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praepriekov, inxhin, the Church; nay farther, its cias A onun mesaj very Name imply'd, that that effeto. Éytaw Jago Tabernacle was fore-appointaj Aditoy tñ onnon ed for a Testimony of the werededovtes, és dijo Church. Here therefore the els in de wego poegint Levites also, who attended OcOS Sidonijuwe upon the Tabernacle, parwarlos pag nag dabegov, took of those things that pe apauperetur , roj were offered to God by all και αφαιρεμάτων

• angszwv, è dena Tūr, the People, namely Gifts, e Jualcão, è megopo Offerings, and First-fruits, ear, penizev arwnús and Tythes, and Sacrifices, Tws, ? wool", e gu and Oblations, without Di

ww vores ait, je voi sturbance, they and their è szatépes autWr. Wives, and their Sons, and éwedis " rý špgor their Daughters; since their αυτών ώ λαταργία Employment was the Miof oxnvñs, Alas T To nistration to the Tabernacle, κληροδοσίαν xaneedboia zuñas come therefore they had not any é ce bou en mois nois 'Io Lot or Inheritance in the egna: T1 ay siopoesi Land among the Children . og 288, uneodboia of Israel, because the Ob

5 Λοι, ε κληρονομία lations of the People were Tñs quañs aútãr. 4 1. the Lot of Levi, and the Has šv ospeegv, é, Inheritance of their Tribe. Trionomol, ÉSÈ TW zo moe You therefore, O Bishops, υμών ιερείς, Λουίται, are to your People Pricits oi nat87&VTES tñ ie- and Levites, miniftring to

λατεργώντας pới oxnin, tone aziq the Holy Tabernacle, the xa Jonirñ erannoiq,e Holy Catholick Cluich; who PASSEÇÕTES TW Suolas stand at the Altar of the


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our God,' and offer man serta mõne ek to aim riasonable and un spcão, è mesGgortas bloody Sacrifices, through aútal Tous nogirets Jesus, the great High-Priest. abivax 7* quoias You are to the Laity Pro- linocch? Tô Mezano opphets Rulers, Governours,and lepéws. Upas sois év Kings; the Mediators berween uur naixois ése meg. God and his faithful Peo- cãtoy xortes, roy ple, who receive and declare sigoúfuoi, xj Baoides, his Word, well acquainted oi pe toy Oeš è pofs with the Scriptures; ye are msw aurê, oi dogceis the Voice of God, and Wit- iš rósc ashaarn. nesses of his Will, who bear pes, oi göszy opis 250 the Sins of all, and intercede 'çwv, se s goosgarh for all; whom, as you have @eši by nástupes 18 heard, the Word severely deańMc Tau duri! op threatens, if you hide the πάντων τας αμαρτίας Key of Knowledge from Men, Basecorris, è asi Tena who are liable to Perdition, two Dronogolju foi ois, if you do not declare his ως ηκόατε, εμβριθώς Will to the People that are ó no canê, échi under you who hall have κρύψητε εξ ανθρωπων και à certain Reward from God, tñs gewoows an eiddi ois and unspeakable Honour and xivdur óréter Gédai Glory, if you daly minister uni Seifzaiante no Céto the Holy Tabernacle. For ainua aurê ou up üas your's is the Burden, fo mais do ols సం you receive, as your Fruit, fő matos átolans @ the Supply of food and o- xné abexclugntov ÉV ther Necessaries. For you δόξη, καλώς λατερ: ; imirate Christ the Lord ; and more or an ounun

deeft. V. Xeso.v. 3 xáguxas. V.

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ayiq. ws 78 Bap as he bare the Sins of us all upateegv, šta ġ tas upon the Tree, at his CruciLa novias poes tegpār, fixion, the Innocent for those

η τροφών, ¿ Teis a' nas zselas u. who deserv'd Punishment ; so pas raptrollatai muun: also you ought to make the Tagap ése Xersos Sins of the People your wwe's as autos' own. For concerning our SaErdut v šiu cose Tais aus: viour, it is said in Isaiah, He Ila. lüi4: rias dilue Svevi bears our Sins, and is aftúngu, savew dris o do flicted for tas. And again, Fte v. ! Moore was no Sheng' bare the Sins of many, and was

@ vor res σεως αξίων news ačimv. w ú: delivered for our Offences. As Mesãs & zeg Tai's jess therefore you are Patterns for B 2018

τας Tias e idromocios asń. others, so have you Christ sipatay 8 wei tô con for your Pattern. Giọng

As therepo e H Giç, ön S. fore he is concern'd for all, TQ Tas áp optias ģ- fo be you for the Laity, un

. αμαρτίας ηpe or pépd, ĉ Wei ý- der you. For do not thou μων οδυάται. Και πα- imagine that the Office of λιν Αυτος αμαρτίας a Bilhop is an eafie or light minc dilueswe, è sya Burthen. πολλών ,

