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penting Sinner, he will fin 5 f. Matywnéma d'ana against the Lord his God, heas wir us megosična pretending to be more just ton alapthod eis so than God's Justice, and not enoy + Edy aúmas, dr receiving him whom He has reuwy sauron asi on received, through Chrilt ; ineive dexquloqúylew,

εκείνα δικαιοσύγω, και for whose fake he sent his rs segongue Edwójfuos Son upon Earth to Men, as ő megoedičar Alors a Man, for 'whose fake God Xersoll, dión ánéwas pleas'd that he who sure jóv árs be was the Maker of Man and was. Tois dübecémous us Woman, should be born of är pwmv, di or disa Woman ; for whose fake snoev in qws anos aúHe did not spare him from sov slunonvay, 1017the Cross, from Death and put dúdeo's @

γυναι Burial ; but permitted him rós, & per un caccia to die, who by Nature could ufua 'çarpos e Jove not suffer ; his beloved Son, vámraons, ouvez God the Word ; the Angel gesproe na Tev mn of his great Council; that quod czasñ, 4 jov he might deliver thofe from αγαπητον, ή Θεόν λάDeath who were obnoxious yov, to juezaans auto Death.

Him do thofe του βελής άγιλον, όprovoke to Anger who do πως τους ζωοκειμύες not receive the Penitent. Joerato çontoy? "JaFor he was not ashamed of páry. ? TOŪTOV mesop

τούτον φορme, Matthew, who had been rivoiy oi ren wegods

formerly a Publican; and zoufuat Tous perduoênadmitted of Peter, when he Zas STS Mariaor had thro’ fear deny'd him εμέ,πλώνω όντατωρό'

, three times, but had appea'd niegv, Goméraiguéin, sauçõ, a wardto, zs Tapya v. deelt. V. 3 Toivur. V. 1.10. V.


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και Πέτρον άρνησάμα- him by Repentance, and had
rov autor 48 de oi wept bitterly ; nay, he made
Tektor, sj figo pee him a Shepherd to his own
σομοίας εξιλεωσάμενον Lambs. Moreover he ordain'd
è megonnaious loc m Paul,our Fellow-Apoftle, to be
negos, negaunato, of a Persecutor an Apostle,and
ποιμδύα ίδιων αρ. declard him a cholen Veliel;
@V na Tisnoe, e Have even when he had heap'd ma:
por ö ♡ Cuvanosongn ny Mischiefs upon us before,

não, momci Z magn and had blasphem'd his sacred
meer eis óvãs Crimes Name. He says also to ano

slaufuor yandi, mj Brgea ther, a Woman that was a
opnpenodota eis Croma Sinner, Thy Sins, which are mad
7 agov, dimasoner dúti my, are forgiven, for thou lovedft Luk.vil.47
draret megegyetetralo, much: And when the Elders

arou autor in aggrès had set another Woman, which - dúcedeiças caminkud had sinned, before him, and .: augs Twą gwarri né had left the Sentence to him,

nd 'Apérita's of all and were gone our, our Lord, αρτίαι αι πολλα ότι the Searcher of the Hearts, aj )

, izcómoos Torú été egy enquiring of her whether de tua sipoStamýrav ésn- the Elders had concenn'd odus oi mpegbúniegt her, and being answer'd ; fra žji megalar ** aurē, sj No, he said unto her, Go Joh. vii.

, ét dures Béufuar athy may therefore, for nei

*** Pag y mejor, mi gon, Ó Ö ther do I condemn thee. This 236. y rapdroguesas nuero Jesus, Oye Bishops, our Sa.

Hunáufu auris, viour, our King, and our
HOTÉKervar aithe oi God, ought to be set. be-
# PÉCGÚteegi, xj emréons fore you as your Pattern,
OTT &, éon megs all and him you ought to imi-
túy "Trago Šv. &care, in being meek, quiet,
szai Ce rotaxew. compallionare, merciful,pcace-

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able, without Passion, apt to Tourer 1 Eurñea, Beata teach, and diligent to con- λέα, Θεόν ημών Ιη» vert, willing to receive and σου, ω επίσκοποι, ακοto comfort ; no Strikers, not tror egen dã, rots foon angry, not injurious, μιμητας είναι πρας", not arrogant, not fupercili- ησυχίας,όσπλάχνες,όous, not Wine-bibbers, not λεήμονας, ειρίωικούς, αDrunkards, not vainly ex. οργήτες, διδακηρύς, pensive, not Lovers of Deli- Casperlengus

, diodesca cacies, nor extravagant, U- k rous, Traeguank nous, fing the Gifts of God not, μή πλάκας, μη οργίas another's, but as their 285 un ubersodsa pena own, as good Stewards ap- λαζόνας, μή αέροπ: pointed over them, as thofe &κους, μή οινόφλυτας, who will be requir'd by God μη μεθύσες, μή είκαιο: to give an Account of the doctordues, un gouontais, fame. Let the Bifhop efteem μη πολυδαπάνες, μή ως such Food and Raiment fuf- amoreios drus is ficient as suits Necessity and dious rois Of08 Sć Decency. Let him not make μασι αρωμδύες, ως αuse of the Lord's Goods as ja Jous oixovópos rabsanother's, but moderately : φώτας, ως μέλλονας For the Labourer is worthy of απαιτείες οι 3 Θεού his Reward. Ler him not be * rögor. au taipuin égcéa

fond of τω τροφω, άμφιασ luxurious in Dier D idle, Furniture, but content- μον ο ΕπίσκοπG., ή ed with fo much alone as is τη χρεία & τη σεμνόneceflary for his Suitenance. Tolk oesσήκοντα κή

