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we read that this sentence was executed is strange. The king allowed the duke to choose the manner in which he would be put to death, and being very fond of Malmsey wine, the duke chose to be drowned in a large cask of this liquor. A butt of Malmsey was then brought to the Tower, into which the duke was thrust, with his head downwards, and there kept till he was dead.

Edward was a very profligate, as well as a very cruel king. The name of Jane Shore is known to every reader of the history of England; she was the wife of a citizen of London; and the profligate king took her away from her husband to live with him. She herself afterwards suffered grievously for wickedly consenting to this.

The king was attacked with a dangerous illness just when he was preparing to make war against the French. This was in the year 1483.

(To be continued.)

A meek and quiet spirit is, in the sight of God, of great price. 1 Pet, iii. 4.


No. XV.


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THE man who had bought Joseph took him into the land of Egypt; and God blessed him there, so that he became a great man in the land. And the king took his ring from off his finger, and put it upon Joseph's hand, and made him ruler over all the land of Egypt. And, after a long time, Joseph's brothers came to Egypt to buy corn; and they did not know him; and they bowed themselves before him. At first, Joseph did not tell them who he was; but, when he saw that they were sorry for what they had done, be said unto them, "I am Joseph, your brother;" and he kissed them all. And he was so glad to see his youngest brother Benjamin, who was a little child when he left him, that he cried for joy; and he said to his brothers, "Go and bring your father, and bring

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your wives, and your little ones, and all that you have, and you shall live with me; and I will give you plenty of corn, and houses to live in, for I am ruler over all the land of Egypt." So Joseph's brothers went back to their father Jacob, and said unto him, Joseph is still alive, and is governor over all the land of Egypt." So Jacob came into the land of Egypt, to see his son; and Joseph's brothers came with their wives, and their children, to live there, and Jacob and his sons, and their families, all lived together, near to Joseph, and they were called the children of Israel.

Questions to be asked after the child has read the Lesson.

Q. What became of Joseph ?
A. He was taken into Egypt.
Q. Did he become a great man there?
A. Yes; the king made him ruler
over all the land of Egypt.

Q. Who came to Egypt to buy corn?
A. Joseph's brothers.

Q. Did they know him?

A. No.

Q. Did he tell them who he was? A. Not at first; but afterwards he told them, saying, I am Joseph your brother, whom you sold.

Q. Did he forgive them?

A. Yes; and kissed them all. Q. What was his youngest brother's name?

A. Benjamin.

Q. What did Joseph tell his brothers to do?

A. To come with their wives, and children, and to live near him.

Q. Did they tell their father that they had found Joseph ?

A. Yes; they said Joseph is alive, and he is governor over all the land of Egypt.

Q. Was Israel very glad?

A. Yes.

Q. What did he say?

A. I will go and see my son Joseph before I die.

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Q. Did he come to Egypt with all his children?

A. Yes; and the king of Egypt gave them houses to live in.

Q. Were there not a great many of them?

A. Yes; there were all Joseph's brethren, and their wives, and their little ones.

Q. What were they all called?
A. The children of Israel?

Q. Why were they called the children of Israel, when they were really the children of Jacob?

A. Because God changed Jacob's name to Israel.

(To be continued.)


THERE was an elephant kept at Versailles, in France, which seemed to know when it was mocked; and remembered the affront, till it had an opportunity of revenge.

A man deceived it by pretending to throw some food into its mouth. The animal gave him such a blow with its trunk, as knocked him down and broke two of his ribs.

A painter's servant, to make this elephant remain in a proper position whilst his master was painting him, threw fruit into its mouth, but often only pretended to do so. This conduct

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