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children. Our younger friends have their questions month by month in the Juvenile Instructor. The Gleaner Examination will probably attract elder boys and girls, but it is not limited to them. Candidates must not be under fourteen years of age, but they may be of any age above that. If we find adults competing, as we hope, we may be able to arrange two sets of prizes another year. At Bath, where the scheme has been warmly taken up, the Local Committee have offered additional prizes for Bath candidates, dividing them into two classes, above and below sixteen years.

1 W Behold, He cometh with clouds. Rev. 1. 7. 2 T Cometh with ten thousand of His saints. Jude 14. 3 F Ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. Matt. 24. 42. 4 S He that shall come will come, and will not tarry. Heb. 10. 37.

518 2nd in Advent. The Spirit and the bride say, Come. Rev. 22. 17.

M. Is. 5. 2 Pet. 2. E, Is. 11. 1-11, or 24. John 14. 6 M Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden. Matt.11.28. 7 T All that the Father giveth Me shall come to Me. John 6. 37. 8 W Let us come boldly unto the throne of grace. Heb. 4. 16. 9 T Bp. Stuart consec., 1877. The man of God is come hither. 2 K. 8.7. 10 F P.of Wales met Tinnevelly Chris.1875. Come and see. John 1. 39. 11 S s. Crowther bapt., 1825. Let him that heareth say, Come. Rev.22.17.

12 S 3rd in Advent. Ember Wk. Thy kingdom come. Matt. 6. 10.

M. Is. 25. 1 John 4. 7. E. Is. 26. or 28. 8–19. John 19. 1-25, 13 M Supposed day of Smith & O'Neill's death, 1877. Come ye blessed of 14 T Joy cometh in the morning. Ps. 30.5. [My Father. Matt. 25. 34. 15 W Bps. Russell, Royston, $ Horden consec., 1872. Occupy till I come. 16 T Many shall come from the east and west. Matt. 8.11. [Lu.19. 13. 17 F Behold we come unto Thee, for Thou art the Lord our God. Jer. 3.22. 18 S Penrose killed, 1878. Afliction cometh not forth of the dust. Job 5.6.

[cometh. Zech. 9.9. 19 S 4th in Adv. H. Edwards inv. C.M.S. to Peshawar, 1853. Thy king

M. Is. 30. 1-27. Rev. 4. E. Is. 32, or 83. 2–23. Rev. 5. 20 M All things come of Thee. 1 Chron. 29. 14. [Lord. Ps. 121. 2. 21 T St. Thomas. Bp. French consec. 1877. My help cometh from the 22 W 1st Miss, landed, N.Z., 1814. We are come as far as to you also. 23 T My salvation is near to come.

Isa. 56. 1.

[2 Cor. 10. 14. 24 F He shall come unto us as the rain. Hos. 6.3. [was lost. Lu. 19. 10. 25 S Christmas Day. The Son of man is come to seek and to save that wh.

M. I8. 9. 1-3. Lu. 2.1-15. E. Is. 7. 10–17. Tit. 3. 4-9.

26 S 1st aft. Christmas. St. Stephen. Come up hither. Rev. 11. 12.

M. Is. 42, or Gen. 4.1-11. Acts 6. E. Is, 43 or 44, or 2 Chron. 24. 15-23. Acts 8.1-9. 27 M St. John. Alexan. Sch.op., 1878. Shine, for thy light is come. Is.60.1. 28 T Innocents' Day. Suffer the little children to come unto Me. Mark 29 W Hold fast till I come. Rev. 2. 25.

[10. 14. 30 T Mrs. Galt d., 1878. Surely I come quickly. Rev. 22. 20. 31 F Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Rev. 22. 20.