τοίς κωριακούς ως αλ. λoneίοις κερήθω, δλλα μεμεηρημένως. "Αξιω. εργάτης και μιθο αυτό 53. Μή σπάταλα.", μή πέρπηρό, Σλλα μόνων Γ' ωeός Cύσασιν και εφιέμδυΘ.". Ο υμάς. V. ν. 1 κατά μίμησιν άναι πραείς χρή ν. 3 πολυαγάλωτος . .: μιγούς τουςν. ? αρκέμενος. ..

Luke X.7

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TA' dsbufue xar? LET him use those Tenths XXV. διδόμμα κατ'

Θεου and First-fruits, which δεηατων απαρ- are given according to the χών, ως Θεξ οδύθρωπος Command of God, as a διαλισκέτω” & ασφε- Man of God ; as alfo, ler eorefice 67 meg caos him dispense in a right manπενήτων εκούσια, κα- ner the Free-will Offerings, λως οικονομείτω, ορ- which are brought in on acφανούς, χήραις, και count of the Poor, the Orθλιβομίοις, και ξένοις phans, the Widows, the Afδπορεμένοις, ως έχων ficted, and Strangers in DiΘεόν λοις ουτω τού- ftrefs, as having that God των, και είχειρίσμτα for the Examiner of his Acαυτά ταύτίω ή οίκο. counts, who has committed νομίαν" πασι ' 3 τοις che Difpofition to him. Diδεόμδύοις με δικαιοσύ- 1tribute to all thofe in want νης επιμερίζοντες", e with Righteoufhefs ; and υμείς αυτοί κώμδυοι your felves ufe the things οκ τ' κωριακών, Σλα which belong to the Lord, μή απαχρώμδυοι, έσ- but do not abufe them ; eatθίοντες 3 εξ αυτών", ing of them, but not eatαλλα μη κρεθίοντες ing them all up by your αύα μόνοι, κοινωνay - felves ; Communicate with της και τους χρήζεσιν, α- thofe that are in want, and πρόσκοποι Θεό γίνεthereby thew your felves unάθε εδώ και μόνοι αυ. blameable before God. For τα διαλώσητε οναδι- if you lhall confume them θήσεθε ωρα Θες, λέ- by your felves, you will be


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Στίχαν. 1, 2 διανέμοντος. ν. 3 dcett. V.

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237. Exek.

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XXV. 4.

reproach'd by God, who says 2011 @ ws wegs ánh Pag.

to such unsatiable People, Çus ugrovázos, **

who alone devour all, Te eat To gang TEAS 1697, og xxxiv. 3. up the Milk; and cloath your ta rela mellansatte

selves with the Wool: And Ka év emos Mà ai. Isa. V. 8. in another Passage, Must you uncens Móvoi of zís;

alore live upon the Earth ? A... @ev rópecs Upon which account you we9σέτακτοι ' υμών

are co nmanded in the Law, 'Aga mnogs o mnohor Levit. xix. Thou shalt love thy Neighhour Ceas CeatorKo

as thy self. Now we say these 2 TRŪTQ" Régcrefs, things, not as if you might ίνα μή μεταλαμβανη not partake of the Fruits of ro vão apostów w gé your Labours; for 'tis writ- zga nila zap. Où qija

μαθαι Ου φιμώcen, Thou shalt not muzzle the of's Bär anar la Mouth of the Ox which treada yra pemegenuficos para eth out the Corn; but that you dixouoouns. oy ngótor ihould do it with Mode 38' Bis épga Coufa

. ration and Righteousness. &v za ang 4 dxrugłos",

εν τη αλω + ακόμώλος, As therefore the Ox thar la- éatid refu, 8x' 8 TO TOT bours in the Threshing-floor sandid Stw cures

υμάς without a Muzzle, eats in- épga Córfjor es ist & rw, deed, but does not eat all T&TÉSTV es un concina up : So do you who labour cia poco, èn

και Θεου, οκ in the Threshing.floor, that čxuanolas Seatient". is in the Church of God, eat teórror coi Aditoy oi of the Church; which was netsPJOUTES Tñ ounen also the Case of the Levites, & postueta, sks li who ferv'd in the Taberna- tum inuen nolas cle of the Testimony, which red duta Omegréti ä was in all things a Type of you" 7 éxe ô óvcuare

Ideeft, v: T8TO. V. i go'p v. 4.olum.v. stiev cocinett. V. defunt. ν. 70ήλον γαρ και οι τύ καλείθς αυτήν μαρτύρων σκηνών όπ. ν.



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