As therefore yoų Teis d'opias w Twy na- bear the Weight, so have you pedem. "S20 mep a Right to partake of the upais exo moi ése, 6w Fruitsbefore others, and to ar" exo Tò égete impart to those that are in


Xecsón' as ex aurus want, as being to give an ac,

andurwr úr@or, stw è count to Him, who without
υμείς των υφ' υμας λαϊ- Byafs will examine your Ac-
sãv. Mein ? vómise" or counts. For those who attend
bligepès i eng peor pop- upon the Church ought to be
Thou bair ó 670nTrý. maintain'd by the Church, as



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fic, v. relig. male wote ws. ? deeft. V. ? you'éta. V.

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* *

Numb. xviii. .

being Priests, Levites, Presi- zpney ws Bapa có * Pag. dents and Ministers of God:


πως aps 238. As it is written in tlie Book καρπών πρώτες μετα- και

of Numbers concerning the new pe 6 drev, aj tos dioPriests, And the Lord said una merous uetadidoroy, as to Aaron, Thou, and thy Sons, honov péčories TỰ dand the Houfe of thy Family αλογίσως υμάς μέλ. Shall bear the Iniquities of the porke nogeçđev, då

Holy things of your Priesthood. gs Tous regno Guam noiq .... Behold i have given unto you wegoodbolor mas, ir of

the Charge of the Firt-fruits: εκκλησίας αορέφεως, 5.8, exc. From all that are sanctifed to ÅTE iepas, Aditos,

me by the Children of Israel ; megédors, det begés :
I have given them for a Re- og rabais és Bib2w
ward to thee, and to thy Sons rostos de estusor gátegui la
after thee, by an Ordinance for toy wei nafas lepéw Kai

τερέων Και
ever. This all be yours ont ene werQ meds 'AQ:
of the holy things, out of the ear Cu, è oi jou ot,
Ohlations, and out of the Gifts, č o oix Qu Ta reiasang
and out of all the Sacrifices, aúfende tais cipap tias
and out of every Trespass- w sagimov, of isegi Telas LA

αγίων, Offering, and Sin-offerings, and uncov. idu dedwona użús all that then render unto me Hatipov ofis e mais pas out of all their "holy things, gira en rols Tev potong

χών από πόντων they shall belong to thee, and secoufiwr pgl alone Yo12, c. to thin Sons: in the San&tum rõv ywv 'Iceana, Collo

ary shall they eat them. And Nétrange au Tci sis geeas,
a little after, All the First- mais yois os re Color
fruits of the Oil, and of the vósugu chcem vlov. €.79
Wine, and of the Wheat, all το έσαι υμίν δο των
which ihen shall give unto the inca quiéywv, és tű
Lord, to thee- have I given op Tweltwy, care



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repe segon, seej ånd them; and all that is first adówn" Twv Sucrãr, ripe, to thee have 1 given it,

dito talons Transpare- and every devoted thing. Ecias

, wei anap- very First-born of Man and of kôr oor dioddáani Beast, clean and unclean, and · Mge ånd Trojútwv of Sacrifice, with the Breaft, Ej ayiw, Soi égay e Tols and the right Shoulder, all

vois os en tu cigáns these appertain to the Priests, ? pagast" autá. Kaj and to the rest of those be

" . i per iniza não ao longing to them, even to the


mas ache erats og ove è Levites. - σίτε, όσα δ δωσι ω: γ ρίων, Coί δέδωκα αυτοί και τα πρωτοχήματα πούτα Cos

dédurigo noin awépis" tão djúce sera. 4 παν" @ρωτότο και καν δωθρώπε κτλίες καθαρά και ακαθάρτα, θυσίας, le suavis, Beaziora değiš tris ispowo swegodhon: κη", και τους λοιπούς τοίς αδαμύεσιν αυτοίς Λουίζεις.

Sect. XV.

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"AKter" Tano Tico & HEAR this, you of the A


υμάς οι λαϊκοί, Laity also, the Elect και εκλεκτή όκκλησία το Church of God. For the

Oel. @gsdó neco's meg People were formerly called
Tieur péč neos . The People of God, and, An Exod. xix.

vQy agov úvonálem Holy Nation. You therefore 5,6. - upeis ér ése azia are the Holy and Sacred Heb. xii. rõ el isegi nur noia Church of God, enroll d in pct.ii.g.

1 drogaveguisín ev ģ. Heaven,' a Royal Priest bood, : egrąg Badingov ieee's an holy Nation, a peculiar Toma, forQ ánov, People, a Bride adornd for the

'd-eft. V. pézobai. V. Coi spa. V.v. 4 deest, V. 'wegouvákov. V.v. ακέσαι. V.




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