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Refpect of Perfons, ye will

Mak neiVETE, ne difcover that Accufer, who orate, & w naτadinge

bears Falfe-witness against his

Gumy naτading D-Neighbour, and will prove

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him to be a Sycophant, a fpiteful Ferfon, and a Murderer, caufing Perplexity by accufing the Man as if he were wicked;"inconftant in his Words contradicting himfelf in what he affirms, and entangled with the Words of his own Mouth. For his own Lips are a dangerous Snare to him." Whom, when thou haft convicted him of fpeaking fallely, thou shalt judge feverely, and halt de liver him to the fiery Sword, and thou shalt do to him as he wickedly propofed to do to his Brother. For, as much as in him lay, he flew his 19. Brother, by foreftalling the Ears of the Judge. Now, it is written, that He that fhed Gen ix. 6. deth Man's Blood, for that his

Deut. xix.

own Blood fhall be shed. And, Deut. xix. Thou shalt take away that 13.

Η μαρτυρίαν. ν. . V. 1 deeft. V. v. al. τὸν

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innocent Blood, which was fed φὸν, προλαβὼν τὰ ὦ

We Pag. without Gaufe from thee.



τα 8 κριτδ. **
* 38
γραπία ε, ὅτι ὁ ἐκ

χέων αἷμα ἀνθρώπε, ἀντὶ δ' αἱματα αὐτὸ ἐκχυθήσεται καὶ, ἐξαρείς δ' αἷμα δ αναίκον από σε, ὃ ἐκχυθέν με τη

Thou shalt therefore caft him out of the Congregation as a Murderer of his Brother. Some time afterwards, if he fays that he repents, mortiffe him with Fallings, and afterwards ye fhall lay your Hands upon him, and receive him; But ftill fecuring him, that he does not difturb any body a fecond time. But if, when he is admitted again, he be alike troublelome, and will not ceafe to difturb and to quarrel with his Brother, fpy ing faults out of a contentious Spirit, caft him out as a pernicious Perfon, that he may not lay wafte the Church of God. For fuch an one is the Raifer of Difturbances in Cities: For he, though he be within, does not become the Church, but is a fuper

* deeft. V. : μωμεν. ν. 1 πόλη. V.



Ποιήσης ἂν αὐτὸν ἀ ποσιάγωγον, ὡς φα νέα ἀδελφε. ἔπειτα χρόνο διασάντα, αν λέγη μετανοείν, ςιβώς Gπε αυτόν νησείαις ε με ταύτα χειροπο τήσαντες αὐτὸν προσο δέξασθε, ἀσφαλισμθμοι μλύτοι αὐτὸν μή μια ταράξη πάλιν. εἰ 3 ! πάλιν εἰσελθών, δι μοίως ςασιάζει, ο παυό μενα τα παράπειν, * κατακερτομεν αδελφόν, ἐκ φιλονεία κείας μώμες όπτη δούων, ἐκβαλεῖτε αὐ τὸν ὡς λοιμόν, ἵνα μὴ * ἐκκλησίαν λυμαί νητο * Θεῖ ὁ ποι το γ ταραχάς τησι πόλεσιν. Στο 2 καν ἔσω ᾖ, μὴ πρέ πων τῇ ἐκκλησίᾳ, τε


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- fluous and vain Member cafting a Blot, as far as in him lies, on the Body of Chrift. For if fuch Men as as are born with fuperfluous Members of their Body, which hang to them, as Fingers, or Excrefcences of Flef, cut them away from themfelves on account of their Indecency, whereby the Un

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Tadu, ¿deμia - feemlinefs vanishes, and the γίνεται απρέπεια, π. Man recovers his natural λαβόντα. * ἀνθρώπε YO TO TEXVÍTE 7 Quσικίω δκοσμίδη πίσῳ μᾶλλον ὑμεῖς οἱ ποιμθύες + innanoias, in ons owμal aρtis perdav inavāv3, Θεόν τις δόντων ἐν pólw weis z azán, ὅταν βρεθῇ ἐν μέλ@ weiser, norned ge

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good Shape by the means of the Chirurgeon; how much more ought you, the Paflors of the Church, ( for the Church is a perfect Body, and found Members; of fuch as believe in God, in the Fear of the Lord, and in Love) τα do the like, when there is found in it a fuperfluous Member, with wicked De

VID, TUS 2017 - figns, and rendring the reft


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of the Body unfeemly, and difturbing it with Sedition and War, and Evil-speaking; caufing Fears, Diflurbances, Blots, Evil-fpeaking, Accu fations, Disorders, and do

deeft. V. 2y. V. 3 rur. V. ↑ fógus. V.

ing the like Works of the
Devil, as if he were ordain'd
by the Devil to call a Re-
proach on the Church by
Calumnies, and mighty Dif

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λιας, ἐγκλήματα, α tasuoras, è & n αυτα τα Καβίλες ενα εργήματα εκτελών τ our NEXACT

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a Car & inudnorde . B.com βλασφημιών και πολλῆς ἀκαταςασίας ex dingracias, TQ & MÁ εw ἐν δυτέρον ἔξω innanoias Bandris, αξίως ἀπετμήθη το weis awwazazñs 20 mov vui encounty weis inuncia," ἐκκλησία,

orders, and Strife, and Di-d To Nabóre onvvifion. Such an one there fore, when he is a fecond time call out of the Church, is jufly cut off intirely from the Congregation of the Lord. And now the Church will be more beautiful than it was before, when it had a fuperfluous, and, to it felf, a difagreeable Member.Wherefore henceforward it will be free from Blame and Reproach, τον ἐκέκτητο « ἑαυτῇ ani become clear of fuch ανοίκειον μέλα, διό wicked, deceitful, abufive, à ☎uï à pununmerciful, traiterous Perris Tim.iii.fons; of fuch as are Haters Torre of these that are good, Lovers


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δ πρώτον, ὅτε δ πειτε

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σκαλων, φιληδόνων, κενοδόξων, ἀπαπιλῶν, dococo wv, ef gov Dr. απείρειν μαλ

of Pleasure, Affecters of Vain- v. Teade rw", μs-
glory, Deceivers and Pre-
tenders to Wildom, of fuch
as make it their Eufinefs to
fcatter, or rather utterly το
difperfe the Lambs of the



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κρις αρνία.

* εἰ ἐξώσητε τὸν τοιᾶ τὸν ἑαυτῶν, καὶ περικόψητε. ν.



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Σrvenom, Do thou therefore, O Biαπέδαζε άμα τη fhop, together with thy vwo σe xλnow, op. fubordinate Clergy, endea Η τομεν ΐ λόγον τ α- vour rightly to divide the Word of Truth. For the Lord lays. If you walk cross- Lev. xxvid grain'd to me, I will walk 27. cross-grain'd to you. And elle

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where, With the Holy thou pral xvii
will be holy, and with the Pr 25.
fret Man thou wilt be perf it,
and with te Fr vard thou wilt
be frovard Walk therefore
holily, that you may rather
appear worthy of I raise from
the Lord, than of Complaint
from the Adverfary.

** Pag.


Be ye of one Mind, O XLIV, ye Bithops, one with another, and be at Peace with one another : ¡ympathize with one another; love the Brethren, and feed the People with Care; with one Confent teach thole that are under you to be of the same

deckt. V. OйTE. V. 4 Úπò. V. "givende. V.

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