The Tree of Intimacy

الغلاف الأمامي
Xulon Press, 2004 - 80 من الصفحات
The Tree of Intimacy is a call for a lifestyle of extreme intimacy with the Father. God is revealing again to His church that we cannot separate the awesome, awe-inspiring power of God from the amazing, incredible love of the Father.In the past, the church has experienced only temporary and isolated revival. But a move of God is soon coming that the world will not be able to deny. It will be a revival that will shake the nations!This revival will come about only when we have the capacity to receive the level of anointing necessary to carry it out. And that will happen only as we seek Him on an intimate level as no other generation has before us.?A heartcry for a generation hungry for God!?

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Introduction There Must Be More
Part One The Tree of Intimacy
Part Two The Fruit of Love
Part Three The Fruit of Power
Part Four The Fruit of Blessing
Invitation To Revival
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