The Friend of the Bridegroom: On the Orthodox Veneration of the Forerunner

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Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2003 - 190 من الصفحات
The Friend of the Bridegroom offers a compelling theological interpretation of John the Baptist as seen through the eyes of Eastern Orthodoxy. Written by Sergius Bulgakov, the greatest Russian theologian of modern times, this book sheds new light on the mission and meaning of John the Baptist, commonly referred to in Orthodoxy as the "Forerunner of the Lord." Bulgakov traces the Baptist's life from beginning to end - his birth, his preaching of repentance, his baptism of the Lord, his agony, his death, and his veneration in the context of Eastern Orthodoxy. In addition to its use of the Gospel narratives, Bulgakov's profound portrait of the Baptist is colored by sacred tradition as it is embodied in patristic literature, in liturgy, and in iconography. Yet this is not a work of arcane scholarship intended just for academic readers. Typical of all of Bulgakov's books, The Friend of the Bridegroom is steeped in devotional language and holy awe. In the words of translator Boris Jakim, it is "a work of prayer" that will stir the souls of Christians everywhere.

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St John Forerunner of the Lord
The Birth of the Forerunner
St John the Forerunner Preather of Repentante
The Baptism of John
The Baptism of the Lord Followed by the Testimony concerning the Lamb of God
The Friend of the Bridegroom
The Forerunners Agony and the Saviors Testimony about Him
The Saviors Distourse abaut John the Forerunner
John and Elias
The Honorable Death of the Forerunner
The Glorification of the Forerunner
On the Interrelationship of the Angelic and Human Worlds
St John the Forerunner and St John the Divine
St John the Forerunner and St Joseph the Betrothed
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نبذة عن المؤلف (2003)

Sergius Bulgakov was dean and professor of dogmatic theology at Saint Sergius Theological Institute in Paris.

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