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men: this is done whenever we depart from earth. Our souls then stand immediately at the bar of God. Hell receives its victims; heaven, its heirs; sin, its merited punishment; piety, its reward of grace. But that the splendours of Immanuel's glory, that the honours of the despised Nazarene, might be manifested to the universe, the “ Lord hath appointed a day in which by him he will judge the world in righteousness."

The whole verse, of which my text forms a part, speaks particularly of the display of the Saviour's glory in the redeemed; but that portion which I have selected, while it includes this idea, will also lead our reflections to a consideration of his glory, manifested in the perdition of those who now despise and refuse him :

Jesus in the judgment-day glorified in the salvation of the redeemed, and in the perdition of the ungodly. The development of this single idea then, is the sole intent of this discourse. 1 Spirit of Jesus, enable me to speak on this solemn subject with tenderness, with energy, with effect ! Under this influence may the gospel trumpet raise us from spiritual death, so that when the trumpet that shall wake the dead shall penetrate our tombs, we may rise exulting from our dust, and appear with joy before our Saviour.

Jesus shall be glorified alike in those who are saved, and those who are lost.

I. He shall be glorified in his saints, and admired in them that believe.

1. How great, how majestic, will he appear, when we shall contemplate the countless number of the bloodbought throng! Little as the flock of Jesus now appears, yet when it is all collected by the great Shepherd, from different regions and different ages of the world, it will swell to such a multitude, that we shall no longer apprehend that the extensive paradise of God, the better Eden, where they shall eternally reside, will be untenanted. Numerous, as in all ages have been the enemies of God, yet he has never left himself without witness. In the darkest seasons he has always had a church of faithful worshippers in the wilderness, overlooked perhaps, by the great, contemned by the powerful, unnoticed by the historian; but having their names inscribed in the Lamb's book of life. And the period is assuredly coming, when“ the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ;" when his authority shall be universally acknowledged, and his grace felt by all the inhabitants of a world now deluged with sin; when every heart shall glow with love to him, and every tongue celebrate his praises, When he shall appear at the final day, encircled by this multitude, which no man can number, all of them casting their crowns at his feet, and ascribing their salvation to his precious death, will not his glory be ineffable ?

2. Will he not be glorified by the diversity of character, of nation, of age, and of time, of which that blessed company shall be composed, who will then glow with the same feelings, and have the same holy image impressed upon them? Here will stand a profligate sinner, reclaimed by his grace, by one who, though preserved from gross enormities and pollutions, renounced his own righteousness, and felt his need of atoning blood : here a renewed, persecuting Paul, by the side of a martyred Stephen, in whose death he rejoiced : here a Christian, who swayed the sceptre over nations, while his own heart was subject to

the Redeemer, by the side of a holy beggar, who had been viewed with contempt by men, though clothed with the righteousness of Immanuel, and an heir of eternal glory : here one, whose name'was emblazoned with the honours of science, but who laid his literary laurels at the foot of the cross, and esteemed it his greatest privilege to sit with ary at the feet of Jesus, and there receive instruction; by the side of him whose talents were feeble, and whose acquirements were small, but who was instructed in that best of sciences, the knowledge of « Jesus Christ, and him crucified.” In short, some will there appear, of every different character and disposition, “ washed, justified, and sanctified, in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of God.” And will not this spectacle cause all heaven to resound with adoring wonder at the



grace of the Lamb that was slain! There too shall stand some of every nation and age, and of every period of time; the converted Greek, and the believing Jew; those that obeyed the gospel in lands where the Sun of Righteousness shone in all his splendour, and the pagans covered with thick darkness, who eagerly drank in the words of life, which the zealous heralds of the cross carried to them; those who walked with God in the patriarchal ages; those who, in the levitical dispensation, looked through the prefigurative victims, to their great antitype; and those who enjoyed

e the full beamings of gospel day: those who just opened their eyes upon the world, closed them in death, and soared to heaven; and those aged believers , who, having long fought under the banners of the cross, descended full of years, and full of the fruits of righteousness, into the tomb. Oh! when this vast assembly shall be collected, and shall fix their grate

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ful eyes on Jésus, and without one discordant voice hymn his praises and his grace, will he not be glorified!

3. Will he not be glorified when this happy company shall retrace their past lives, and with humble and thankful wonder declare his goodness, his wisdom, and his

power, in safely conducting them, notwithstanding their weakness, their enemies, and their afflictions, to that complete salvation which he had promised to them? Then the might of that arm, which drew so many thousand feeble creatures to heaven through a host of ungodly men, of raging corruptions, and of furious devils, shall be displayed. Then the noble army of martyrs and of confessors, shall proclaim the power of that grace which enabled them not to count their lives dear unto them; and the sweetness of those supports, upheld by which, they could shout hallelujahs on the rack, and in the flames. Then the consolations given to every individual in the hours of sorrow and of wo, the spiritual joys communicated when the heart was bowed down with distress, the strength from on high under powerful temptations of the adversary of souls, shall be declared to the universe. Then the darkness which now hangs over so many scenes of providence, shall be dissipated, and it shall be seen that all, even those events which now tear our hearts, were ordered by covenant love, unerring wisdom, and inviolable faithfulness. And will not this retrospect by so many millions, when each individual shall perceive that his interests have been promoted with as much vigilance and tenderness as though he were the only happy creature under the care of Jesus, bring glory to this great Ruler and King of Zion? 4. Will he not be glorified by the perfection and har

piness to which all his children shall then attain ? Their bodies, no longer weak, suffering, and dying, but made like unto his own glorious body; their souls, no longer averse from God, dark through ignorance, cold and lukewarm in duty, but shining with light, and burning with love. When rebels, when worms of the dust are thus exalted by him; when they shine like so many suns in the kingdom of our Father, while he, the central sun, beams with transcendent and infinite lustre; will he not be glorified ? Oh! when he shall present these redeemed souls “ without spot or blemish” to his Father, as ransomed from hell by his blood, rescued by his grace

from the dominion of sin, inspired with holiness by his Spirit, and preserved by his power unto salvation, will not the name of Jesus be pronounced with ecstasy, not only by these happy souls, but by the blessed angels, and the inhabitants of worlds that never fell, and needed no atonement ?

II. Brethren, it is with regret that I leave this delightful part of my subject; and would to God, that all who hear me were so interested in the righteousness of Immanuel as to render it unnecessary to present to them more awful subjects of consideration! But, alas! are there not many who'hear me, in whose salvation Jesus will not be glorified, if they die in their present condition? Yet, even in their just destruction, he will be glorified in that day when, according to the words immediately preceding my text, “ the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels in flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the

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