THE GLEANER COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION. UMEROUS inquiries have been made to us from different parts of

the country respecting the Examination proposed to be held on

Dec. 14th. Most of the inquirers, however, have been intending candidates; whereas our notice distinctly stated that they were not to apply to us, but to the local clergy and Secretaries of Associations. Only a few names have been sent to us of clerical and other friends of the Society who are prepared to make the local arrangements, i.e., (1) to invite competitors in a town or district ; (2) to have a room for them to be examined in on the evening of Dec. 14th, and to provide pens, ink, paper, &c.; (3) to receive from us the Question Papers and return them to us with the answers; (4) to be generally responsible for the conduct of the examination in their respective localities. The following have intimated their intention to arrange for these local centres :Rev. C. V. Childe, Kilburn, N.W. Rev. E. T. Cardale, Uckfield, Sussex, Rev. Uriah Davies, St. Matthew's, Rev. C. C. McArthur, Burlingham, Islington, N.

Norfolk. Rev. W. E. Littlewood, Bath.

Rev. Canon Blenkin, Boston. Rev. G. F. W. Munby, Turvey, Bed- Rev. W. S. Bruce, Bristol. ford.

Rev. H, H. Streeten, Bristol. Rev. J. Scott Yardley, Shrewsbury. Rev. G. S. Streatfield, Lonth. Rev. F. H. Ashley, Wooburn, Bea- Rev. J. Deck, St. Stephen's, Hull. consfield.

Miss White, Cashel, Ireland. Names will be received up to Dec. 10th : that is to say, not the names of candidates—these are not required beforehand-but of clerical or other friends who will make the local arrangements.

We shall require to know from each local centre, not later than Dec. 10th, the number of probable candidates, in order that the right number of Question Papers may be sent.

One other remark. The Examination this year is merely an experiment, made in response to the suggestions of friends. The Society's expenses for printing, postage, and prizes, have been covered by a special donation kindly given by the Rev. G. Blisset. If the experiment should prove moderately successful, we hope the Committee will sanction its repetition in future years. Let it be noted that it is not meant for

EPITOME OF MISSIONARY NEWS. The Rev. Frederick E. Wigram, M.A., Incumbent of Highfield, Southampton, has been appointed Secretary of the Church Missionary Society in succession to the late Rev. Prebendary Wright. Mr. Wigram will, like his predecessors, Mr. Venn and Mr. Wright, be an Honorary Secretary. The Rev. John

Rooker, Director of the Missionaries' Children's Home, has accepted the Vicarage of St. Peter's, Clifton. His departure, after a service of over ten years, from 1863 to 1867, and from 1873 to 1880, is a great loss to the Home, and missionaries in all parts of the world are deeply indebted to Mrs. Rooker for her loving and unwearied labours in the care of their children. This paragraph was accidentally omitted last month.)

The Rev. G. E. Moule, D.D., for twenty-three years a C.M.S. Missionary in the Che-kiang province of China, was consecrated as

Missionary Bishop in Mid Chiva" on October 28th. The territories over which the late Bishop Russell exercised episcopal superintendence have now been divided, Dr. Moule taking “Mid China ” and Dr. C. P. Scott, of the S.P.G. Mission, “North China.” Dr. Scott was consecrated at the same time, and also Dr. Nuttall to the Bishopric of Jamaica. The ceremony took place at St. Paul's Cathedral, the Archbishop of Canterbury officiating, assisted by the Bishops of London, Winchester, Rochester, Antigua, Trinidad, and Bishops Claughton and Perry. Archdeacon T. T. Perowne preached the sermon.

The congregation of St. John's, Hampstead, bave raised £580 as a memorial to the late Rev. Henry Wright, who was minister of that church, and have presented the money to the Society for the special purpose of sending out an additional missionary this year. This noble offering, together with a special collection of £400 for a like purpose made at St. Paul's, Onslow Square, and other sums contributed by friends of the Rev. W. H. Barlow, has been set aside to maintain a missionary for three years; and it is proposed to send the selected man to the Yoruba Mission.

One of the missionaries lately ordained, but kept back for lack of funds, the Rev. I. J. Taylor, has been lent to the Bible Society for five years, to go to Japan as its agent there. Mr. Taylor was for a short time connected with the Ceylon Mission,

The C.M.S. settlement at Frere Town has been in considerable danger from the hostility of the Mombasa slave owners, who are alarmed at the moral influence of the colony upon the domestic slavery prevailing in East Africa. Their slaves, when badly treated, run away, and seek the protection of the Mission. Of course the missionaries have no power to keep them, but it affords them the opportunity, when giving up the fugitives, to remonstrate with the owners on their conduct. On September 10th an attack on Frere Town was hourly expected; but by the October mail, just in as we go to press, we hear things had quieted down,

Bishop Sargent preached the sermon at the consecration of Bishop Caldwell's new church at Edegengudi, the chief S.P.G. station in Tinnevelly, on July 6th. His text was Micah vi. 6. He mentioned that he first came to Palamcotta that day forty-five years ago. There were 3,000 persons present, and 648 communicated.

