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doing Fustice to the Widows, even those who are under the Bi duvn corray of 200 & &• fhop will not be able to fup- πίσκοπον συνεπιμαχεῖν port and vindicate him: For mange spear they will fay to him what is an on rus dalysLuk. v1.4i. Written in the Gofpel, Why nie gegeappyor. Ti beboldeft thou the Mote that is Brémess app To in thy Brother's Eye, but confi ev s opranua 5 dereft not the Beam that is in adenou do. thine own Eye? Let the Bishop 7 år rus is iw oqtherefore, with his Deacons, au' dread to hear any fuch thing; EuCad iv • CHthat is, let him give no oc- now &, ou mois. Ne. cafion for it. For an Of κόνοις αὐτῷ, ἀκᾶσαι ῥῆς fender, when he feds any o-k TOISTOV TUTES?, ther doing asbad as himfelf, μὴ διδότῳ ἀφορμί. ὁ will be encouraged to do dua para v the very fame things; and Tiva oμgia aurus then the wicked One, taking parta, bingdoundroze Occafion from a fingle In- y esauri Tar ftance,works in others, which ranes di ivos God forbid; and by that populus means the Flock will be de- pus ov froy'd. For the greater number of Offenders there are, the greater is the Mischief that is done by them: For





LTD. C&TWS YOU expпorry To Tiμvior. over 8 över dis dua proportion, Ther. Sin which paffes without Cor-ayy & Si avoir Chiredion grows worle. and τελεμλύη κακία, άμαρworfe, and fpreads to others; Tia S2åviλeyжOs fince, A little Leaven infects



xeer Home Yivery,

Gal. v. 9


· εἰς ὑμᾶς. ν. ! ἀνεξέλεγκτος. Τα

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- the whole Lump; and one Thief fpreads the Wickednefs over a whole Nation, and Dead Flies poils the whole Eccl. x. Pot of sweet Ointment; and, When a King hearkens to un- Prov.xxix righteous Counsel, all the Servants under him are wicked. So one fcabbed Sheep, if not feparated, from those that are whole, infects the rest with the fame Distemper; and a Man infected with the Plague is to be avoided by all Men; and amad Dog is dangerous to every one that he touches. If therefore we neglect to fe parate the Tranfgreffor from the Church of God, we shall make the Lord's Houfe a Den Matt. of Thieves. For 'tis the Bi-XXI. 13 fhop's Duty not to be filent in the Cafe of Offenders, but to rebuke them, to exhort them, to beat them down, to afflict them with Faftings, that fo he may ftrike a pious Dread into the reft: For, as He fays, Make ye the Children of Lev.xv.31. Ifrael pious. For the Bishop. Pag.




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3 πλήρη φυράματα. Υ. πόλο


V 7 deeft. V.

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muft be one who difcourages θετεῖν, ποπιέζειν, τις Sin by his Exhortations, and Cv vrsticus, os y fets a Pattern of Righteouf-Tos STDs Car nefs, and proclaims thofe non. Ezabas p good things which are pre- φησιν ποιήατε τις par'd by God, and declares yes 'Toeaha. Xpùz that Wrath which will come To imionowo è at the Day of Judgment, left apk ŵr nwhuThe he contemn and neglect the decías giveway, Plantation of God; and, on ↑ Sing locuins angaccount of his Carclefness, mov, fs Tomasήτοιμασ hear that which is faid in μλύων ὑπὸ Θεῷ ἀγαθῶν Hef.x. 13. Hofea, Why have held your κήρυκα, c δ μελλέσης Peace at Impiety, and have opus Ev Ty nejod Za5reaped the Fruit thereof? αλτήρα ὅπως μὴ κα ταφρονήσας $ € Θε




· φυτυργίας, ακέσῃ καὶ ἀμέλειου στὸ ἐν τῷ Ὠστὲ εἰρημονίου. Ἵνα τί θρεριωπήσατε ασέβειδμ, καὶ “ καρπὸν αὐτῆς ἐτρυγή




ET the Bilhop therefore Πάντων ἐν φρονί ζέτω ὁ ̓Επίσκοπος", priva

extend his Concern to


all forts of People; to those who have not offended, that ivwar wanapores, they may continue innocent; ès aupravovar, to those who have offended, va ervoor. 3 Agry!" that they may repent. For 8 á werR twey's v. to you does the Lord fpeaks". "Dean pn ngMat.xvil, thus, Take heed that ye offend Tapeornonte vo's Dis not one of thefe little ones. Tis μικρῶν τότων. Καὶ



· decii. V. * ὁ ἐπισκοπος φροντιζεται. V. &πων ἐν ένα γε αίοις. ν.

