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Me voor 7 i neriais Evil before thee: I did not ones deleétav. 671 Cu thy Will, neither kept I thy

oeds, xem sw xpn. Commandments : I have set sotta fagalwomúns sp Abominations, and have mul5x émałyeino ueta tiplied Offences

. Now therepoias á peavy mois ģ- fore I bow the Knee of mine a praptingar, rj Tớ thń Heart, beseeching thee of Grace;

od gofal airtipur C# I have finned, O Lord, I have
welcas parduolar å finned, and I acknowledge mine
Pop Twaois as (wonek Iniquities; wherefore i humbly
ar. Cogy wiece ó Beds beleech thee forgive me,
Pse dux ców, con esos. Lord, forgive me, and deftroy
Metavosdu.diraios, tớ mo not with mine. Iniquities.
Ab egal, ploaar, Be not angry with me for
ro) laxab, Tois in ever, by reserving Evil for
suap.mubot Car Sm' me ; neither condemn me into
20% Mandbolde frutas fugi the lower part of the Earth.
7 a papowaço, dróm For thou art the God, even
ñpaprou was derbygn the God of them that repent,
afármes addams. i and in me thou wilt them all
adhgurdu aj cvoroy thy Goodness ; for thou wilt
des, *xvere", éw anduo save me that am unworthy, aco
udu aj domicy Me, oj cording to the great Mercy.
con éti ejus CEIQ a- Therefore I will praise thee
τονίσα και ιδαν το

*** for ever all the Days of my*** Pag.
ütQ & sequê, dito Life ; for all the Powers of *233.
wańốss na pasta adıxlr the Heavens do praise thee, and
Mg, He Tangere Trouss a thine is the Glory for ever and
TOMã dequốo adapt ever. Amen. And the Lord
διότι sopgroc tuy heard his Voice, and had

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Compassion upon him ; and there Juuby os, rj g tomeór appeared a Flame of Fire an ev móv 08 & monol, bout him, and all the Iron shodus Blerúgua TU, Bj Shackles and Chains which were πληθύνας ωροσοχθίσ. about him fell off ; and the mala, ale ruw xainc Lord healed Manaffeh from γόνυ καρδίας με, δεό. his Affliction, and brought him ufu cool wood ca zona back to Jerusalem unto his como: spaprang, xúKingdom; and Manasseh knew ere, muciponsa, nes tais that the Lord he is God alone. dropías ue ega zaváAnd he worshipped the Lord oxw

ΝΑ' " αυτόμα God alone, with all bis Heart, dioufuós 08° dües rol, and with all his Soul, all the were, äves vgs, she han Days of his Life, and he was Cuva homéoms pee tais esteemed righteous ; and he took dúo pars res, undè els away the strange Gods, and the maiores rimvloois mpá· Graven Image out of the House ons Tirane por, unde

of the Lord, and all the Al. veitadindons ue on rois fars which he had built in the ya TW TÍTOLS & qñs. ÖTI House of the Lord, and all the ou osos, @gos

Altars in Jerusalem, and he toluoétwy, sioj oto's. cast them out of the City. Meil déus megafwAnd he repaired the Altar of the σύνlω σε. ότι ανάξιον Lord,' and facrificed thereon óvra raod's? Il contore Peace-Offerings and Thank-Of- éneós ox. Ĉ alvéow of ferings. And he spake to Ju. Algenduto's, ev na Gals dah 'to serve the Lord God of nudegis of twoñs res. Ifrael. And he pept in Peace öti og úrvě moc with his fathers, and Amon Propus saps segrãr, his Son reigned in his stead. oš ozir doča, eis tes And he did Evil in the Sight αιώνας, αμώ. Και έ

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deeft. v. 2 ado av. V. ? us. v.


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πήκεσε η φωνής αυτά of the Lord, according to all
κύρμΘ., & ώκτείρησαν things that Manafeh his Fa-
autov xay épfeéto wel ther had done in the former
αυτόν φλόξ πυρός και part of his Reign. And he pro-
επάκησαν πούτα τα voked the Lord his God to Anger.
& αυτον σίδηρα &
ιάσατο κύρμG- ή Μανασσήν οκ ή θλίψεως αυτό, επέ

τρεψεν αυτόν ως Ιερεσαλήμ βήί βασιλάδυ αυτ8. & και έγνω Μανασής, όπ ώρες αυτές Έξι Θεός μόνΘ.: &

ελαφρόυσαν μόνο κυρίω τω Θεώ αν όλη καρδία αυτά, & αν όλη τη ψυχή αυτά, πάσας τας ημέρας τ ζωής αυ

τά, και ελογίθη δίκαια, και απειλε της θεάς τες αλλομ γρίες, & 3 γλυπόν εξ οίκε κυρίε, πούτα τα θυσιασήρια