We hear with regret of the death by drowning, on his voyage from Sierra Leone to Rio Pongas, of the Rev. David Brown, a Native student of the C.M.S. College at Fourah Bay, who, after his ordination by Bishop Cheetham, joined the Rio Pongas Mission, which is mainly supported by a Church Society in Barbados,

Professor Ram Chandra, who, as one of the leading Native Christians in the Punjab, has often been mentioned in our publications, is dead. He was a convert of the S.P.G. Mission at Delhi, and was baptized in 1851. He had a narrow escape in the Mutiny of 1857, a friend who was baptized with him being killed. He was an eminent mathematician.

The new Church of England Zenana Missionary Society has issued the prefatory number of a new magazine called India's Women, which is to be the society's organ. This first number is excellent, and we have promise of a most interesting periodical, which we hope will come into the hands of many of our readers. It should stir up our lady friends to take a more intelligent and active interest in Christian work among the women of India,

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West Africa :-


Portrait of the Rev. J. Quaker
Trinity Church, Kandy

30 51

Portrait of the Rev. Henry Gunasekara
Waterloo Market, Sierra Leone

Christ Church, Pádemba Road, Sierra Leone
Old Philips, of Nellore, Ceylon, aged 86

58 102

The Rev. T. P. Handy, Native Pastor of Nellore, and his Wife and Children 58 The Egugu, Sierra Leone ....


The Church Mission Compound, Cotta ..............
Sherbro Village, Sierra Leone................................................. 103

70 Kandy

74 Yoruba :

Galle Face Mission Church, Colombo

75 A Singhalese and his Wife Abeokuta : Sacrificial Worship of Ancestors

75 Abeokuta : Procession to draw Water for the Gods

............... 126

Ningpo, from the West Gate

18 Niger :

Distant View of Hang.cbow

18 Portrait of Archdeacon Dandeson Coates Crowther

Portrait of Dr. G. E. Moule, Missionary Bishop for Mid-China 51

18 Portrait of Archdeacon Henry Johnson.....................................

Tong-wu, the Eastern Lake, Che-kiang Province 51

19 Scenes on the Niger

A Pa, or Portage, on the Tsaou-ngo River, Che-kiang Province 90

19 Chiefs of Bonny

Bao Yuoh-Yi, the First-Fruits of Ningpo 91

26 Chief “ West Indy,” of Bonny.........

The Catechist Bao preaching at Ningpo 91

27 Chinese Boat-Women and Children, Hong Kong

42 East Africa :

St. Stephen's Church, C.M.S. Mission, Hong Kong

42 Arab Dhow on the East African Coast

Daily Evening Preaching to the Heathen in St. Stephen's C.M.S. Mission

10 Slavery and the Slave Trade in East Africa.............

Church, Hong Kong 15

$3 Abraham Abe Gonja (Sketched in 1857)

The Rev. 'O Kwông.yiao, of Z-ky'i 71

62 Abraham Abe Gonja (Photographed in 1876)..

Canal in the City of Z-ky'i (“Mercy Stream "), Che-kiang Provioce 71

63 Scene in Usagara, Eastern Central Africa.........

A Mountain Tomb, China 99

87 Chinese Boatwoman

138 Nyanza :

River Scene in China

139 Murchison Creek, where the Boats crossing the Victoria Nyanza land in Uganda


Wayside Inn in Japan Rubaga, the Capital of Uganda


Ainos, Aborigines of Yezo The Envoys from Uganda

3 Aino Woman .............. 123 The Lord's Prayer in Japanese

34 PALESTINE. A Group at Satsuporo, June, 1880


Japanese Wandering Minstrels Lydda, in the Plain of Sharon........

