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the people to the boldest perseverance, in defence of their native land. Edward saw the great power of these bards, and he therefore very cruelly ordered his soldiers to endeavour to seize upon these old harpers, and gave a dreadfully cruel command that they should all be put to death.

Still the Welsh persevered, and refused to have Edward for their king. They said that nobody should be their king, but one who was born amongst them, and who could speak no foreign language. When the king heard this speech, he imposed upon them by a crafty and deceitful contrivance. He told them that he would give them a king who was born among themselves, and who could speak no foreign language whatever. He did this indeed according to the words of his promise, but not in the way that he knew the Welsh understood him, and therefore he was guilty of a falsehood. He

shewed them his own little son * - -a child who was just born in Carnarvon castle, in Wales; and who, we may be sure, could speak no language at all. See the picture.

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Since this time, the two kingdoms of England and Wales have been united together; and this is indeed the best for both; but this will not make that right which must be wrong, I mean falsehood and deceit. From the time of this Edward, the eldest son of the king of England has always been called Prince of Wales.

The king was not contented with thus getting possession of Wales; he tried to get Scotland also. There was a dispute among the Scotch about who should be their king, and they left it to Edward to decide. The dispute was between Bruce and Baliol. Edward appointed Baliol to be called their king, but he took all the power into his own hands. This stirred up the spirit of a bold man named William Wallace, and he determined to try to deliver his country from the power of king Edward. This brought on a war, and Edward gained a great victory over Wallace at Falkirk. This did not, however, put down the courage of the Scots, and the war continued. At length Wallace was taken prisoner, and brought to England, and put to death by order of the king.

Still the Scotch resisted, and succeeded in driving the English out of Scotland; and Edward made another attack upon them; but he died before he could conquer them. When he was on his death-bed, at Carlisle in Cumberland, he bade his son never to be contented till he had completely overcome the Scotch. The death of Edward was in the year 1307. He is said to have been tall and manly in his person; and his legs were so long that he got the nick-name of Longshanks. (To be continued.)

No. VI.

(Continued from p. 269. Vol. 1.)
AND God called a good man named
Abram, and said to him, Go away out
of thy own country, and from thy
father's house, and come to a land
which I will shew thee, and I will bless

thee, and make of thee a great nation; and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed. So Abram believed God, and therefore he went, and did exactly as the Lord had told him. And Abram took his wife Sarah, and Lot, his brother's son, and all that he had, and God told them to go to the land of Canaan; and to the land of Canaan they went. And Abram was very rich in cattle, and in silver, and in gold. And Lot, also, who went with Abram, had flocks, and cattle, and many servants. And there were quarrels between Abram's servants and Lot's servants, for there was not room enough for them to live together in the land. And Abram said to Lot, let there be no quarrels between me and thee, and between my servants and thy servants, for why should we quarrel? If there is not room for us to live together, let us part. There is the whole land before us, and you may choose. If you take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if you take the right hand, then I will go to the left. So Lot chose the city of Sodom, and went to live there. It was a beautiful town,

but the men of Sodom were bad people, and sinned against the Lord exceedingly. And the town of Gomorrah was near it, and was quite as bad. So God was angry with the men of Sodom and the men of Gomorrah.

Questions to be asked after the child has read the Lesson.

Q. Who was the good man whom the Lord called?

A. Abram.

Q. What did God tell Abram to do? A. To leave his own country, and his father's house, and to go to a land which he would show him.

Q. What did God promise him if he would do so?

A. That he would bless him, and make of him a great nation, and that one should descend from him who would be a blessing to all the families of the earth?

Q. Who was this?

A. Jesus Christ.

Q. Did Abram do as God commanded him?

A. Yes; all that he had, and set out.

he took his wife Sarah, and

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