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and in the Essay on the Conftitutions; but perceived it would fwell the Volumes fo much, and be fo trouble fome to the Learned, and yet not give the Unlearned the full force of the Evidence; which in fnch cafes frequently depends on a nice comparison of the Originals, not to be eafily exprefs'd in a Tranflation; that I was deterr'd from attempting it. Nor is this, I think, abfolutely neceffary for their fatisfaction; fince there is, I believe, fufficient evidence for them without it, tho' not for the Learned. For I cannot but think, that thofe Pious, and Honeft, Unlearned Readers, who are lefs prejudic'd by Modern Notions, Difputes, and Diftinctions, are so much better Judges of plain Reafoning, obvious Teftimonies, and common Senfe, than moft of the Learned that a much lefs Degree of Evidence is neceffary for their Conviction.


I need not here fay,that the Tranflation of the Second Book of Efdras is the Learned Mr. Ockley's; and that of the Preface to the Doctrine of the Apostles, for the main the Learned Mr. Gagnier's; becaufe,>: the Publick has been already prepar'd by Dr. Grabe to expect fuch Tranilations of the Arabick from them; fince neither Dr. Grabe nor my felf do pretend to underftand that Language. And fo much fhall fuffice by way of Advertisement. Only before I conclude, I muft here publickly return my fincere and hearty Thanks to thofe already intimated, and to all others who have any way contributed to this Work, either by affifting directly this Honeft and Chriftian Defign it felf, or by fupporting its Author in any of his Straits and Difficulties. And I do earneftly pray to God to return an Hundred-fold into their Bofom. As I do with the fame Sincerity and Opennefs forgive all that have any way directly difcouraged or oppos'd the fame de



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First Reply to Dr. Al

Jix p. 35, 36.

fign, or flander'd and perfecuted its Author; and with the fame Earneftnefs pray that God will mercfully forgive fuch their heinous Offences; nay, and open their Eyes to fee the things that truly belong to their own, and the Churches real Peace, Advantage, and Reformation; that fo inftead of fighting against God, or againft one another, we may all unanimously agree in an honeft Enquiry after,and ready Obedience to the Divine Will, as it was entirely reveal'd to the World in the firft and pureft Age of the Gofpel. I conclude with thofe Words which I fometime fince made ufe of in my Fourth Letter to my Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, concern ing my felf, and my own Management in these Important Matters; owning that they do ftill reprefent the Senfe of my Soul, and defiring the Chriftian Reader to attend to them as my folemn Intention and Profeffion before God and Man. As to the Manner of my Writing upon thefe Subjects, it is, I confefs, too agreeable to the Warmth and Vehemence of my Natural temper, increas'd by an hearty, and, I am fure, an honest Zeal, for what things foever at any time appear to me to be true,and of Importance in Chriftianity. I hope God, who knows the inmoft Receffes of my Soul, will not impute all that appears to be rafh, and affuming, to fuch a proud and conceited Temper as it may feem to others to proceed from and that he will mercifully forgive any Offences of that Nature, where he finds the Heart in the main fincere and upright; and honeftly labouring, to the beft of its knowledge, to promote Truth and Piety in the World. And as I earneftly with that this uncorrupt Faith and Practice of the Gospel, in every part may prevail among us; fo do I heartily defire,


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that I may not be found guilty of breaking any of the Rules of Chriftian Meeknefs, Hu mility, Modefty, and Deference to Lawful Authority while I am aiming to promote, to the best of my Judgment and Ability, the Purity of Chrift's Religion among Men. And I muft own,that I am, upon Reflection fenfible, C that in feveral Expreffions, and in many Cir cumftances of my Management, I have not always kept within thofe ftrict Rules of the Gofpel, which the Meeknefs and Gentlenefs "of Chrift, and of his Religion requires in fuch Cafes ; and that therefore I may fometimes have given Occafion of Offence to my ChriC ftian Brethren, and to thofe in Authority in particular. For which Faults, wherever they have appear'd, either by Word or Writing, I do heartily beg forgiveness of God, and of fall good Men. And I now add, that as I have aim'd fince that time, not to break the promise I then made, That I would thenceforward



be more careful not to be guilty of the fame Fault afterward, fo do I again promife hereby to keep it, if poffible, ftill more faithfully for the time to come; being heartily defirous, that I may by the Chriftian Manner, as well as Honeft Zeal of my future Procedure, endeavour to recommend thefe Sacred Truths and Books of Genuine Christianity to the World.

And now to conclude the whole, and detain the Reader no longer from the work it felf, I muft ftill add one thing more, viz. That ince I have now honeftly difcharg'd my Duty, been faithful to my Truft, and laid my fulf Thoughts, Difcoveries, and Evidence, before the Chriftian World in thefe Four Volumes,

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Ihave no Defign hereafter to reply to fuch hafty, and injudicious Pamphlets as may be written againft me, by thofe that cannot ftay fully to confider, and throughly to examine, as I have been fometimes prevail'd on to do hitherto; but thall defire rather to leave all for a confiderable time with the Church and the Learned; and to wait till fome well qualifyed and judicious Perfons, after full and mature examination, fhall publifh fomewhat really confiderable upon these important Subjects, before I trouble the World any farther with my own Thoughts about them. But in the mean time I fhall take care to have the whole tranflated into Latin for the ufe of Foreigners, affoon as conveniently may be; and Thall review the Tranflation my felf, that fo it may, as exactly as poffible, exprefs my Senfe all the way


I have alfo juft now an Hint, as if the Conftitutions themfelves are found in Arabick at Cambridge, and at least one MS. more thereto relating; but can yet give no particular Ac count of them.

hævdede bir


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Novemb. 15.

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IGNATIUS, B of Antioch;

в от н

Larger and Smaller, in Greek and in English, with the various Readings from all the Greek MSS.

To which is Prefixed :

Including the Accounts of the University's
and Convocation's PROCEEDINGS,
With Relation to the AUTHOR.

A Preliminary DISSERTATION, Proving that the Larger Copies of IGNATIUS are alone Genuine, and the Smaller only Heretical Extracts from them, made in the Fourth Century of the Church.

To which is Subjoin'd the Apologetick of Eunomius entire in English.

By WILLIAM WHISTON, M. A. Μακάριοι οἱ διδιωγμένοι ἵνεκεν δικαιοσύνης, ὅτι ἀιἂν Bar & Banneía fever. Matt. V. 10.

LONDON: Printed for the AUTHOR ; And are to be Sold by the Booksellers of London and Westminster. 1711.

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