47 83 Japanese Fishermen, Island of Yezo

47 Jaffa, the ancient Joppa

A Street in Tokio 83



Canoe on Moose River, off Moose Factory
North India :-

Log Hut in a Moosonee Forest

6 Jubbalpore, Central India : The Residency, in which the English

Portrait of Bishop Horden
were shut up during the Mutiny .......

Esquimaux Ice-Houses, and Train of Dogs

7 Muttra, on the River Jumna, North India


An Esquimaux Kayak (Canoe) Portrait of the Rev, Madho Ram

7 131 Bishop Bompas, of Athabasca, ascending Peace River

22 Punjab :

Among the Chippeways in Algoma

51 Portrait of Nunda Sirdar


23 Mohammedan Afghans at Prayer

Indians of the Far West

65 The Christian Book Store at Lahore On a River in the Far West of British America..

78 135 Fac-simile of Two Texts of a Kitikshean Lay Preacher, taught to write by

79 South India :

Bishop Ridley

79 At Sachiapuram, North Tinnevelly : Hospital, Patients, Dresser,

Hydah Village, Queen Charlotte's Islands
and Attendant..
Hydah Women, Queen Charlotte's Islands

110 11 At Sachiapuram, North Tinnevelly : Christian Women preparing The Pole (lower part) of Legaic, the Christian Tsimshean Chief

111 Food Queen Charlotte's Islands : Hydah Chief's House

113 11 The C.M.S. Theological Class, Tinnevelly C.M.S. Station, Kincolith, Nass River, British Columbia

114 46 Bezwada. Telugu Country, and the Anicut on the River Kistna...... Sunday Morning at Metlakahtla.....

114 82 Mission Bungalow at Dummagudem, on the River Godavery British Columbia : Indian Ceremony of giving away Property

115 91 Portrait of the Rev. I. Vencatarama Râzu Burial Rites in Vancouver's Island

118 95

119 Group of Kois at Dnmmagudem

95 Sharkey Memorial Girls' School, Mesulipatam


106 Mission House, Masulipatam, where Robert Noble lived and died... 106

A Plea for Missions : Diagram showing the Population of the World 14 Masulipatam Training Institution : Students' Boarding House

Specimens of the Languages used in the Missions of the Church Missionary

106 Telugu Caste Girl in Gala Dress.....

107 Globe and Missionary Cycle of Prayer

66, 67 Student of the Masulipatam Training Institution, and his Wife 107 Missionary Cycle of Prayer.

86 86












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... 108


...5, 132


Page Queen Victoria's African Protégée. By Mrs. Higgens .................. West African Clergy. (With Three Portraits)

51 Gleanings from the Society's Annual Report

64 An Old Missionary's First Voyage. By the Rev. D. Hinderer

87 The Gospel on the Niger. (With Map and Illustrations).............

90 Pictures from Sierra Leone. (With Illustrations)

104 The Religion of the Egbas. By the Rev. Henry Townsend. (With Illustrations)

126 AFRICA-EAST AND CENTRAL. Occasional Talk3 :

1.- About a Mission Steamer for East Africa. (With Illustration)... 9 II.-About Slavery in East Africa. (With Illustrations)..

14 The Victoria Nyanza Mission. (With Map and Illustration)

37 A Visit to Giriama. Letter from Mr. J. R. Streeter

52 Gleanings from the Society's Annual Report

64 A Naval Officer at Frere Town. Letter from Captain Brownrigg, R.N. 80 The First English woman in Equatorial Africa. (With Illustration)

