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nasseh set up Altars, and by eie. in eos & ne viero

them served Baal, and said, teos Axbid, rj tegs

προς Δαβίδ, και προς
My Name shall continue for Long@va ycv auto,

And he built Altars λέγων, ότι αν αυτό to the Host of Heaven in the snow yövove us. Ĉ two Courts of the House of Esmos Mduceans Jurica the Lord; and he made his sheca, è ev autois Children pass through the Fire séadce Béano sỹ in a place named Gebanai; and återésaj có örouck he consulted Enchanters, and

le es aiôvс. quin

dealt with Wizards and fa- κοδόμησε θυσιαςήρια
miliar Spirits, and with Con- és a duoty aunas oixx
jurers, and Observers of times, weld, the creatio of
and with Teraphim ; and he seavõi e ainds
finned exceedingly in the Eyes gage Toi réuvo. aurg
of the Lord to provoke him on Tuei o Tebavaji"
to Anger ; and he set a Mol. év óvónak éner.no
ten and a Graven Image, the dwviCero, negli epapua-
Image of his Grove, which he ndie to? Ĉ ŠTOINDEN ÉS-
made, in the House of the gaçeluches, è ţr

Lord, wherein the Lord had 'maosdós; zij graças,
chosen toiput his Name in te sh deegroeiv i


rusalem the Holy City for Juve ? ng woiñocy" to
ever, and had said, I will no mornegy ér oqian-
more remove my Foot from uses wers, roşop-
the Land of Israel

, which. I gioon avrúy: zonne
γίσαι αυτόν:

gave to their Fathers: Only to 3 qurollo", è g 성
if they will observe to do ac- gaurlör på ärosset
cording to all that I have sinova, b émoinger čo
commanded them, and accord- orroo weis, ir ço ége
ing to all the Precepts that Mégano súera statas

Tedy.Vo ? deest. V. ? xuvdthcoy. V.



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govoria aúng crã my Servant Mofes command

αυτό cv 'leppoaasje tým c. ed them. And they hearkened się ning eis ciúver, not. And Manasseh seduced

& TEV ģ weg at how them to; do more evil beo À módd My Caolacy fore the Lord than did the ή Pero o gñs & Ploeging Nations whom the Lord cast

ที่ Les éduree mois ma tee- out from the Face of the av aútūr, adin eas Children of Israel. And φυλαξωνται και πούσα the Lord [pake concerning

ng ood everal no reso aŭ- Manasseh, and concerning

evenind Tois, a mãodes or to his People, by the Hand of alw, lus évetzinge to o his Servants the Prophets, - förss Mee Mwons. è saying, Because Manasseh King ir öxsodes, ry &TT 70ET MO- of Judah has done all thela

these YNDEY aúrous Mave- wicked Abominations, in a añs & Troñocy 8' 710- higher degree than the Amooneón y CTION weir, rite did which was before him, va se za čovn à êmpe and hath made Judah to fin ruera årwegrame with his Idols ; Thus faith sofos jy 'Ioeana. è the Lord God of Israel, Ben érgéanoe vera 67 hold, I bring Evils upon Jeελάλησε Maraon, ĉ 6771 rusalem and Judah, that whoAccor aurê, én xeei foever heareth of them, both fórwy aura pas Treo- his Ears Shall tingle. And ontwv, négwrthuis voo I will stretch over Jerusalem όσα εποίησε Μανα- the Line of Samaria, and the wñs o Bacinos iófa Plummet of the House of ATai Bdenusuala la mo- bab; and I will blot out Jee meä rauta, do tér- rusalem as a Table book is TWV Wy étroinger ó 'A blotted out by wiping it. And poppaños žue reader w'. I will turn it upside down, , s išauapte 'Is- and I will give up the Rem. pay tv mois cidózgis aus nant of my Inheritance, and

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will deliver them into the , Tade rend núeros hands of their Enemies, and ó Bee's 'loeana: idy they fhall become a Prey and face peeces servei 67. 1€. a Spoil to all their Enemies : procaille, ri Iéddy, we Because of all the Evils which mavoos á xgorta o'tdi, they have done in mine Eyes, ngañou cupónea

αμφόπρα στο and have provoked me to An- ώτα αυτά, ά οκτενώ ger from the Day that I 67 lepsranny ' brought their Fathers out of mpor &a pepcias, rout the Land of Egypt, even uno sa bugy o'xs 'Agaab, vý til this Day. Moreover, Ma- amarefa "Lepkoknafeh hed innocent Blood ve- λήμ καθώς απαλάφεty much, till he had filled Je- Toy 3 mušlov aware


