Thomas Carlyle: A History of the First Forty Years of His Life, 1795-1835, المجلد 2

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الصفحة 72 - Our political economists should collect statistical facts; such as, ' What is the lowest sum a man can live on in various countries? What is the highest he gets to live on? How many people work with their hands? How many with their heads?
الصفحة 107 - Und wenn die Welt voll Teufel war und wollt uns gar verschlingen, so fürchten wir uns nicht so sehr, es soll uns doch gelingen.
الصفحة 411 - how at each new visit your opinion gets a little hitch the contrary way from its former tendency. Imagination has outgone the reality. I nevertheless still feel a great liking for this excellent old house. Chelsea is unfashionable : it was once the resort of the Court and great, however ; hence numerous old houses in it at once cheap and excellent.
الصفحة 340 - We went out to walk over long hills, and looked at Criffel, then without his cap, and down into Wordsworth's country. There we sat down and talked of the immortality of the soul. It was not Carlyle's fault that we talked on that topic, for he...
الصفحة 420 - Craigenputtock, an outlook from the back windows into mere leafy regions with here and there a red high-peaked old roof looking through ; and see nothing of London, except by day the summits of St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, and by night the gleam of the great Babylon affronting the peaceful skies. The house itself is probably the best we have ever lived in — a right old, strong, roomy brick house, built near 150 years ago, and likely to see three races of these modern fashionables...
الصفحة 339 - He was tall and gaunt, with a cliff-like brow, self-possessed, and holding his extraordinary powers of conversation in easy command ; clinging to his northern accent with evident relish ; full of lively anecdote, and with a streaming humour, which floated everything he looked upon.
الصفحة 21 - ... makes one's doing noble or mean ! I can't think how people who have any natural ambition, and any sense of power in them, escape going mad in a world like this, without the recognition of that. I know I was very near mad when I found it out for myself (as one has to find out for oneself everything that is to be of any real practical use to one).
الصفحة 403 - A smiling rainbow Children follow through the wet; 'Tis not here, still yonder, yonder: Never urchin found it yet. What is Life ? A thawing iceboard On a sea with sunny shore; — Gay we sail; it melts beneath us; We are sunk, and seen no more.
الصفحة 283 - Christian land; should not only exist, but be almost general throughout the whole female population that is placed above the necessity of working for daily bread. If I have an antipathy for any class of people, it is for fine ladies. I almost match my Husband's detestation of partridge-shooting gentlemen. Woe to the fine lady who should find herself set down at Craigenputtock for the first time in her life, left alone with her own thoughts, no "fancy bazaar...
الصفحة 69 - Contention with thy brother, I advise thee, think well what the meaning thereof is. If thou gauge it to the bottom, it is simply this: "Fellow, see! thou art taking more than thy share of Happiness in the world, something from my share: which, by the Heavens, thou shalt not; nay I will fight thee rather." — Alas, and the whole lot to be divided is such a beggarly matter, truly a "feast of shells...

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