99 Mr. Pearson's Journal in Uganda. (With Illustration)

121 The Waganda Envoys' Report to Mtesa. (With Illustration)

123 PALESTINE. Abad_"Refused for Lack of Fands”

29 Gleanings from the Society's Annual Report

64 The Jaffa Mission. (With Illustrations)

83 Our First Christmas at Gaza. By Mrs. Schapira

136 PERSIA. A Call from Persia. (With Map)

98 INDIA-NORTH AND WEST. A Letter from Kashmir, From Dr. E. Downes Interesting Baptisms at Calcutta

17 A Brahmin on Ritualism. From the Rev. Sorabji Kharsedji.

41 Conquered after Ten Years. From the Rev. Ruttonji Nowroji.

41 Our Mission to the Afghans, Letter from the Rev. T. P. Hughes. (With Illustration)

55 Another Mission seldom heard of (Jubbalpore). (With Illustration) 59 Gleanings from the Society's Annual Report

64 Muirabad.

75 A Gleaner Examination in Calcutta

83 Jubbulpore: The “ Mission seldom heard of.” Letter from the Rev. T. R.

Hodgson, and Lecture by Pandit Jagannath. (With Illustrations) 129 The Christian Book Store at Lahore. By H. E. Perkins. (With Illustration)

135 INDIA SOUTH. Tinnevelly Pictures. With Illustrations)

11 A Woman's Bible Class in Tinnevelly. By Bishop Sargent

31 An Australian Lady's Work in India. By Mrs. Cain

32 The Theological Class at Palamcotta. (With Illustration) .............

46 Gleanings from the Society's Annual Report......

64 The Dispute of the Five Fingers. From an address by Bishop Sargent... 76 Visit of the Bishop of Madras to the C.M.S. Telugu Mission. "By the Rev. S. Morley. (With Illustration)

81 Dummagudem and the Kois. By Rev. J. Cain. (With Illustrations)...... 93 Pictures from the Telugu Mission. Notes by the Rev. J. E. and Mrs. Padfield. (With Illustrations)

106 A Native Church Balance Sheet......

128 CEYLON. Trinity Church, Kandy, and its Singhalese Minister. (With Illustration) 31 A Mission seldom heard of (Jaffna). (With Illustrations)

58 Gleanings from the Society's Annual Report

65 An Episcopal Visitation in Ceylon. By the Rev. R. T. Dowbiggin. (With Illustration),

69 Two Days in Ceylon. By Miss E. Clay. (With Illustrations)

73 CHINA. Bishop Moule and Mid-China. (With Portrait and Illustrations)............ 18 Evening Preaching to the Heathen in St. Stephen's Church, Hong Kong. By the Rev. A, B, Hutchinson. (With Illustrations)

42 Mid-China. By the Rev. A. E. Moule. (With Map)

50 The Rev. 'O Kwông-Yiao's Report on Z-Kyói. (With Illustrations)

62 Gleanings from the Society's Annual Report.

65 How Christians may break the Eighth Commandment

71 Bishop Moule at Ningpo. Letter from the Rev. J. C. Hoare .......

77 A Chinese Mountain Tomb. By the Rev. E. Davys. (With Illustration) 87 Li-Min--" Light Within." The Story of a Persecuted Daughter-in-Law. Letter from the Rev. A. Elwin

89 Conference of Chinese Evangelists and Lay Delegates at Fuh-Chow 129 A Family Trip on a Chinese River, By the Rev. A. Elwin, Hang-chow. (With Illustrations) ...

137 JAPAN. The Gospel in the Island of Yezo. (With Illustrations) ............1, 16, 34, 46 The Lord's Prayer in Japanese. (With Illustration) ......

34 Gleanings from the Society's Annual Report

65 A Japanese Bible Colporteur. Letter from the Rev. J. Williams.

69 Miss Bird at a Mission Service in Japan

96 A Letter from Tokio. From the Rev, J. Williams. (With Illustration).. 136


Page Maori Christians in Prosperity and Adversity.

105 An Open-Air Confirmation.

132 NORTH-WEST AMERICA. The Diocese of Moosonee. (With Illustrations) Episcopal Travelling in Athabasca. (With Illustration)

22 Over the Snow to Churchill. By Bishop Horden, of Moosonee..

28 A Mission in Algoma. (With Illustrations)

53 Gleanings from the Society's Annual Report

65 Asisippi--A Cree Indian's Experience Starvation in Hudson's Bay. Letter from the Rev. J. H, Keen..... 129

NORTH PACIFIC. Letters from Bishop Ridley–A Winter's Campaign. (With Illustrations) 78 Metlakahtla and the North Pacific Mission. In Thirteen Chapters. (With Eight Illustrations)

