Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century: Account of the gentlemen's society at Spalding. History of the Peterborough society. Letters on the origin of the Society of antiquaries. Memoirs

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الصفحة 294 - ... not an open enemy, that hath done me this dishonour : for then I could have borne it.
الصفحة 461 - Her speech was the melodious voice of Love, Her song the warbling of the vernal grove ; Her eloquence was sweeter than her song, Soft as her heart, and as her reason strong; Her form each beauty of her mind express'd, Her mind was Virtue by the Graces dress'd.
الصفحة 461 - I have read your religious treatise with infinite pleasure and satisfaction. The style is fine and clear, the arguments close, cogent, and irresistible. May the King of kings, whose glorious cause you have so wel,!
الصفحة 429 - Mr. Davies recollected several of Johnson's remarkable sayings, and was one of the best of the many imitators of his voice and manner, while relating them. He increased my impatience more and more to see the extraordinary man whose works I highly valued, and whose conversation was reported to be so peculiarly excellent.
الصفحة 199 - Address to the patrons of ecclesiastical livings," 4to, with the View to prevent pluralities and non-residence; and in 1754, an improved edition of " Ecton's Thesaurus rerum ecclesiasticarum," 4to. His last publication was the " History and antiquities of the Town, hundred, and deanry, of Buckingham,
الصفحة 426 - I was a fierce fellow, and pretended to be very angry; and Thomas was a good-natured fellow, and pretended to be very sorry; so THERE the matter ended. I believe the dog loves me dearly. Mr. Thrale," turning to my husband, "what shall you and I do that is good for Tom Davies? We will do something for him, to be sure.
الصفحة 490 - Majesty, with many gracious expressions, and pressed to accept it ; but humbly begged leave to decline it, as a charge not suited to his temper and talents, and much too heavy for him to sustain, especially in these times.
الصفحة 466 - Christianity, studied with attention, made me a most firm and persuaded believer of the Christian religion. I have made it the rule of my life, and it is the ground of my future hopes. I have erred and sinned; but have repented, and never indulged any vicious habit. In politics and public life I have made public good the rule of my conduct.

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