5. V.


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τοῖς μετανοῦσιν ἄφεσιν your Duty allo to give Re
didovas xpá ama miffion to the Penitent. For
Τῷ εἰπεῖν μένα τῶν πλημ- as foon as ever one who has
μελησφύζων Γνησίᾳ δια. offended fays, in the Since-
Deaf HudpTng Trity of his Soul, I have finned 2 King.xil.
nely aronewε against the Lord, the Holy 13
agrov moting: Kaj Spirit anfwers, The Lord al
&& apîné Co. The fo hath forgiven thy Sin, be of
a poplav1, Dapot, un good cheer, thou shalt not die.
Σποθάνης. Γνώριζε Be fenfible therefore, Ο Bi-
ἦν,ὦ Ὀλήσκοπε, τὸ ἀξίως fhop, of the Dignity of thy
μά σε, ὅτι ὡς ξ δεσμᾶν Place, that as thou haft re,
ἐκληρώσω τὰ ἐξυσίδα, ceiv’d the Power of Binding,
ὕτω & ξ λύειν. ἐξυ- fo haft thou allo that of
dar Ev for var, Loofing. Having therefore
DOWNICE DELITOV, the Power of Loofing, exert
ἀξίως ξ τόπε σε ἐν τῷ. thy felf, and behave thy felf
δὲ τῷ βίῳ ἀνατρέφε, in this World as becomes thy
εἰδὼς ὅτι πλείονα αὖ Place, as knowing that thou
nos amamanan haft a great Account to give.
20v. w jap pros, Tapé- For to whom, as the Script Lk. 11-
Adele TORU, Wesó ture fays, Men have intrufted 48.
much, of him they will re-
aure. Avaμápal quire the more. For no onę
p 2 a'r Spπ av des Man is free from Sin, ex-
cepting him that was made
Man for us; fince it is writ-
ten, No Man is pure from Job xiv.4 -
Filthiness, no not though he be LXX,
but one Day old. Upon which
account the Lives and Con-







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gu. & deeft relig. V. 2 deeft. V. 3 mas subes. V.

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verfations of the ancient hog rifs weyfin




ty Men and Patriarchs are on Singlor defcrib'd; not that we may reaper of Biore reproach them from our read- aaaspopal aveyed ing, but that we our felves nadu s iva cheires may repent, and have Hope ὀνειδιζώμωμ αναγινώς that we alfo fhall obtain For- onorms, XM' ¡ra nues givenefs. For their Blemillies μεταναῷμου, « δέλπι are to us both Security and des Hope. Ja, as apé Admonition,becaufewehence σεως τουξόμιμοι, το δ' learn, when we have offend. ἐκείνων ῥύτη ἡμετέρα ed, that if we repent, we aparea have. fhall have Pardon. For it is as, de è suas apifor twritten. Who can boaft that the τήσομπες, ἐὰν μετανοήhas a clean Heart? and who owu, outyμl o dare affirm that he is pure pe games from Sin? No Man therefore Tis καυχήσεται ἀγνίω is without Sin. Do thou lapsian's therefore labour to the ut τις παῤῥήσιάσεται κα moft of thy Power to be as ever and app unblameable; and be folici- rias; Oudeis är ava tous of all the Parts of thy ppm. Cu ev x Flock, left any one be fcan- aur, avidace aredaliz'd on thy account, and an avaj è wei thereby perish. For the Lay- MEеiμva, in man is folicitous only for onay Sarı himself, but thou for all, as as Drony. I go having a greater Burden, and λαϊκὸς πεὶ ἑαυτῇ μόνο carrying a heavier Load. For er, Cu wei Numb, it is written, And the Lord faid návrov, ws! maior XVIII.!unt Mofes, Thou and Aaron shall av Báp",







૩ વર્ષ


xx. 9:

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deest. V. 2 v. v. Baegs wy. V. 2 deeft. V.

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