Transactions of the American Philological Association, المجلد 27

الغلاف الأمامي
Ginn & Company, 1896
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الصفحة lxx - I. 9. 3. I. 28. 3; AJP. Proceed., xxv. p. xxvii, July, 1894. GEORGE AH FRASER. The classical course; Colorado School Journal, Nov. 1894. JAMES M.
الصفحة xliii - You could not step twice in the same rivers; for other and yet other waters are ever flowing on.
الصفحة xliv - Yes, and if oxen and horses or lions had hands, and could paint with their hands and produce works of art as men do, horses would paint the forms of the gods like horses, and oxen like oxen, and make their bodies in the image of their several kinds.
الصفحة xlvii - ... foreign-speaking people, and especially the English, learn the language of their superiors sufficiently to converse intelligently with foreign residents. The Krumen may be taken as another example. Both the Kru and the Grebo tribes belong to the agglutinative speaking class. In the language of Cust, "travelers allude to the jargon of Sierra Leone English, and state that the people of Lagos speak a patois of English which closely approximate to Yariba.
الصفحة lvii - His ubi nequiquam dictis experta Latinum contra stare videt, penitusque in viscera lapsum serpentis furiale malum, totamque pererrat, 375 tum vero infelix, ingentibus excita monstris, immensam sine more furit lymphata per urbem: ceu quondam torto volitans sub verbere turbo, quem pueri magno in gyro vacua atria circum intenti ludo exercent; ille actus habena 380 curvatis fertur spatiis; stupet inscia supra impubesque manus, mirata volubile buxum; dant animos plagae.
الصفحة xvi - Sprac/tgtftihl and the rigid requirements of the classical metricians. We have an amusing document of this in the famous strophe by Goethe : — Ein ewiges Kochen statt frohlichem Schmauss ! Was soil denn das Za'hlen, das Wa'gen, das Grollen? Bei allem dem kommt nichts heraus, Als dass wir keine Hexameter machen sollen, Und sollen uns patriotisch fugen, An Knittelversen, uns begniigen. In 1832 Lachmann's famous essay, Ueber althochdeutsche Betonung und...
الصفحة xliii - Much learning does not teach one to have understanding ; else it would have taught Hesiod, and Pythagoras, and again Xenophanes, and Hekataios. ^' 17. Pythagoras, son of Mnesarchos, prosecuted investigations more than any other man, and [selecting these treatises] he made a wisdom of his own — much learning and bad art.
الصفحة xvi - VVenn in drei- oder mehrsilbigen Wortern des Alt- und Mittelhochdeutschen die erste, dh die betonteste Silbe lang ist, so hat die zweite den nachsthohen Accent; (2) ist dagegen die erste kurz, so hat die dritte den Nebenton.
الصفحة vii - Vtstac to be accounted for and presents other minor difficulties. Such questions as these, which may never be finally settled, manifestly cannot be included within the scope of the present paper. Servius, Ad Aen. I. 726, in speaking of the atrium, says : " Ibi et culina erat : unde et atrium dictum est; atrum enim erat ex fumo.
الصفحة lii - ... programme or series of programmes which might everywhere be adopted ; but the Association differs radically from that Committee with regard to the method to be employed. It is of course clear that, under the present circumstances of increasing demands for time on the part of many of the so-called newer subjects, the results desired cannot be obtained unless there is either a general reduction of the time given to each subject or a complete omission of some of the subjects or a relegation of some...

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