α ώκοδόμησεν εν οίκω κυρία", πούτα τα θυσιαςή. eια τα " ον Ιερεσαλήμ, ε εξέβαλεν έξω η πόλεως,

& κατώρθωσε 8 θυσιασήριον, και έθυσίασεν επ' αυτο θυκαι σίδι ζωηρίε, ε αινέσεως. « απο Μανασής τω Ιάδα, και

δυλόύειν κυρίω τω Θεώ Ισραήλ. € εκοιμήθη εν ειρίύη * πατέρων αυτ8. € εβασίλευσεν 'Αμών ο υος αυτο αντ' αυτού και εποίησε το πονηeoν ενώπιον κυρία,

ait' και πούτα όσα εποίησε Μανασής ο πατήρ αυτου εν πρώτοις, και ηρώξιωε κύρμον ή Θεόν αυτό.

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Κούσαι, τέκνα ΥΕ.

have heard, our Be

Ε ποθητα ημών, loved Children, how the όπως κύρΑθ ο Θεός Lord God for a while pu3 ειδώλοις ωe9σμα- nith'd him that was addicted χόντα, και πολλές α το Idols, and had Main ma,

á , slain

όρς οίκε. V. deeft. ν. 3 τόν. .


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ny innocent Persons ; and Owes povolodita, Beg yet that He received him έως τιμωρησίμευαν, , when he repented, and for- mélagvórta wegoeng gave him his Offences, and BETO, ý, apes aute relior'd him to his Kingdom. Ta Fanpeperang ta, For He not only forgives 'επέςρεψεν" αυτών έπι the Penitent, but reinstates op Gaanedu. Š pôvorgs them in their former Dig- apinoi tois jerofuocov, nity.

Prarj cisi megtéegy

αξίδι αυτές επεμάς. . There is no Sin more grie- Melewow.cida aongea vous than Idolatry ; for 'tis meas con ésiv pe ce apa an Impiety againft God: and τία εις Θεόν γαρ Έξι yet even this Sin has been davélala Sri

omas forgiven, upon sincere Re- autà foi guncias pentance. But if any one μεσομοίας Cuυκεχωρηlin in direct Opposition, and toy. tav dé kes ir taon purpose to try whether egtáčews apceptam, God will punifh the Wicked πειράζων ή Θεόν, ως or not, such an one shall res ÉTTEELÓVTA. Tois To

have no Remission, although reais, o molto ape** Pag. he say with himself

, All is own ex

SES, Xery 234. well, and I will walk accord- Keyn nos EUUTIS on ing to the Conversation of my Mgi glúoito, ok wopóó

. evil Heart. Such an one

Such an one σομαι εν τη αιασοσ was Amon, the Son of Ma- η καρδίας με της naffeb. For the Scripture says, torneãs. To8TQ Jap And Amon reason'd an evil kségféet 3 A pagina Reasoning of Tranfgreffion, and ó og Mava aj zjos. said, My Father from his Child. Anoi g5 å gpapń. Kas bood was a great Transgresor, 29Seaggio ato *'Amar"

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hogrojacy age doe ws and repented in his old Age;
renge, men vi troco and now I will walk as my
rýp per Ĉie veoma Soul tufteth, and afterwards I
Toma naslevójence, val will return unto the Lord. And
du gripeca persyuan non heidid Evil in the sight of the
ruð égas tropolodnicy Men Lord'above all that were before
Ja ci gunced.com fugen him. And the Lord God foon
pex, é úseeor Crispénitas destroy'd him utterly from his
tod's wieroo. co twoine good Land. And his Servants
oz gumovneor cronou conspired against him and flew

weis, ach Idees' him in his own House, and
Tis afvopefuses čuwegou lhe reigned two Tears.only

τν αυτού, ε εξωλό-
θρόυσεν αυτόν κύρμG- ο Θεός αν ά οκ ή γής ή αγαθής
αυτου: Και επέθεντο αυτό οι παίδες αυτού, και ένα-
νάτωση αυτών εν τω οίκω αυτού· ε εβασίλόυσεν έτη

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δύο μήνα.

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Προσέχετε οι λαϊ- Take heed therefore, ye XXIV. i voi, rešiles et vico of of the Lairy, lest any one of λογισμόν τ8 2 'Αμάν"

Amar' 'you fix the realoning of A-
Si vopsiau autoel ist mon in his Heart, and be

ein, è észy + ow To - suddenly cur off, and perish.
picos" domumbs QuoIn the same manner, let the
ugiws ó éralocon Bishop take all the care he
ş ournpeito, reundo do can that those which are yer
yatay, Tous un pieptu- innocent may not fallinto Sin:
κότας διαμαρτήτες μεί- And let him heal and receive
you" vì Tous aimo aridp those which turn from their
Tiwy Chrispepoveis. Jego Sins. But if he is pitiless,
earow degiatwear and will not receive the ré.

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