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10. What was his quality?
11. Whom did he pretend to be?
12. What became of him?
13. What other pretender arose?
14. What was his name?

15. Whom did he pretend to be? 16. Did many people believe his story, and support his pretensions? 17. Was he taken prisoner? -18. Upon what condition was his life spared?

19. Was he put under confinement ? 20. Did he escape?

21. What became of him after he was again taken?

22. When these conspiracies were over, to what did the King turn his attention?

23. In what year did Henry the Seventh die?

24. Where was he buried?

25. What great country was discovered during this King's reign? 26. By whom?

..27. What particular art was introduced into England?

Go not into the


of evil men;

avoid it, turn from it.


No. XX.


(Continued from page 153.)

BECAUSE the Israelites did not trust in him, God punished them, and let them wander forty years in the wilderness before he brought them into the land of Canaan. At the end of this time Moses died; and when he was, dead, Joshua led the people in his stead. Joshua was a brave and good man, and put his whole trust in the Lord his God. And, when the people murmured against the Lord, Joshua always checked them, and told them that they need not fear, and that they must not murmur against the Lord, for that, if the Lord delighted in them, he would bring them into the good land which he had promised them; but that they must not rebel against the Lord to make him angry. So the Lord blessed Joshua, and gave him

great power; and Joshua led the people safely into the land of Canaan. They found the land full of wicked people, who worshipped idols. But Joshua told the children of Israel that they must oppose, these idolaters, and fight against them. He bid them to be strong, and of good courage, and to fear not their enemies, for that the Lord their God was with his people, and that he would give them the land. Then Joshua led the Israelites to fight against the idolaters; and the Lord was with his people, and made them stronger than their enemies, so that they overthrew them, and killed them, and took their towns, till at last the children of Israel were settled safely in the land which God had promised to their forefathers.


Questions to be asked after the child Aas read the Lesson.

Q. How many years did the children of Israel wander in the wilderness? A. Forty years.

Q. Who died, when they came near the land of Canaan?

A. Moses.

Q. Did Moses leave any one to take care of the people when he was dead? A. Yes; Joshua.

Q. Was Joshua a good man?

A. Yes; he trusted in God.
Q. Did God bless him?

A. Yes; and enabled him to lead the Israelites, in safety, into the land of Canaan.

Q. Had they any enemies to fight with?

A. Yes; all the wicked people who lived in the land of Canaan.

Q. Were there many of these people? A. Yes; and they were strong and mighty.

Q. Were the Israelites afraid of them?

A. No; for God gave them power to stand against them.

Q. Did they overthrow them.

A. Yes; they overthrew them one after another, and killed them, and took their towns, and were then settled in the land which God had promised to their fathers.

(To be continued.)

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THE wild cat is a terribly fierce animal. Happily we have not many of them in this country. There are said to be a few in the mountainous parts of Scotland and Ireland, as well as in the woods in the north of England.

The manners of the cat are entirely changed by education; those brought up in our houses being perfectly tame and gentle. A dog is noted for his

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