The Ridpath Library of Universal Literature ...: A Biographical and Bibliographical Summary of the World's Most Eminent Authors, Including the Choicest Extracts and Masterpieces from Their Writings, Comprising the Best Features of Many Celebrated Compilations, Notably the Guernsey Collection, the De Puy Collection, the Ridpath Collection, All Carefully Rev. and Arranged by a Corps of the Most Capable Scholars, المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
John Clark Ridpath
Globe publishing Company, 1898
A biographical and bibliographical summary of the World's most eminent authors, including the choicest extracts and masterpieces from their writings, comprising the best features of many celebrated compilations, notably the Guernsey collection, the De Puy collection, the Ridpath collection, all carefully rev. and arranged by a corps of the most capable scholars.

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