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cred must be the obligation of duty towards a natural parent, when our Lord has shewn that even the name and character alone is deserving of such respect! for such our Lord has proved it, by that obedience paid, not to her only of whose substance he was made flesh, but likewise to him, who was no otherwise his father, than in appearance, and the common acceptance of man. And most wisely did the inspired Author write down this passage in the history of our meek Redeemer's life, as a singular grace, and ornament to it, an early but a marvellous instance of his greatness, and such a motive to profound reverence, and humble duty to parents, as no length of arguments can supply."-Family Bible.



As by my mother's side I stand,

Whose hairs,from time, are few and grey, I watch the hour-glass shed its sand, To mark how wears the night away.

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Her sight, by age, is now decay'd:
The spectacles to aid her eyes
Upon a Bible-leaf are laid,

That open in the window lies.

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Tho' age must many ills endure,
As time for ever runs away,
This shews her Christian comforts sure,
And leads to heaven's eternal day.



"Tis the first primrose! see how meek

Yet beautiful it looks,

As just a lesson it may speak

As that which is in books.


While gardens shew their flow'ring pride,

Tall lily's stately ranks,

It loves its modest head to hide
Beneath the bramble banks.


And so the holy cottage maid,
May bloom unseen and die,

But she, whose transient flow'rets fade,
Shall live with Christ on high.

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THIS building is on the south side of Leadenhall Street, in the city of Loudon. It is a large and beautiful edifice, fronted with stone, and adorned with


handsome stone figures. The warehouses belonging to the East India Company are here very extensive, and the sale-room is so large as to be a curiosity well worth going to see. The East India Company carry on a trade to and from India, to an immense amount, and their extensive concerns therefore, require a building in proportion to them. Through this company, we get all our tea, and many other such articles as the East Indies produce. The Directors of this company are twenty-four in number; and the business of the house is carried on under their management. But it would not be of much use, or entertainment, to our young readers, to enter into the particulars of this company: but, when any of them walk that way, it may be agreeable to them to admire the building, a thing which young people are generally fond of; and, for those who have not the opportunity of taking a walk into Leadenhall Street, we have endeavoured to make a little picture of the India House.


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WHENEVER Mary said a word that was likely to be of any use, Jane would always set off, and run away; she never would listen to any thing that was in the least degree religious, or profitable. And, when she found that Mary would often try to say a word that might lead her to think of what was good, she began to be tired of Mary's company, and so kept out of her way as much as she could; and Mary herself found that whenever she wished to speak about any thing good, Jane could not bear it, and she therefore had no pleasure in conversing with her, and so, by degrees, their acquaintance broke off; and, if they ever had any more conversation together, I have not heard what it was. I have been told, too, that Jane's father and mother, and her other friends, said a great deal to her about diligence and industry, and tried all they could to persuade her to give attention to what she learn


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