109 On Boar the Evangeline.........

137 MISCELLANEOUS. "Things concerning the Kingdom of God." By the Rev. Canon Richardson

...........1, 13, 25, 37, 49, 73, 85, 97, 121, 133 Gospel Trophies

I.-Naomi Sukhli, or, “I will never worship a Crucified God.”
By the Rev. C. B. Leupolt

4 II.-Nunda Sirdar, the “ Eliezer” of Umritsur. By Mrs. Robert Clark. (With Portrait)........

23 III.-Bao Yuoh-Yi. By the Rev. A, E, Moule. (With Illustrations)

25 IV.-Two Converts through a Bible Society's Gift. By the Rev. R. R. Meadows

45 V.-Benjamin Cameron; or, “They shall come from the North,” By Elizabeth Sutton

56 VI.-Abraham Abe Gonja, the First Convert in East Africa. By the Rev. H. K. Binns. (With Portraits)

71 VII.-D'Alrew, the Buddhist Priest. By Elizabeth Sutton

105 Missionary Lessons from the Life of St. Peter......4, 29, 44, 81, 93, 104, 125, 136 Jersey Breezes. By A. M. V.No. 1.-Our Missionary Box

25 No. 2.-Our Missionary Motto

49 No. 3.-Our ()wn Selves

97 No. 4.-Our Very Present Help

133 Our Portfolio ...

.29, 44, 68, 84, 93 Some New Missionary Publications.... From Eight Shillings and Sevenpence to One Hundred and Six Pounds. The Starless Crown. By the late Mrs. Robert Cust

13 The Population of the World according to Religions. (With Illustration) 14 The Gleaner Examination-Results-, Candidate's Experiences

20 The Gleaner Examination-Notices.

..36, 120, 140 God's Portion"

22 Three Hundred Pounds weight of Copper for the C.M.S.

24 A Census Missionary Offering...

31 An Easter Missionary Talk with my Bible Class. By Alice King

40 What a Village can do

44 The Frances Ridley Havergal Fund

45 The Society's Anniversary

61 The Languages used in the Missions of the C.M.S. (With Specimens)

68 “ Conscience Money.” By the Rev. G. Everard

76 Long's “ Eastern Proverbs and Emblems"

77 Men and Means : 1880 and 1881

85 A Cycle of Prayer for the C.M.S. Missions. (With Illustrations)

86 Some Hints on Missionary Boxes. By H. M. Laurence

101 Fifty Years Ago. By the Rev. A. W. Poole

129 Baptism of Ahmed Tewfik Effendi.....

140 Leiters to the EditorWhat can we do for Missions ? ..

.28, 44, 57, 72, 83 A Request from a Convalescent Hospital.......

57 Thank-offerings for Answers to Prayer

124 Missionary Boxes.....

..125, 136 Topics for Thanksgiving and Prayer

.24, 36, 60 Missionary Almanack ...............12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120, 132, 140 Answers to Correspondents

.12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 108, 120 Epitome of Missionary News......12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120, 132, 140 Acknowledgement of Contributions to C.M.S. Funds ...48, 60, 84, 96, 108, 132

POETRY. A New Year's Motto. By A. T.

5 “The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon." By Clara Thwaites

17 Hymn for the Workers. By the Rev. W.J. Smith

29 Hymn for Missionary Services. By the Rev. W. S. Bricknell

41 “I'll be an Arrow.' By Clara Thwaites

56 God's Poem. By A. J. Santer

59 Two Reminiscences of Exeter Hall, May 3, 1881. (1) China : (2) India. By the Rev. A. E. Moule

61 “Weary, weary, weary !”. A Cry from Japan. By Sarah Geraldina Stock 69 “What doest thou here, Elijah ?" By Eva Travers Poole....

77 Waiting for the Word. By Clara Thwaites

89 Glad and Sad. By Sarah Geraldina Stock

100 A Noble Venture. By Clara Thwaites.......

125 Veni Creator. A New Version by the Rev. E. H. Bickersteth





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..24, 36

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Death of Miss C. Young

First Class in Honour School in Theology
obtained by Mr. A. E. Metzger, B.A.

