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AMONG those who believe in the divine authority of the Scriptures, there can be no difference of opinion as to the importance of their gaining a lodgment in the memory, as well as an influence over the heart. And in order to this, it is of no small moment that there should be adopted, at an early age, some systematic course, by means of which the mind shall be constantly drawing from this great storehouse of divine truth. The plan proposed by the author of this work seems admirably fitted to secure this end. Without laying a tax upon one's time that is worthy of any consideration, it keeps the mind in constant contact with the living word, enlarging constantly the boundary of its scriptural knowledge, and adding as constantly to the materials for devout meditation. In addition to this, it is fitted to aid in the formation of an excellent mental habita habit -of both attention and recollection ; and though it may seem a small matter, it cannot be prosecuted perseveringly and successfully, without ministering to one's intellectual growth.

The great recommendation of this book is, that while it reduces the leading truths of the Bible to some degree of system, it is nevertheless, the Bible, and nothing but the Bible, of which it is composed. No religious denomination need have any fear for its distinctive features, provided they will stand the test of the simple

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word of God. The author's grand aim is to induce people to commit the Bible to memory; and having done so, he leaves it to them to call it Calvinism, or Hopkinism, or Arminianism, or whatever else they will.

It seems an exceedingly fitting service that my venerable friend has rendered to the church, in putting forth this work, in the waning of his bodily vigor, and in the prospect of soon passing off the stage. It will be obvious to any one that it is the result of the most mature and laborious examination of the Scriptures, and I think every candid judge will pronounce it a highly judicious and successful effort. If this should prove the last of his more formal labors in the cause of his Master, it is worthy to be the last. May it be a witness for him both on earth and in heaven, long after the place of his grave shall be forgotten!


ALBANY, May 11, 1852.


It is not to displace, or hinder any other system of instruction. It is to aid in the increase of attention to the Holy Scriptures in a peculiar way: namely, by the united action of the mental powers systematically, and without any regard to denominational distinctions. It is designed as a companion for individuals at home and abroad : to afford them daily spiritual food; to invigorate the memory, the understanding, and the heart. It begins with the mother at the cradle, and embraces all the members of the family; pointing to all briefly the way of truth, righteousness and salvation.

Especially is it designed for the religious instruction of the school; which is generally admitted to be important, but difficult. The teacher, who believes in the divine inspiration of the Scriptures, may meet his pupils at the door, and say, “Come, ye children, hearken unto me, I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” It is designed too, as a help in maintaining due regard to authority in the family, and in the school, by keeping before the mind what God requires of all " in their several places and relations." 6 Where the word of a king is, there is power.” How much more where there is the word of “ The Great King, the Lord of Hosts !" To his direc tion and favor it is committed. To him be glory forever.




Lesson 1. Teachers .... 2. Learners 3. The Scriptures. 4. God........ 5. Mode of God's Subsistence 6. The Counsel of God.. 7. Creation .... 8. Holy Angels. 9. Fallen Angels .... 10. Man and Free Agency 11. Providence..... 12. The Fall and Sinfulness of Man. 13. Penalty of the Law.... 14. The Son of God....... 15. Emmanuel.... 16. The Mediator.. 17. The Great Teacher.. 18. The Great High Priest.. 19. The Glorious King. 20. The Lamb of God.. 21. The Golden Censer. 22. Messiah's Throne... 23. The Glory of Christ. 24. The Holy Spirit.... 25. Work of the Spirit-Illumination........... 26. Work of the Spirit-Conviction.. 27. Work of the Spirit-Regeneration ....


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