πυξίον : rusalem from one End 10 ano. póuerov. Ĉ YG Taşpérfes ther ; beside his Sins where- ' nego w Tor" wa with he made Judah to fin, ê, sj Stofwoorgy Tö in doing Evil in the Sight of carretjepa na negrothe Lord. And the Lord μίας με, και αλλα δώσω brought upon him the Cape autès eis zeegség tains of the Host of the King Opwv autõv, og écorrey of Assyria, and they caught eis ? aegrouno sje? s? Manafleh in Bonds, and they αρπαγίω " πάσι τοίς bound him in Fetters of Brass, er begis cutwv, at

, củy9 and brought him to Babylon, ών όσα εποίηση πονηand he was bound and shackled ea ivóqJanugis us, mith Iron all over in the è vode ng sopga Cortes House of the Prison ; and ue, ám is sipéeas &Bread made of Bran was gi- jagar tes matiegs aus


πατέρας ven unto him scantily, and by tão em gñs Aigunte, xj Weight, and Water mixed with tws, of suéeas Taúms. Vinegar but a little, and boy je dira de Sãox & Pamo aerodou. V. .chapmazio ej

. Vo deet. V.




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en ogee Mævaaras word measure, so much as would keep

opodleg, éros & Pin him alive ; and he was in ce" lepsoan ipe sóvg Straits and fore Affliction;

67 sóvati tali dito and when he was violently af. A Máuaprūv aura y flicted, he befought the Face of

ethuapn 4 'lødov, moiñ the Lord his God, and huma ocy Torneov ev opgeno bled himself greatly before the pois weis. sýngane nú- Face of the Lord God of his e ér'aótir Tès åp. Fathers

. And be prayed unto gertas a duwe paws & the Lord, saying,' ó Lord, Bagnéus 'Argp, ê xeo Almighty God of our Fathers, náboylo + Mavaaray Abraham, Ifaac and Jacob, er deozois, è édnodu and of their righteous Seed,

auton er zédors zan. who haft made. Heaven and · xais, rý njanor autive's Earth, with all the Ornament

Baburra W dede. thereof, who haft bound the Sea. posia jne Taceodneco by the Word of thy Commandufuo **oa ev or ment, who haft shut up the *.* Pig. x® purgans, rj édé Deep, and sealed it by thy ter$70 autớ ću mtuecor rible and glorious Name, whom åpa év sobreço Bear all Men fear, and tremble bee zus, i desp Cùr Ed fore thy Power ; for the Maολίγον αν μέτρω, ώςε jety of thy Glory cannot be Car auzon, s' WOUDE- born, and thine angry threatgóufu @ @ óduropese @ ning towards Sinners is insupopódes. By s Blaiws portable : But thy merciful 0216n, Címuoe to teó Promise is unmeasurable and OWWV meir seg unsearchable ; for thou art the ours, rj STATELOCón molt high Lord, of great Comspódea do megocmy passion, Long-suffering, very



απλήρωσεν. V.


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merciful, and repentest of the weir goed opposed treeEvils of Men. Thou, O Lord, TEEGOV Wire, è megonuaccording to thy great Gooda Žato begs moeror', né• ness, hast promised Repentance, gwr' Kuele adutoregia and Forgiveness to them that top, ó oeos mas tant


Θεός πατέ. have finned against thee; and Egir mucov, & 'Abeacja,

, of thine infinite Mercy hast Ισαάκ, και Ιακώς, appointed Repentance 'unto Sin. sej opralo Tür ners that they may be saved. & detais.

δικαίς, και ποιήσας και

o t Thou therefore, o Lord, that gegror sy gño ou art the God of the Fuft, haft Eduti tớ ngoziqa autóv, not appointed Repentance to the ó med noras i Jogosar Just," as to Abraham aud 7639 78.megazo

megsága Ifaac, and Jacob, which have Matos od, 2ο" κλείσας not finned against thee; but not as a buadr, "apego

sy thou hast appointed Repentance 700 euf a atin tới unto me that am a Singer ; qa6epý er ovofor I have finned above, the HOTI 08 ον που τα Number of the Sands of the petarde no res do Sea. My Transgresions, .0. mgrumo dawcówecós Lord, are multiply d, my Trans- o, oti äserta a ue

pre. gressions are multiplied, and I ja 20mpéralce of satns odo am not worthy to behold and rigidu réseau opriis Jee the height of Heaven, for dreaplwn.es are the. Multitude of mine ini.. a. 68. apérentów na quity. I am bowed down with è ai'eEigdia sou to č many Iron Bands, that I can re Quotetasganias.08. netolift up my Head, neither oni Cw

Gi mero have any

Release ; for I have a need ,' Mares provoked thy Wrath, and done for Oo, nonvine@u,

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Toy sdy. v. defunt. V. 3 deeft. V.



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