Efforts of Rev. J. Quaker for completion of
Wilberforce Memorial Hall

Appointments to the Mission

..12, 84, 132
Visit of Bishop Cheetham to Yoruba Mission...48,72
Lagos Government and Rev. C. Phillips .. 108
Escape of a Native Christian from Dahomey... 132

Death of Mrs. Crowther

Visit of Bishop Crowther to Onitsha

Spread of the Gospel in the Niger Delta.

Death of Rev. S. Perry

Visit to Stations in the Niger Delta by Bishop
Crowther and Archdeacon Johnson

A Mission Steamer for East Africa ............12, 36
Difficulties at Frere Town
Lieut. Cutfield on the work at Frere Town......

Appointments to the Mission.......

..84, 132
Interview of Sir John Kirk with C.M.S. Com-

Appointmeut of Rev. W. 8. Price to temporary
charge of Frere Town

The Waganda Envoys

..12, 36, 60, 96, 120
Visit of Rev. G. Litchfield to the Chief Mirambo 12
Mtesa a Mohammedan.....

Apprehended War in Unyamuezi

Mackay and Pearson in Uganda..... ..84, 96, 108
Persecution of Waganda Boys

Mr. Litchfield at Kagei

Mr. O'Flaherty in Uganda

Movements of Missionaries.....

A Bust of the late Lieut. Shergold Smith pre-
eented to C.M.S.

Visit of Mr. Copplestone to the Chief Mirambo 132
Rev. G. Litchfield and Mr. C. W. Pearson at

Abmed Tewfik Effendi

The Mission at Salt

Canon Tristram's Report on the Mission...... 108
Benefaction of £500 for Medical Missionary for

Death of Dr. Barclay, Bishop of Jerusalem

Return Home of the Rev. R. Bruce.

Rev. R. Bruce and Colonel C. Stewart on the

Inability of Rev.J. J. Bambridge to remove to

Revs. H. P. Parker and W. R. Blackett ap-

pointed Hon, Chaplains to Bishop of Cal.

Return Home of Rev. J. A. Lloyd
Missionary Meeting in the Town Hall, Calcutta 48
Fourth Meeting of North-West Provinces
Native Church Council

C.M.S. Divinity Schools

Appointments to the Mission...........
Retirement of Rev. C. T. Hoernle

Visit of Bishop of Calcutta to South India

Fire at Krishnagtur.......

Rice Offering in Bengal

The Viceroy of India at the Alexandra School,

Arrival of Rev. R. Clark at Umritsur ............


PUNJAB AND SINDH (continued). Page
Appointments to the Mission ......12, 24, 48, 84, 108
Return Home of Missionaries
First Meeting for Worship of Christians at
Dera Ghazi Khan ..

Mr. A. Neve accepted as Medical Missionary
for Kashmir

Fifth Meeting of Punjab Native Church Council 60
Report of Dr. E. Downes

Lahore Divinity School

Biblical Translation by an Afghan Moollah

A New Church at Clarkaba

Australian Support for the Mission

Ordination of Rev. C. H. Merk and Mian Sadiq
Masih by Bishop French.....

Departure of "Rev. F. H. and Mrs. Baring for

Inability of Rev. A. E. Cowley to return to

Inaugural Meeting of Western India Native
Church Council...

Appointment of Rev. H, A. Bren to Robert
Money School

Visit of the Maharajah of Travancore to the
Mission at Cottayam

Results of the Madras University Examination 12
Visit of the Duke of Buckingham to the Tinne-

velly Missions
Church at Chintadrepettah rebuilt by Rev. W.
T. Satthianadhan

Visit of Bishop Speechly to the Hill Arrians... 36
Visit of Mr. E. B. Thomas, Member of C.M.S.
Committee, to Tinnevelly

Return home of Missionaries.

A Tinnevelly Christian Ordained for the Telugu

Illness of Bishop Sargent

Native Church Councils in South India

Adrance in the Travancore Missions

General Haig and the Koi Mission

Appointments to the Mission......

