ω οτίρα XLVII. That she Judicatures of


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Chriftians ought to be held on the 'ombaton multi faci Ta's directed second Day of the Week.

XLVIIÍ. That the same Punish- μή. "Οτι μή χρή ταύτην ment is not to be infided for every επάγειν τιμωρία επί πάσης Offence; but different Punishments Tenuersias, and dennegy, for different Offenders.

meds to depoegu số dinagtaa

νοντG. XLIX. What are to be the Cha- MA. 'Otrdies in geest the racters of Accusers and Witnefies.

RETH . xj udstuegs

. L. Thar former Offences do some- "'. Oni super nya xose times render after-Accusations credi- tegniewo nG Xãy widmo su ble.

Tai DEUTERS. LI. Against judging without hear. να. “Οι χρή μονομερώς ing both Sides.

τις κρίσεις ποιείς LII. The Caution obferv'd at Hea- v6 Doegdetyre to directing then Tribunals before the condemna- xpiratoi EW.SEY dhe tion of Criminals, affords Christians Kasūv ali mis inopéras do a good Example.

Pa'nod LIII. That Chriftians ought not ry"Oi un xen nol aato be Contentious one with another. λήλων έχουν τον πιεές.

LIV. That the Bishops muft by ν'. Οι χρή του επισκό. their Deacon, put the People in mind 7 ota sipluins dica po

Tu ευρώης δια τα of the Obligation they are under το διακόνο πομιμνήσκων της live peaceably together.

λεω. LV. An Enumeration of the seve- να 'Απαρίθμισις διαρόρε ral Instances of divine Providence, megvolas, rejores og eggãs and how in every Age from the Be- nen' end sur glueaiy KeLMEONE ginning of the World, God has in- Osàs sis MATA YOLAN péytas. vited all Men to Repentance.

LVI. That 'ris the Will of God ys' On Hamuce Or, e. thar Men should be of one Mind, oporas et nous erigatus in matters of Religion, in accord weil supilhas tapgaranja with the heavenly Powers.

diws en bego dwuer. LVII. An Exact Description of νζ'. Διατύπωσης εκκλησί: a Church, and the Clergy; and of tanpa sej tengs what Things in particular, every inTEAN pero content owner

επιτελίν W one is to do in the folemn Assemblies Bearsomelyben sanerie, hinde of the Clergy and Laity for religi- i nemo v trñ fullgious Worship.

LVIII, of commendatory Letters rn. llegi susunxãv, ģiras in favour of Sırangers, Lay-persons, gevar, Axixão, kamerov, Clergy- men, and Bishops. 'And that morómar has Xpax do those who come into the Church Ar- epoper.

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regard to their Quality. O'. "On yeding sou bebes LIX. That every Chriftian ought Raj Babegs oodanuy it dici to frequent the Church diligently Tes Puud EHS

both Morning and Evening. ξ' Παράδειγμα ωeoς ζή: LX. The vain Zeal which the anvenázor x'Emlwy Heathens and Jews few in frequenc

lsd aims were wspomni ing their Temples and Synagogues is im w rsas rj Ta's owes greu. a proper Example and Motive, to exjas.

cite Christians to frequent the

Church. çe On : color negres. LXI. That we must not prefer the TELY TO Brand u Siwy. Affairs of this Life, to those wbich

concern the Worship of God. Et'. 'On ne y Te Tail EA- LXII. That Chriftians muft abaluw inchquale åmsgépe. Atain froin all the impious Pradices arcu xen

of the Heathens. Ey. On egzers xp "

LXIII. Thar no Chriftian that ate niya sãy wis o will not work muft ear. As Peter elei negoy NBS oi and the rest of the Apostles were

ελιάς, και λοιποι απόστολοι. 3 del Troi Stósodot. o Filhermen, But Paul and Aquila Tent. Tlavner af Axurav ocuro Koch, die der lex. makers ; fude the Son of Fames an

Husband-man. B* gnis igje tels

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Ole olema pia ni Chap: 1. T Hat we must avoid the

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são reatiegs moegr,

choice of younger Come so urrunov.

Widows, because of Suspicion. γ. Οποίας αναι χρή πς

III, Whar Character the Widows miegs pws i minciegos ats" ought to be of, and how they ought και επισκότα.

to be supported by the Bishop. "On myA' Stivasi

IV. That we ought to be charita in di XP

ble to all forts of Persons in Want. On je des é uzan

V. That the Widows are to be abon * gure egy

very careful of their Conversation. s. "on & api ywargs , Ý!, That Women ought not to


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