Love and a bottle. The constant couple, or, A trip to the jubiliee. Sir Harry Wildair. The inconstant; or, The way to win him

الغلاف الأمامي
John C. Nimmo, 1892

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الصفحة 371 - Thou miracle of impudence ! would'st thou make me believe, that such a grave gentleman as my father would go a masquerading thus ? That a person of threescore and three would run about in a fool's coat, to disgrace himself and family ? Why, you impudent villain, do you think I will suffer such an affront to pass upon my honoured father, my worthy father, my dear father?
الصفحة 358 - Where's your honour ? Where's your courage now ? Ads my life, sir, I have a great mind to kick you ! — Go, go to your fellow-rake now, rail at my sex, and get drunk for vexation, and write a lampoon — But I...
الصفحة 366 - Aenean compellat vocibus ultro : ' dissimulare etiam sperasti, perfide, tantum 305 posse nefas tacitusque mea decedere terra ? nee te noster amor nee te data dextera quondam nee moritura tenet crudeli funere Dido...
الصفحة 329 - Like hungry Guests a sitting Audience looks : Plays are like Suppers: Poets are the Cooks. The Founders you; The Table is this Place. The Carvers, We ; the Prologue is the Grace. Each Act, a Course; Each Scene, a different Dish.
الصفحة 332 - I'm your most humble servant! Dug. Why, sir, you've cast your skin, sure; you're brisk and gay — lusty health about you — no sign of age, but your silver hairs. Old Mir. Silver hairs ! Then they are quicksilver hairs, sir. Whilst I have golden pockets, let my hairs be silver, an
الصفحة 3 - Courage the highest gift, that scorns to bend To mean devices for a sordid end. Courage— an independent spark from Heaven's bright throne, By which the soul stands raised, triumphant, high, alone.
الصفحة 226 - A villain, sir. Smug. With all my heart : — I'll pardon you the beating me for that very word. And pray, Sir Harry, when you see him next, tell him this news from me, that I have disinherited him, that I will leave him as poor as a disbanded quartermaster. And this is the positive and stiff resolution of threescore and ten; an age that sticks as obstinately to its purpose, as to the old fashion of its cloak.
الصفحة 369 - Good my lord, a nobler choice had better suited your lordship's merit. My person, rank, and circumstance, expose me as the public theme of raillery, and subject me so to injurious usage, my lord, that I can lay no claim to any part of your regard, except your pity. Old Mir. Breathes he vital air, that dares presume, With rude behaviour, to profane such excellence?
الصفحة 337 - Pet. Yes, sir : and who should I find there but Mr Mirabel and the captain, hatching as warmly over a tub of ice, as two hen pheasants over a brood they would not let me bespeak any thing, for they hail dined before I came.

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