Degree conferred on Rev. E. Sell


of Bishop of Calcutta to Tinnevelly and

Visitation Tour of Bishop of Madras
Australian support for South India Missions... 96
Death of Rev. M. Perianayagam

Recorery of Bishop Sargent

Tour of the Bishop of Colombo and Rev. J.

Allcock through Baddegama District 24
Opening of New Church at Kurunegala

Return Home of Mr. T. Duon

Ordination of C.M.S. Agents by Bishop of

C.M 8. Native Christian Adherents in Ceylon.. 72
Appointments to the Mission .........84, 96, 120, 132
Return of Rev. E. T. Higgens to Ceylon......... 96
Death of Rev. E. Hoole

Appointment of Rev. Hugh Horsley to Tamil
Cooly Mission

First Report of the Native Church Council 84
The Liberated African Institution at Capucin . 132
Baptism of Hindu Coolies

Return Home of Rev. W. H. Collins

Death of the Rev. Tang Tang-Pieng

The Rev, A. E. Monle's Chinese Stories

Arrival of Bishop Moule in China
Ordination of the Rev. Ngoi Kaik-Ki

Increase in C.M.S. Christian Adherents

The Bishop of Victoria in England

Arrival of Bishop Moule at Ningpo


CHINA (continued).

Rev. A. Elwin's Journey to Ku-chow




48, 84




. 48, 84

........ 84


.24, 36

Dr. Taylor's Medical Work in Fnh-kien
Rev. A. E. Moule's Return to China

Appointments to the Mission
The “Term" Question....

............48, 96, 108

Bishop Moule's First Ordination in China 120
Bishop Moule at Great Valley

Gift of Mr. W. C. Jones, of Warrington, for
establishing Training Institutions

Hang-chow and Fuh-chow........... 140

Return Home of Missionaries

.48, 84
C.M.8. Native Christian Adherents in Japan... 96
Baptisms at Osaka

The Work at Kagoshima

Appointment of Rev. A. B. Hutchinson to

Death of Sir William Martin

Appointment of Rev. T. S. Grace....

Churches Built by Maori Christians

Gathering of Maori Christians

A Voluntary Theological Class of Maori Lay

A New Mission to the Beaver Indians........ 72
A New Mission to the Blackfeet Indians ...72, 132
Appointments to the Mission..........

Benefaction of £1,000 for a Missionary to the

Ordination by the Bishop of Rupert's Land

Bishop of Rupert's Land at Fort Francis

Rev. V.C. Sim's Experiences......

The Tokudh Mission Baptismal Register

Death of Rev. H. George

Ordination of Mr. W. Spendlove

Report of Archdeacon McDonald

Return of Rev. R. Tomlinson to the Mission ...

Mr. Duncan on the Work at Metlakahtla

Appointments to the Mission......

Launching of Bishop Ridley's Steamer

A Momorial to the late Rey. H, Wright...12, 24, 36
Bishop Moule's First Ordination

Degree conferred on the Rev, W. Mason

Rev, T, K, Weatherhead at C.M.C. Home

Illness of the Rev. C. C. Fenn

Deputation to Madeira

.36, 48, 60
C.M.S. Anniversary
The Rev. A. E. Monle's Chinese Stories

The Day of Intercession

Degree conferred on the Rev. R. H. Maddox... GO
The Hon. and Rev, E. Carr Glyn on the “ Plea
for Missions"

Appointment of Vice-Presidents and Honorary
Governors of C M.S...

Deaths of Dr. Merriman and Archdeacon Hone 72
Dinner to Dr. Moffat
Rev. A. J. P. Shepherd appointed Director of
C.MC. Home...

The Oxford and Cambridge Preliminary Theo-

logical Examination passed by C.M.S.

Major-Gen. George Hutchinson appointed Lay

Secretary of C.M.S.
Ordination of C.M.S. Students......
Rev. E. R. Mason appointed to Vicarage of

.....84, 96
Christ Church, Birmingham

Valedictory Dismissal of Missionaries............ 96
Acceptance of Rev. H. Bren

Rev. R. Lang appointed Clerical Secretary of

Death of Mr. Ex-Sheriff Woolloton

Ordination of C.M.S. men by Bishop Cheetham 132

.48, CO




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