Court Masques: Jacobean and Caroline Entertainments, 1605-1640

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David Lindley, Michael Cordner, Peter Holland, Martin Wiggins
Clarendon Press, 1995 - 286 من الصفحات
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The masque had a brief but splendid life as the dominant mode of entertainment at the early Stuart court. Extravagant multi-media happenings, court masques were filled with arcane allegorical references and frequently commented on political issues of the day. This selection, the most substantial available, brings together eighteen masques, tracing the evolution of the genre from Jonson's early masques for King James I to Davenant's 1640 masque for Charles I, performed just before the outbreak of the English Civil War. Together, these works offer fascinating insights into the culture and politics of the early 17th century.

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Select Chronology of Stuart Masques
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David Lindley is Senior Lecturer at the School of English, Leeds University.

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